21.zip26545(bytes) War games
3dbb.zip47482(bytes) 3d black board--basic cad with source
3ddemo.zip6821(bytes) Really good 3d object rotation demo
3drot.zip1563(bytes) 3d rotations of any image
747.zip46067(bytes) Fly a 747 game
757.zip2563(bytes) Plane for chuck yeagers afs game
7stud.zip61168(bytes) EGA 7 card stud poker game
adam.zip1824(bytes) Funny story of first man, adam
advrtize.zip3580(bytes) Classified ads make great bloopers too
aftxref.zip19607(bytes) For yeager's aft. parameter .fly file
age.zip10526(bytes) Calculates medical age
aieln.zip22819(bytes) Alien names
airbus.zip4122(bytes) For yeager's aft. .fly aircraft
aladlamp.zip138463(bytes) Aladdin magic lamp lotto system v1.1a
alltoons.zip85613(bytes) Loonie tunes for ega (grasp)
alpha.zip56426(bytes) Crossover design program
amdek.zip486915(bytes) VGA demo of art's great masters
amigaega.zip36845(bytes) Great ega demoaimation
andycapp.zip974(bytes) Poster of andy capp
animator.zip8015(bytes) Animation maker w/ sample graphic (basica)
animat.zip10606(bytes) Create short cartoons or animation sequences
ansian15.zip54323(bytes) Draw ansi graphics with animation
antdesgn.zip39420(bytes) Collection of 21 antenna design programs in b
aola105.zip55157(bytes) Editor to create ansi graphics
apcga.zip167866(bytes) Audio precision demo
aprial.zip1932(bytes) Practical joke program
aquaega.zip62687(bytes) Aquarium for ega
aquarium.zip38643(bytes) Aquarium scene for your cga micro
argh3.zip15167(bytes) Sliding block puzzle (ver. 3.0)
asterii1.zip84559(bytes) Asteroids ii data base - march 1988 part 1
asterii2.zip82665(bytes) Asteroids ii data base - march 1988 part 2
asterii3.zip83129(bytes) Asteroids ii data base - march 1988 part 3
astrol7.zip62434(bytes) Astrology calculate & chart. w/bas source
astrol95.zip200809(bytes) Astrology prediction
astrolpc.zip62434(bytes) Nice astrology program does synistry too
atcega.zip122075(bytes) EGA air traffic controller simulator
atc.zip33023(bytes) Air traffic controller
atlas.zip303022(bytes) Demo of atlas map display program
audio2.zip33802(bytes) Create audio cassette labels
audiolab.zip24064(bytes) Audiophile technical pgm
axoru324.zip87645(bytes) A work of pseudo-medevil fantasy
bach.zip17356(bytes) Music program plays bach excerpts
bal310_m.zip137151(bytes) Compute rifle handgun ballistics
banr.zip40991(bytes) Make banners quickly and easily
bartend.zip19735(bytes) Mix your own drinks
basebl.zip15786(bytes) Baseball or softball stat-keeper in bas
bassega.zip159606(bytes) EGA bass fishing game w/maps and depth find
bata.zip38719(bytes) A space war destroy your friend game.
beer1.zip801(bytes) 25 reasons why beer is better than women
begin.zip111564(bytes) Tactical star ship v1.5 (nelson/higgins)
bem.zip29014(bytes) A cga pinball machine.
berzerk.zip16497(bytes) You'll go crazy with this game.
bgmn.zip37713(bytes) Backgammon game-computer vs. you
bigjugs.zip20841(bytes) Readmac picture (pkx zip)
bigmac.zip77763(bytes) Create big posters
bigrig.zip45358(bytes) Trucking simulation runs rig cross-country
bigttls.zip9494(bytes) Generate big 8 char message to screen
billbo80.zip1290(bytes) Your words appear on real billboard! neat!
bimg1029.zip3560(bytes) Glossary of humorous terms
biort.zip19627(bytes) Another biorhythm program
bio.zip19956(bytes) Very good biorhythm program
birdsong.zip13308(bytes) Plays various bird songs.
bj22.zip23175(bytes) Prof. blackjack v.2.2 for 6 players - gre
bjack25.zip35839(bytes) The ultimate multi-player blackjack game.
