22dsk122.zip162704(bytes) Shareware cp m to dos read write 100+
256files.zip38352(bytes) Tsr from steve gibson open 256 files 3.x
2ndshift.zip77200(bytes) Run program at a specified time, fakes keys
386bug.zip7593(bytes) Check intel 80386 chip to see if good
3ct.zip7881(bytes) Shows how much space each directory is u
4dos22.zip188365(bytes) Great replacement v4.22 7 89
555.zip3235(bytes) Simulates a 555 timer ic chip. excellent
6300clk.zip1136(bytes) Resident clock for at&ts
8087test.zip850(bytes) Test and display 8087 chip info.......
87speed.zip544(bytes) Report speed of the math processor
8mhz_pc.zip3631(bytes) Make your 4mhz pc into a 8mhz pc
access1.zip38316(bytes) Easy to set-up utility to run your prog
accupd22.zip45145(bytes) Latest update to allemm4.sys allcharge
addpath.zip1238(bytes) Add path to existing path,text & ba 4:45p
adjram41.zip63699(bytes) An adjustable ram disk
ajuti.zip23195(bytes) New version at diag and tests
alarm320.zip8240(bytes) Alarm v3.2 mem res alarm clock/message
alctable.zip14832(bytes) System memory mapper. w turbo pas source
allnois3.zip8782(bytes) Line noise treatment atlanta v3.0
almclk26.zip5689(bytes) Alarm clock on 26th line of screen
a_menu.zip48302(bytes) Menu pgm that will work on novall netwrk
amprocpm.zip8157(bytes) Convert ampro cpm to ampro pc format
ansidraw.zip22038(bytes) Easy ascii graphics entry--editor
ansiega.zip1114(bytes) Ega ansi driver correction file.
ansih.zip1130(bytes) Fix leading edge "d" ansi.sys for reflex
ansix364.zip5234(bytes) Ansi x3.64 screen graphics description
anywhere.zip8647(bytes) Finds files on any disk drive
apath.zip1273(bytes) Add an additional path automatically
apiext.zip18592(bytes) M macro convert os2 1.0 calls 2 os2 1.1
apndir.zip2383(bytes) Appends directories, a utility
at_720k.zip5181(bytes) Write to 720k format on your at.
atalarm.zip4332(bytes) Alarm w snooze - at compat. bios only
atclk14.zip1159(bytes) At clock time date setter
atdir.zip25610(bytes) Dir w/ integrated attribute search/set
atextmem.zip10656(bytes) Show total of at extended memory
athrun.zip40902(bytes) Pc-mag's utilities a through n 2 88
atim.zip5156(bytes) Hi res execution timer for pc-at
atnudg.zip8271(bytes) Set at cmos clock from dos command line
atnws.zip4146(bytes) How to run you pc-at with no wait states
atopch.zip2853(bytes) Patch ato512 exe easyplex prompt> v5.13
atperf.zip18115(bytes) At performance analyser
attclk2.zip9470(bytes) Second version-set dos clock for at&t 63
attclkfx.zip26073(bytes) Nice at&t clock program - mem. res.
at_tclk.zip3319(bytes) Pc6300 clock driver for dos 3.0+
at_tclus.zip801(bytes) At&t 6300+ users must read - 2k clusters
attool.zip4267(bytes) Two at utilities
attr.zip910(bytes) Changes file attributes
attsum.zip30083(bytes) A must utility for all at&t computers.
autoboot.zip5375(bytes) Boots a pc at specified time of day.