bjtalk.zip35453(bytes) Talking blackjack game-nice screen
bobdis00.zip16270(bytes) *.mac graphics
bobdis1b.zip13090(bytes) *.mac graphics
bobpmgr2.zip32112(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster graphics library,#2.
bobpmgr3.zip26593(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster icons, #3
bobpmgr4.zip33358(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster icons, #4
bobpmgr5.zip38914(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster icons, #5.
bobpmgr6.zip36125(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster icons, #6.
bobpmgr7.zip31819(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster icons, #7.
bobpmgr8.zip30906(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster icons, #8.
bobpmgr9.zip27983(bytes) Bob Carr's printmaster icons, #9.
bonus.zip131813(bytes) Autocad standard menu components, lsp, bas,
borderpm.zip3927(bytes) New borders for printmaster
bowl101c.zip81714(bytes) Bowling secretary assistant ver. 1.01c
bowlstat.zip172075(bytes) Bowling league secretary v3.3 (limits)
boxer12.zip91853(bytes) Boxing simulation game w/ real-life box
box.zip1375(bytes) A pseudo 3-d rotating box
brainlr.zip9996(bytes) Determine left/right brain functions
brauman.zip2243(bytes) Simple-minded fast, fun game. see rems
bridge2.zip34562(bytes) Cad drawing of a bridge
bronto.zip66475(bytes) An animated ega picture of a dinosaur
bumper.zip13545(bytes) Prints bumper stickers or small signs
buzz80.zip68550(bytes) A different type of word game
buzzword.zip984(bytes) Funny computer term definitions
cadence.zip53973(bytes) Cadence utility disks, vol 1 no 1 thru vol 2
cagraph.zip10205(bytes) Self explained, graphics program **good**
calc14.zip17346(bytes) Calculation solitaire - need mouse color
camera.zip4083(bytes) Grasp "cga" color pic.
cardgame.zip10784(bytes) Two solitaire card games
cards.zip583(bytes) Put baseball cards on computer great
carollt.zip4304(bytes) Latin text for several x-mas carols
carols.zip23535(bytes) Selection of 36 christmas carols in b
cascover.zip15123(bytes) Label your cassette tapes w/ 3-fold covers
casslabl.zip19310(bytes) Cassette label maker for audio cassettes
cbscd.zip73473(bytes) Database of cbs cds search print
ccdshow.zip121737(bytes) Astronomical photographs from a color ccd c
cellar.zip10940(bytes) Wine cellar inventory & tasting record. dba
cfootbal.zip73655(bytes) Football for ega systems
cgadog.zip6587(bytes) Animated dogs for grasp "cga"
chalnger.zip103137(bytes) Digitized picture of space shuttle, liftoff
chefs.zip66468(bytes) Great recipes and recipe file manager
cheryl.zip5715(bytes) 1986 calendar with centerfold
chill.zip29370(bytes) Wind chill figuring setup
christms.zip3307(bytes) Christmas picture with songs
chroma.zip26769(bytes) Computer nightmare - cga required
chuckle.zip89385(bytes) Pop-up jokes .... funny
citylife.zip12873(bytes) Grasp demo of l.a. "cga"
city.zip25224(bytes) A ega cga view of minneapolis - hee hee
coach4_1.zip66563(bytes) Runners log graphs and coach.
coinv151.zip195213(bytes) Coin manager ver 1.5 coin collectors 1 of 3
coinv152.zip218428(bytes) Coin manager ver 1.5 coin collectors 2 of 3
coinv153.zip23457(bytes) Coin manager ver 1.5 coin collectors 3 of 3
cole.zip13998(bytes) Complete discography of nat cole (.dbf)
combots.zip9954(bytes) Programmable script robots
composer.zip30301(bytes) Musical composition program for your pc
compose.zip43939(bytes) A mouse music composition system - version 1.
compucap.zip64023(bytes) Thoroughbred handicapper ver.3.12a
computer.zip2618(bytes) Grasp picture "cga"
comtun.zip33679(bytes) Who says a pc can't play music?
condo_1.zip51134(bytes) Like monopoly but you build apts condos
congress.zip24659(bytes) Congressional directory 1988 for dlite10
conv125.zip8603(bytes) Converts format of graphic files
cookies.zip70998(bytes) Fortune cookie program add to autoexec
corewar.zip15982(bytes) Game--uses assembler-like commands
cps.zip21047(bytes) Explains use of autocad for data input to cps
craps.zip50274(bytes) Casino craps--version 2--very good
critters.zip39641(bytes) Animal pictures for readmac
crle.zip51428(bytes) Color rle viewier... view color pictures.
crosword.zip19220(bytes) Design and print crossword puzzles
crswrd.zip19254(bytes) Crossword puzzle generator
cshow721.zip241098(bytes) Newest version of cshow
cshownew.zip4122(bytes) New screen drivers for cshow
cursive.zip17412(bytes) Generate horizontal cursive banners
cut.zip15354(bytes) View halo .pics on an ega monitor
cvtmac.zip5492(bytes) Convert macpaint pics to pc paint plus
cw.zip96725(bytes) Chi-writer - wysiwyg word processor
dagwood.zip46200(bytes) Digitized dagwood ega vga
darts.zip43612(bytes) Keep track of scores for darts
deceive.zip12204(bytes) Popup dummy screen of your choice
deepspc1.zip185588(bytes) Great astronomy program cga req - part 1 of
deepspc2.zip312982(bytes) Great astronomy program cga req - part 2 of
designs.zip21024(bytes) For j.r. new shirt and logo ideas.
design.zip32680(bytes) Very good graphics show!
devil_tr.zip35051(bytes) An executable file to play the devil's trill
digigraf.zip30626(bytes) Digitize enhance view prt ascii pics
digitize.zip7118(bytes) Record playback music or voice on your pc
dmidi.zip116548(bytes) Midi music synth sequencer for windows!
doc_talk.zip1510(bytes) Funny funny text file
dogs.zip111603(bytes) One of the best dog track programs ever!
dom.zip52687(bytes) Dominoes
drawings.zip7599(bytes) Two miscellaneous drawing files for autocad
drip.zip2342(bytes) Really funny watch the letters drip off
drkroom1.zip25269(bytes) Darkroom processing timer.
drmystic.zip110528(bytes) Ssk the dr. mystic anything he knows all!
dui.zip18667(bytes) Do it in your home, not on the road
dwbh.zip1781(bytes) Don't worry, be happy!!
eamon0.zip58999(bytes) Eamon gaming system with beginners dungeon
eamon1.zip18450(bytes) Dungeon #1 "lair of the minotaur" eamon
egacus.zip15492(bytes) Set up your customized ega stuff
egademo5.zip57878(bytes) EGA demonstration, requires 256k video ra
egafonts.zip67001(bytes) 25 ega fonts w editor & menu selection
egagraph.zip11832(bytes) Very fast ega line and box routines
egagun.zip38254(bytes) EGA gun battle under the stars
egakal.zip10529(bytes) Kaleidoscope for your ega
egamac.zip3486(bytes) EGA readmac viewer clearer looking pics
egamaze.zip16117(bytes) Generates and solves mazes (ega reqd)
egaroids.zip34286(bytes) Awesome asteroids for ega+286 machines
egasave.zip38396(bytes) Save recall ega screen images
egaslide.zip239153(bytes) Excellent commercial ega demo
egatrek.zip82785(bytes) EGA version of Startrek new and good!
egawheel.zip104436(bytes) EGA wheel of fortune
emttest.zip101229(bytes) Quiz for emts, emt-is, & paramedics
enquire.zip12963(bytes) Nat'l enquirer headline generator w/source
enterprz.zip11346(bytes) Picture of the enterprise
escher.zip4777(bytes) Strange ega views
etch21.zip78517(bytes) Like etch-a-sketch
etch.zip18485(bytes) Turn your pc into an etch-a-sketch
expl.zip32963(bytes) Explorer game--graphics and text
faceleap.zip18819(bytes) A little mind teaser!
fake2.zip5382(bytes) V.2 of the fake hacker series
fakephre.zip2371(bytes) Pretend to be a hacker, just a joke
familyfd.zip124913(bytes) Family feud
fastlife.zip34004(bytes) A very fast, excellent life program
fdraw1.zip40255(bytes) Flowchart graphics editor 1 of 2
fdraw2.zip48991(bytes) Flowchart graphics editor 2 of 2
ffun10.zip101894(bytes) "Football fun" football pool mgr v.1.0
finagle.zip3970(bytes) Funny text file akin to murphy
findword.zip281319(bytes) Finds words for xwords, nice !