award.zip5504(bytes) Award bios stuff
backup.zip13159(bytes) Backup new files not on a backup disk
batch.zip17781(bytes) Assorted batch file utilities
bell.zip457(bytes) Soften the system bell w asm src
bench50.zip221416(bytes) Pc mag. benchmark 5.0 and ems test
bigd.zip10357(bytes) Big directory list better then tree
bios32b.zip94280(bytes) Bios check version 32b
bios.zip17101(bytes) Check date of your bios...(ibm only)
bkck.zip10182(bytes) Shows what files to back up
bombsqad.zip4268(bytes) Checks for trojan programs
bootbat.zip3973(bytes) Quickboot- bypass hd ctrl on warm boot
bootcode.zip5002(bytes) Custom boots (boot sector code) pctj
bootdump.zip2077(bytes) Displays boot record
bootmenu.zip15210(bytes) Quick and troublefree bootup menu
bootsect.zip4785(bytes) Pc dos bootstrap loader with annotation
bootthru.zip5774(bytes) Forces a hard disk boot non-hardware
bootup.zip5002(bytes) Custom boot up (.asm) from pc tech jrnl
branch.zip10802(bytes) Execute dos commands across subdir(s)
breakbox.zip5645(bytes) Com port diagnostics
bt105.zip5774(bytes) Modify floppy boot sector to boot off hd
btree.zip5223(bytes) B-tree sort in bds c
burnin.zip53570(bytes) Burnin your pc. use for testing
busperf.zip11140(bytes) Test your cpu bus performance..........
catdisk3.zip81031(bytes) Best cataloger, now arcs w/ squashing ok.
cats22.zip19891(bytes) Fast disk cataloguer
cboot.zip1051(bytes) Pop-up reboot options
cdd.zip5103(bytes) Change dirs between hard drives etc
cedins.zip1018(bytes) Change ced default from ovr to insert
cfg10.zip12764(bytes) Config system for various purposes011588
checkpc.zip8458(bytes) Pc-mag - batch file check utility
chgpath.zip11699(bytes) Change path string on the fly, w/c,exe,do
chgspd2.zip3159(bytes) Change clock speeds
chips.zip11142(bytes) Check system cpu and co-processor w src
chksys.zip27235(bytes) Check your dip switch setting + more-ibm
chmod.zip5973(bytes) Unix like chmod util
chport.zip4384(bytes) Tsr to control comm ptr ports
cipher.zip611(bytes) Scrambles files with given password
circuits.zip83295(bytes) Electronic circuit analysis
ck_at.zip1576(bytes) Check at extended memory
clean2.zip2364(bytes) Disk head cleaning util for dd disk
clipmn20.zip18904(bytes) Clip menu 2.0 - more options than ever!
clockfix.zip1398(bytes) Does your date go crazy at midnight??
clrbox.zip498(bytes) Tsr shows modem lights on display
clrstr.zip14963(bytes) Remove resident programs
cmem.zip9450(bytes) Detailed display of system configuration
cmos.zip1132(bytes) Save/restore at cmos- pc mag v6 #11 6/87
codeth.zip48872(bytes) A very good autodialer.
comdo130.zip112070(bytes) File commando dos shell ver 1.30
comhlp15.zip63455(bytes) Better than the dos "mode" command
commando.zip72330(bytes) One of the most thorough dos shells yet
commem.zip1935(bytes) Commandmemory dos command line editor
commhlp.zip87230(bytes) Serial port testing programs
comptype.zip10749(bytes) Describe computer config & bd (turbo src)
confide.zip68085(bytes) Neat security for the ibm pc
config11.zip13657(bytes) Great program to orgniz cfgs and autxcs
core29.zip34019(bytes) Check your system core memory ver 2.9
coretest.zip21052(bytes) A memory testing program
cpuid.zip8224(bytes) Cpu id
cpuinfo.zip991(bytes) Tells cpu cpu speed & of wait states
cpuload.zip6359(bytes) Slow machine to any speed you want
cputimer.zip5406(bytes) See how fast your pc really is
cram10.zip5778(bytes) Sk into ram disk
cruise.zip42038(bytes) Working demo of cursor cruise control
curdir.zip4890(bytes) Save/restore current subdirectory (untes
cv_fix11.zip2941(bytes) Microsoft codeview fixes
cvtfon10.zip25046(bytes) Convert phone directories to other forma
cylon.zip375(bytes) A new kind of cursor - always moving
datascop.zip23614(bytes) Great util to se and check com1 com2
dback11.zip2207(bytes) Backup & restore fat
dev32.zip4143(bytes) Device info
devchain.zip11803(bytes) Information on your device chain
dev_dump.zip6619(bytes) Dispalys loaded device drivers
device.zip7261(bytes) Shows all device drivers in ram
dfix.zip11215(bytes) Helps find bad sectors on disks
dglock21.zip51728(bytes) Lock your computer with a password so no
diags.zip38475(bytes) A pc diagnostic program. intense
dirmgr.zip34044(bytes) A good multiple file mgr - self doc'ted
dirsort2.zip4087(bytes) Sorts hard disk directory
disk110.zip40150(bytes) A super little program for hd grab it
diskbuff.zip18280(bytes) Optimize buffers in config.sys
dmap.zip10405(bytes) Display status of background res. prgms.