firekit.zip77469(bytes) Fireworks... create your own cga ega
fireside.zip128681(bytes) Chilly weather text files by mike finley
fixhart.zip23761(bytes) Computer valentine card for your sweetie
flyguy.zip57527(bytes) Fly guy cartoon part 1
fly.zip5508(bytes) Makes batch files on the fly..very nice
fmac12.zip2731(bytes) Display .mac graphic files
fortra.zip24182(bytes) Great additional fonts for acad
fourcomp.zip28603(bytes) Four in a row compiled .
funbasic.zip6910(bytes) Variety of small interesting basic pgms
funey.zip5035(bytes) Computer users lexicon
fuse101.zip39478(bytes) Exc v c ega screen user ctrl kaleidoscope
galxzw40.zip122722(bytes) Galaxy wars 4.0 -- space text adventure
gbg.zip155094(bytes) Keeps track of baseball leagues + games
gbusters.zip1880(bytes) Grasp "cga" color.pic
gbust.zip2866(bytes) Ghost buster picture....looks good.
gnuplot.zip46234(bytes) Interactive function plotter (cga/ega)
gomoku.zip14925(bytes) Similar to tic-tac-toe a 20 x 20 board.
grafpix.zip19363(bytes) Create excellent graphics on pc
graph.zip9112(bytes) Use with newkey for graphic boarders (tc lib)
grspfnt.zip12009(bytes) Fonts for grasp
grsphlp.zip4737(bytes) Help files for grasp
grspman.zip35313(bytes) Grasp manual
grsputl.zip30279(bytes) Utilities for grasp
haiku.zip8805(bytes) Generates haiku poetry (real nice)
hallow.zip21025(bytes) Halloween music
ham.zip142914(bytes) Ham radio- several useful programs
head.zip26769(bytes) Makes computer voice emulator - humorous
helpme.zip7874(bytes) PC talks. xt or at. very clear!!
hgraphx.zip2121(bytes) Doc for hgraphx.lqr
histryv2.zip173584(bytes) Displays this day in history
honey.zip11475(bytes) Three auto cad drawing files. b, c, & d_hone
horse.zip4754(bytes) Horse race analyzer
hppcl105.zip33933(bytes) V 1.05 hppcl driver for windows aldus
hrshade.zip13628(bytes) View city / window shade "cga"
hv.zip251018(bytes) Horse handicap tool (bloodstock subscribers)
hyper.zip151214(bytes) Hyper text system
ibmadv.zip40054(bytes) Venture into ibm hdqrtrs-c/g text adventure
icondemo.zip64333(bytes) Great color demo
imcap1.zip49374(bytes) Image capture - saves graphics screens
insults.zip21776(bytes) Generate 22 million insults for pranksters
jackncls.zip286069(bytes) 9 hole demo of accolades new golf game.
jammer.zip4518(bytes) A game, try it. its in color!
jazz.zip2662(bytes) Grasp picture "cga"
jetpics.zip8536(bytes) Grasp picture "cga"
jet.zip124402(bytes) Jet flight simulator
joydraw.zip66361(bytes) Drawing program using joystick.
joymouse.zip873(bytes) Turn joystick into mouse
Location of files 010B
kalcol.zip25588(bytes) Compiled basic graphics display.
Location of files 010B
kaledis.zip11812(bytes) Kaledis for ega
Location of files 010B
kdlogic.zip20389(bytes) V.2.0 five pc games-brain teasers
Location of files 010B
kdpokanl.zip30791(bytes) V.1.0 poker analysis program use w/kdpoker.z
Location of files 010B
keypic.zip15664(bytes) Graphics advertisement; interesting (c/g)
Location of files 010B
keys.zip10382(bytes) Interesting graphics demo - nicely done!
Location of files 010B
kittens.zip34576(bytes) Draws some kittens on your monitor
Location of files 010B
knight.zip29682(bytes) Knight's quest ega vga
Location of files 010B
koalajr.zip3323(bytes) Print pcjr koalapad pictures
Location of files 010B
kq2sol.zip4260(bytes) Solution to kings quest 2
Location of files 010B
kq3101up.zip1210(bytes) Run kings quest iii without key disk
Location of files 010B
kq3sol.zip9021(bytes) Solution to kings quest 3 with map
Location of files 010B
lasvegas.zip76163(bytes) Menu-driven slots bj keno etc--rgb
Location of files 010B
lbanner.zip20508(bytes) Creates banners in 3 different fonts.
Location of files 010B
logg141.zip64008(bytes) D2mt logger v1.41 qso/arrl logger- ham radio
Location of files 010B
lowball.zip42134(bytes) Draw poker - low hand wins
Location of files 010B
lumen.zip36872(bytes) Nice little vga demo.
Location of files 010B
madlib.zip17928(bytes) Great for doing and making own mad libs!
Location of files 010B
mahjong3.zip29965(bytes) Updated version of mahjong for ega
mahjong.zip32598(bytes) Ancient chinese game - ega - great!
makebrak.zip9403(bytes) Quit the corporation art. by mike finle
marjun.zip12244(bytes) Mah-Johgg straight from ol' taipei
maroon.zip23337(bytes) Marooned, think hard to save yourself
mbust.zip47682(bytes) Mindbust puzzle
mcad.zip155812(bytes) Limited vers. of mathcad 2.0 works great
memo_gen.zip13773(bytes) Corporate memo generator (fun stuff)
meyers.zip21161(bytes) Meyers-briggs personality test
mickey.zip38441(bytes) Mickey mouse flipps ya the high sign
midistuf.zip31866(bytes) Lots of data/source for midi progs - mpu4
midi.zip11496(bytes) Discussion of midi basics
mindwash.zip24063(bytes) Everyone must read this! give it to all
misc_lsp.zip11019(bytes) Thirteen miscellaneous lisp routines for auto
mjvga.zip85217(bytes) Mahjong for vga, req. vga & ms compat. mouse
mona.zip21275(bytes) Grasp picture "cga"
mono.zip1417(bytes) Create colorful patterns on the screen
montst20.zip26251(bytes) Test pattern generator for all monitors
moontrak.zip6044(bytes) Moon tracking for eme with doppler ham
moraffp.zip81956(bytes) Moraff's pinball game, very high res. color
moraff.zip142679(bytes) V3.2 graphic adventure game, need c/g
morepic.zip75069(bytes) 77 more pictures for readmac
moria487.zip201681(bytes) New moria, rouge type game. 640k req. vg
morse4.zip61185(bytes) CW practice neat
movies.zip199229(bytes) Database of >3500 movies, w/ query capabili
mplsbldg.zip22549(bytes) Building a city art. by mike finley
mppdemo1.zip110012(bytes) Musicprinter demo good pc prog 1 of 2
mppdemo2.zip61786(bytes) Musicprinter demo good pc prog 2 of 2
mrorgan.zip2727(bytes) Play your keyboard like a one note organ
mtv2.zip25809(bytes) Grasp demo with music "cga"
music2.zip49049(bytes) Helps you create and play music on your pc.
musik.zip18789(bytes) Best collection of music for pc
nametune.zip96373(bytes) Name that tune
nasa8x89.zip10315(bytes) Latest data from nasa corrected to un- zip
nautilus.zip1042(bytes) Nautilus color ansi logo & laser disk inf
nbanner.zip8617(bytes) Enhanced unix type banner
nflpics.zip21254(bytes) .exe nfl pics and 1st 2 wks stats
nirv20.zip86165(bytes) An adventure in the world of wimsey
njchim.zip9251(bytes) Clock chimes - clever
nudaypc4.zip25941(bytes) Newdaypc daily trivia. can be run on bbs
nutunes.zip42739(bytes) Will tell ovr and the circus theme. vvg!
ok203.zip82249(bytes) Powerful desktop pub utility
oldfonts.zip37839(bytes) Fonts for paintbrush
oldglory.zip3577(bytes) Grasp picture "cga"
omaha3.zip47793(bytes) Excellent poker game
othello.zip64818(bytes) Nice othello game. mouse capable.