dmatest.zip12000(bytes) Test dma chip in your pc
dobat.zip10721(bytes) Execute bat file from within a bat file
dos30fix.zip3380(bytes) Fixes for dos 3.0
doscmd.zip27268(bytes) Dos command help menu driven
dosevrn.zip1940(bytes) Increase dos environment space
doskey.zip8704(bytes) Change colors add functions from fkeys
dostips.zip22347(bytes) Helpful hints on some dos functions.
dp13.zip15803(bytes) VV data path pgm. v1.3 w source
dprotect.zip84666(bytes) Deprotection program for 70 programs
dsiz.zip1680(bytes) Show directory tree with sizes
dsm206.zip52500(bytes) Multask dos shell fixes bad ver2.03 bug
dssc.zip2028(bytes) Dual speedy disk copier
dtl.zip5278(bytes) Shows all disk types your bios supports
duv77_1.zip3062(bytes) Documentation for du-v77. (cp/m-80)
dvicemap.zip2520(bytes) List loaded device drivers
dwalk.zip21033(bytes) View & optionally copy disk sectors
dymemvw.zip4300(bytes) Dynamic memory viewer -- w/ prog active
easymenu.zip76059(bytes) Nice menu program
easyzap.zip25573(bytes) File oriented sector modifier/viewer
ebreak14.zip1574(bytes) Control-break that works better !
eddtv400.zip53193(bytes) Add rom to at to give 140 drive types
eem704.zip7557(bytes) Expand your dos memory from 640k to 704k
em87v1_3.zip13098(bytes) Allows you to emulate a math cop.
em87v1_4.zip14467(bytes) Emulater the 8087 co processer chip
emm4.zip25993(bytes) Driver to upgrade above board to emms4
emmram11.zip14188(bytes) Expand dos ram 640k to 736k using (eem)
emmsta11.zip5814(bytes) Shoe emm statistics
emschk.zip9030(bytes) Checks your ems memory
emsdisk.zip11892(bytes) Use ems board as a ram disk
em_sim.zip10222(bytes) Simulate ems memory in at extended mem
emsmem.zip10222(bytes) Change extended to L-I-M expanded memory
ems_rept.zip11861(bytes) A report on ems memory (expanded memory)
emul87.zip12425(bytes) Emulate a math coprocessor. req. at
environ.zip924(bytes) The use of environ in batch files
evrxlim4.zip42881(bytes) Lim 4.0 driver etc for everex memory bd
execnew.zip3451(bytes) Load and exec progs from lattice c
exsys.zip224672(bytes) Expert system demonstration package
extend.zip9171(bytes) Tp break the 15 open file barrier
extspl.zip3130(bytes) Print spooler for ext/memory (80286 only)
f31.zip27913(bytes) Split screen hd file editor - ez & quick
fakey.zip6637(bytes) Kybd faker-better than key-fake!!!!!
fasmen40.zip58258(bytes) Really fast menu generator
fast_com.zip751(bytes) Fix msdos to allow mode 19200 serial com1
fastwire.zip2538(bytes) Xmit files laptop to desktop 115k baud
fc20hdoc.zip104007(bytes) Fansi-console doc
fc20hpgm.zip133414(bytes) Fansi-console programs
fetch.zip66988(bytes) Utility. use with k9x or alone. good!!
fightsea.zip6943(bytes) Must reading for all pkarc pkxarc users
filer2.zip19880(bytes) Good file maintenance utility
findit.zip10984(bytes) Find strings inside text files w/ src
fit.zip17836(bytes) Checks path/filesize 4 copy to diskette.
fixega.zip2222(bytes) Patch cga programs for ega w examples
flashbak.zip86286(bytes) Pretty g hd backup util menus tags etc.