othell.zip25752(bytes) Two versions of othello
othpc3.zip27371(bytes) Championship othello - you vs. computer
pageone.zip116370(bytes) Shareware desktop publishing - limited
patriot.zip28765(bytes) Patriotic symbols for printmaster
patterns.zip77159(bytes) Find change manip string patterns in tex
pcbowl.zip51828(bytes) Bowling simulation
pcfrtune.zip217086(bytes) PC fortune teller
pclotto.zip121862(bytes) Latest v. pc-lotto from lottoware (4 89)
pcl.zip895(bytes) Grasp "cga" pc-library fades
pcm.zip394051(bytes) Data base to be used with pcsrch.exe
pcrrdoc.zip1738(bytes) Doc file for pc-rr zip
piblores.zip4983(bytes) Demonstrates low res (160x100x16 c/g pas
pictures.zip147927(bytes) Keep track of your slides and pictures
picture.zip186424(bytes) More pictures for screen and printer
pitch.zip55300(bytes) Cute grasp demo by d. wolfgram
plotmate.zip116323(bytes) Batch plot auto cad drawings
pman40.zip99835(bytes) Piano man version 4
pocket.zip6245(bytes) Print out a pocket sized phone book
poet1.zip72213(bytes) Poetry program - vg - part 1 of 2
poet2.zip74557(bytes) Poetry program - part 2 of 2
politics.zip23893(bytes) Determine your political beliefs.
powerega.zip36885(bytes) A waterfall in ega - must use 286 process
ppiano.zip27937(bytes) Play, record, save, retrieve, & edit music
pranks.zip74709(bytes) A collection of harmless pranks.
predictr.zip6311(bytes) Predict winner of football games on fact
presnt52.zip123543(bytes) Updated slide presentation creator w/ dem
prtroope.zip6890(bytes) Shoot the planes and paratroopers.c g
psgraph4.zip20243(bytes) Printshop icons pub. dom. 1 of 3
psgraph5.zip16820(bytes) Printshop icons pub. dom. 2 of 3
psgraph6.zip22116(bytes) Printshop icons pub. dom. 3 of 3
pshtools.zip12069(bytes) Utilities for the print shop program
psr21.zip61050(bytes) Paper-scissors-rock door v2.1!
pstools.zip11923(bytes) Printshop view and list utility
rain.zip26492(bytes) It's raining dats an cogs outside
ramdisk.zip2351(bytes) Removable ramdisk w/o rebooting!!!
ratmaze.zip25062(bytes) You are a rat in a maze - challenging
revolv.zip19937(bytes) Revolving video tape catalogue
rle.zip13288(bytes) View .rle files
rlogic2.zip24849(bytes) Relentless logic minefield-type game.
rolex.zip36911(bytes) EGA rolex watch - good
rpn.zip34617(bytes) Reverse polish notation calculator
sattrk.zip48204(bytes) Graphics satellite tracking-menu driven
sayclear.zip24215(bytes) Speech synthesis -- pretty good
say.zip19211(bytes) Teach your pc to talk to you! neat!
scpromo.zip33737(bytes) Scorecast nfl football tracker demo (graph
scrabble.zip46810(bytes) Good,better than board game!cga
secrets.zip3647(bytes) Secrets to nintendo's super mario bros.
seeksink.zip65222(bytes) Navy battle prg
setgrid.zip3048(bytes) Cadvance macros to change grid size
sets.zip44697(bytes) A lot of fonts for grasp
setvid.zip1608(bytes) Force ega into 4 color cga.
sfs.zip142342(bytes) Excellent space shuttle simulation!!
shopic35.zip15826(bytes) Display *.pic graphics files.
showpic.zip70180(bytes) Cheryl Tiegs and mickey/ega pictures
show.zip1038(bytes) 3d hi-res graphics demo
sizeit.zip3498(bytes) Mem-res vert. and horiz. ruler. v good
sky121p.zip165906(bytes) Planetarium, needs 512k+cga
slapper.zip13566(bytes) Practical joke to play on unsuspecting pcer
slidesho.zip23438(bytes) 70-color graphic see and believe it
slotjack.zip43456(bytes) Slot blackjack - self extracting
slotkeno.zip41800(bytes) Slot keno - self extracting
slotpokr.zip43933(bytes) Slot poker - self extracting
snoopy.zip6430(bytes) Snoopy posters/calendars...the flying ace
snowhite.zip3279(bytes) Snow white & 7 dwarfs comedy
snow.zip55812(bytes) Todays first snow use ega vga
solardat.zip12688(bytes) Solar system data base in basic
solitair.zip23495(bytes) Klondike solitair - mono or color
solsys.zip56677(bytes) Creates and animates a solar system
songedit.zip54993(bytes) Create elaborate musical effects from keybd
spacegms.zip132961(bytes) Four good space games -2 require c/g
spazz.zip4061(bytes) Don't be a klutz art. by mike finley
splat.zip3351(bytes) Paintsplats on screen..