flush201.zip13321(bytes) Removes tsr's - releases memory
flush.zip2780(bytes) Removes resident pgms & frees mem
format2.zip1807(bytes) Format two diskettes at once.
fr386.zip48091(bytes) Test 32-bit instruction set on 386
free403.zip5418(bytes) Show free ram incl ext & exp
fsd.zip23060(bytes) Full screen debugger program
Location of files 011B
gamept16.zip48348(bytes) New and interesting uses for pc game port
Location of files 011B
getenvr.zip6146(bytes) Access's environment w src
Location of files 011B
getrom.zip79855(bytes) Copy rom bios to file on disk
Location of files 011B
gsetup30.zip28556(bytes) At rom setup
Location of files 011B
guard.zip3371(bytes) Another watchdog-like modem watcher.
Location of files 011B
hackrom.zip51944(bytes) Get info out of pc/xt/at roms
Location of files 011B
hardlock.zip5615(bytes) Secure your hard disk. asm source .com
Location of files 011B
have.zip25358(bytes) Graphic picture of your system
Location of files 011B
hdm_1.zip42266(bytes) Hard disk menu system with secu.1of1
Location of files 011B
hdm_2.zip33927(bytes) Part two of hdm. docs.
Location of files 011B
hdsentry.zip5843(bytes) Hd protect from trojans.
Location of files 011B
headers.zip51041(bytes) Headers for tstcom,tstexmem,tstlpt,tstint
Location of files 011B
hexscan.zip756(bytes) Utility to display keyboard scan codes
Location of files 011B
hi07.zip8241(bytes) Hardware info. .07 display cpu,copros s
Location of files 011B
himem.zip62299(bytes) Add ms hi-memory 64k to 286 386 pc's
Location of files 011B
hot.zip2226(bytes) Hotkey out of hung system
Location of files 011B
hramdisk.zip4265(bytes) Ram disk which survives warm boot
Location of files 011B
idt100.zip10364(bytes) Ideal date and time display with options
Location of files 011B
iff201.zip19795(bytes) Batch file utility w many functions
ignition.zip17006(bytes) Cold boot speedup & system protection
ignit.zip17157(bytes) Pc security system plus more.
ingit14.zip17150(bytes) Start your computer fast, with logon sec
interc.zip34989(bytes) Log all dos bios calls - turbo-c .c .exe
ir164f.zip67430(bytes) Instant recall. great mem res database.
jadu11.zip78745(bytes) Superb shell for dos !!!!!
jog.zip21926(bytes) Jog your memory with reminder notes
kbspeed.zip3176(bytes) Cursor speed up program.
kcount.zip9767(bytes) Keep track of computer's activity w log
keepcrs.zip2193(bytes) Tsr util. to keep cursor shape and size.
keyboard.zip129325(bytes) A set of keyboard improvement programs
keydef40.zip3292(bytes) Define up to 40 function keys.
keys201.zip48639(bytes) Redefine all 12 f-keys. v2.01 crockett
keysw.zip11188(bytes) Program to toggle caps num scroll & in
killzero.zip6289(bytes) Kill 0 bit files
l31.zip13448(bytes) Use instead of dos dir command
laserjet.zip38629(bytes) Pop-up controller for hp laserjets
lastrun.zip5153(bytes) Nice if..goto date check for autoexec.bat
lazer12.zip56543(bytes) Hp simple typesetter okipie graph csrc
ldres.zip5957(bytes) Util to make tsr out of exe com file
lightpat.zip2376(bytes) Patches for turbo lightning
lim40.zip13477(bytes) Comparison bet exp mem lim 3.2 and 4.0.