sptsmgmt.zip137822(bytes) Complete sports team management system
sq1sol.zip18304(bytes) Step-by-step solution to space quest
squawk.zip30488(bytes) Generate whoops tweets boings etc.
star3_d.zip477(bytes) Travel through space
startrek.zip50565(bytes) Star trek - 1983 style
starview.zip206216(bytes) Plot stars planets on color graphics mon
statetst.zip318208(bytes) Quiz of all the states
stdemo.zip2722(bytes) Simple graphics demo for atari st (usenet)
stparody.zip22443(bytes) Text file. star trek parody. cute!
stress.zip2990(bytes) Check your stress factor today...
strip.zip8426(bytes) Removes dbase comments from dbase source
strmps.zip41938(bytes) Plot star maps with star names on your cga sc
sts26.zip53300(bytes) Space shuttle tracking program ega cga
stsorbit.zip74781(bytes) A neat simulation of shuttle orbiting earth!
subattle.zip95985(bytes) Epyx' sub battle simulator -- demo version
success.zip9669(bytes) Entrepreneurs art. by mike finley
suntim.zip38207(bytes) Solar time and julian date
sview.zip206216(bytes) Astronomy from digi-tech cga ega vga
swalk.zip899(bytes) Man walking with shadow "cga"
talkalot.zip19211(bytes) Make your pc say anything
teeoff.zip61359(bytes) Play golf on the computer screen!
texflag.zip209(bytes) Texas state flag prompt (w/path)..
thedraw3.zip50786(bytes) A ansi graphics editor ver. 2.01
ths.zip88000(bytes) Horse race tracking/betting
torus.zip45121(bytes) Draws doughnut(?) in cga/ega/vga
tout.zip27352(bytes) Handicap horse races
tracon.zip239870(bytes) Air traffic control simulator. vga/ega
treed24.zip15403(bytes) Excellent graphic dir tree + utilities
triv200a.zip100765(bytes) Simulates the famous trivial pursuit
triv200b.zip12818(bytes) 2nd edition of questions for triv200a zip
trvtrk.zip51688(bytes) Star trek trivia game. good
turbodgi.zip12923(bytes) "Turbodgi" utility to read .dgi files.
tvplot.zip25394(bytes) Stand-alone television plot generator.
tvsat.zip12279(bytes) TV sat. locator
txtmusic.zip14941(bytes) Program to write, edit and play music
ufo_land.zip15557(bytes) Generates infinite ufo landing reports
usamap2.zip62941(bytes) Find distances between us cities
val.zip8304(bytes) Like wow convert ascii to valley-girl
vcr201.zip52290(bytes) Making the list for vcr tape(easy use)
vcr.zip51772(bytes) Prog for num and listing vcr tapes
vegaspro.zip69532(bytes) Very good vegas like games
video11.zip62414(bytes) Create a vcr database
vidlib.zip19149(bytes) Video cassette library
viewmoon.zip90028(bytes) View moon position from date & time of year
weather.zip125081(bytes) Weather depiction prg. ega req.
west.zip1927(bytes) Grasp picture "cga"
who.zip2388(bytes) Abbot & costello's "who's on first?"
willtell.zip3563(bytes) William tell overture. nice version.
wmages21.zip100228(bytes) War games
wohoryou.zip11444(bytes) Personality test and article by m.finley
wordmix.zip93715(bytes) Game: scrambles words from 10k-word diction.
world2.zip79584(bytes) World atlas and hurricane tracker v2
wrappr.zip33214(bytes) Print your own wrapping paper all occas
wxmation.zip6894(bytes) Access weather information via modem
wxrdr30.zip122546(bytes) Download a weather radar picture. ega
xmas_a.zip47525(bytes) EGA movie xmas card from paul mace part a
xmas_b.zip274216(bytes) EGA movie xmas card from paul mace part b
xmastree.zip11579(bytes) You decorate a tree in living color fun
xmas.zip73257(bytes) 'Tis the season
xvtdraw.zip78320(bytes) PD windows obj orient draw program
yankee.zip3994(bytes) Death and the n.y. yankees by m. finley