limems40.zip73074(bytes) Ext- transcribed Lim 4.0 specifications
listmods.zip4115(bytes) Customize buerg's list v6.2a
listwc40.zip11489(bytes) Great wildcard lister for epson com
lodrun.zip2203(bytes) Unp lode runner - broder. v.1
lptreset.zip6123(bytes) Reinitialize lpt1 2 or 3 w errorlevel
lu_c.zip5340(bytes) .Lbr c source for pc ms-dos
lut191.zip7950(bytes) Asm source to v.buerg's newest lib util
luu164.zip8515(bytes) Asm source to v.buerg's newest lib util
machine.zip861(bytes) Determine what pc you have
machinfo.zip21112(bytes) Lists pc hardware config/w turbo source
mb640k.zip2130(bytes) Put 640k ram on your xt motherboard (doc)
mcb.zip5564(bytes) Look at memory control blocks
mc_menu.zip14148(bytes) Nice menu system
mdisk.zip1316(bytes) Another ramdisk
Location of files 011B
megabyte.zip19982(bytes) Utils to get more than 640k for dos
melt.zip183(bytes) Melt screen instead of clear screen
mem_help.zip5052(bytes) Text re finding bad memory.
meminit.zip1946(bytes) Init dos mem ctrl blocks asm source
memres.zip18416(bytes) Remove memory resident programs
memsave.zip10666(bytes) Memsave replaces romsave ver. 1.0
memscan.zip9974(bytes) Bit-mapped graphic memory scanner
memsize.zip7159(bytes) Memory available (with asm source)
memwalk.zip15358(bytes) Explore memory - incl device driver vg
mfl.zip772(bytes) Marks & flushes a resident program
microc.zip8730(bytes) Tsr windows exec() from 11 87 microc mag
minix.zip23872(bytes) Discussion of mini-unix operating system
mips.zip5548(bytes) Compare speed of pc against at 386 etc.
misc2.zip2238(bytes) Misc c functions for ci86
moredos.zip1455(bytes) Lets dos use more than 640k
mount.zip11539(bytes) "mountable" ram disk
mouses.zip24840(bytes) Mouse drivers for many popular programs
movbasic.zip1766(bytes) Create ibm basic on clones
movbasv3.zip8126(bytes) Move ibm basic to clones
ms_os_2.zip18403(bytes) Microsoft products report
mstrky17.zip97772(bytes) Masterkey v1.7 disk utiliy vg new featur
mtask.zip12880(bytes) Little multi-tasking system (com doc)
mymfix20.zip1335(bytes) Avoid key disk in mym ver 2.0
necv2030.zip11997(bytes) Description of nec replacement chips.
netana.zip3944(bytes) Network analysis on pc rf design 12 86
netcom.zip22697(bytes) Lan messenger for net bios comp. network
newibm.zip4918(bytes) The new ibm computers to be released ap
newsibm.zip64753(bytes) Official ibm product announcements
njems.zip45088(bytes) Collection of ems utilities
njramt.zip8422(bytes) Nifty james eem ram tester--terrific
noctrl.zip4694(bytes) Trap control break in "c" programs (c)
nrefresh.zip1035(bytes) Delay ram refresh cycle 6 improvement
ntxerr.zip1893(bytes) Check missing corrupt ntx (s87)
numbit.zip6991(bytes) A hex,decimal,octal,binary number cnvtr.
omimenu.zip27650(bytes) Execute programs from menu w/o batch file
os2kbspd.zip9233(bytes) Kbrate updated for os2 (runs in dos too)
os2.zip113022(bytes) A reference on os2
owner161.zip9905(bytes) Find file owning cluster
p_16.zip1626(bytes) Perstor ps-16f controller info.
patdos32.zip76225(bytes) Patches to dos 3.2 from ibm!
pathmod.zip1454(bytes) Modify online path with options
pc6300.zip2726(bytes) Configuration display for at&t (bas)
pcbench1.zip86951(bytes) Utilities for checking pc performance 1
pcbench2.zip86951(bytes) Pc utilities check proformance 2 of 2
pccryp1.zip26090(bytes) A file en/decryptor. pretty handy.
pcd2.zip13052(bytes) Pop-up directory cruiser
pcdisk.zip9991(bytes) Forbin ware disk organizer source
pcflist.zip33689(bytes) Pc version of vm/cms flist...great!!
pcjr.zip1612(bytes) Turn your pcjr monitor to a pc monitor.
pckdir.zip6054(bytes) Eliminate empty entries in subdir f/pcte
pclock.zip4360(bytes) Displays clock on screen
pc_lok11.zip21161(bytes) Another password program
pcmbench.zip216605(bytes) Pc magazines dynamite bench testing prgm
pcpower.zip72077(bytes) Excellent testing util give it a try.
pcroff.zip23178(bytes) Pd port of unix text formatter nroff
pcs30.zip18968(bytes) Pc status program with tp source
pcsay.zip1165(bytes) Fixes some deficiencies of echo -- pc mag
pcshel36.zip37031(bytes) Superb unix-like shell
pc_shell.zip49038(bytes) A subset of unix's c-shell
pcstat3.zip4706(bytes) Sisplay ram disk dos status v3.0 w color
pdtar.zip116050(bytes) Process unix tar files under vax vms
pe2pro.zip5000(bytes) Modify default profile inbedded in pe2
peekmcb.zip13448(bytes) Look at memory control blocks
penew.zip1445(bytes) Extend ibm personal editor capability
perform.zip12973(bytes) Novell network performance monitor.
perror.zip1174(bytes) Determine bad chip on parity error
phnxutil.zip22054(bytes) Set up and low level format for at sys
phone1.zip16613(bytes) Lan peer-peer communicate & file trans.
picnix1.zip42068(bytes) 1 5 unix cat chlbl chmod cp cpdir doc
picnix2.zip42166(bytes) 2 5 unix df diff du doc
picnix3.zip49124(bytes) 3 5 unix fgrep grep ls more doc
picnix4.zip46993(bytes) 4 5 unix mv mvdir cd echo pwd rm doc
picnix5.zip37763(bytes) 5 5 unix show switchar tee touch wc doc
picnix_a.zip145292(bytes) Unix utilities for ms-dos part 1
picnix_b.zip110369(bytes) Unix utilities for ms-dos part 2
pk181a.zip35104(bytes) Powerkit 1.81a (good things for all )
pmap134.zip22866(bytes) System memory mapper. list those tsr's
pmove2.zip22452(bytes) Move and delete files from dir to dir
popedit3.zip44762(bytes) Create memres popup screens! version 3.0
portsw.zip1593(bytes) Change com1 2 lpt1 2
ports.zip20450(bytes) Handy control for your com ports
ppatch.zip1084(bytes) Patch formfeeds out of print com
prnswap.zip581(bytes) Toggle between lpt1 and lpt2
prntscrn.zip472(bytes) Enable/disable the prntscrn function
prntshop.zip3140(bytes) Undocumented features for printshop
pro_diag.zip38066(bytes) Professional pc-diagnostics
prodwn.zip2885(bytes) Problems with prokey & sidekick
progcom.zip27890(bytes) Collection of assorted utilities
pro.zip38066(bytes) Resident program manager for tsr's
pub27.zip12755(bytes) Provide a graphical of system config
pub8.zip12740(bytes) Password protection system
putmdm.zip26099(bytes) Put a basic comm. pgm. on a laptop
pw6at.zip21749(bytes) At password access control in rom
qaplus.zip102012(bytes) Cpu & ram tester
qb20logo.zip570(bytes) Bypass quick basic 2's opening screen
qb_v201.zip445(bytes) Stop opening screen of quickbasic v 2.01
qckdisk.zip5684(bytes) Create changeable ramdisk, uses emm
qdel.zip1012(bytes) Selects files to delete, wild cards.
qdram.zip47160(bytes) Speed up cpu by changing ram refresh
ql.zip7464(bytes) Lan linking utility -> all lans ->fast
rambug.zip6873(bytes) Test at expanded memory
ramerror.zip2193(bytes) Help identifying ram errors
ramham.zip6288(bytes) Find bad ram chips on your pc
ramit151.zip19567(bytes) Run c800 rom out of memory for speedup.
ramlook.zip8486(bytes) Map free space in ram
ramtest2.zip23160(bytes) Finds bad chips in extended/expanded me
ramtest3.zip54899(bytes) Test base extended &expen.memory
raw.zip2082(bytes) C. dunford's screen write bios speedup
rdisk2.zip2199(bytes) Ramdisk-install without booting
readenv.zip443(bytes) Pc-irs list path device drivers envir.
rebooter.zip3147(bytes) How to build a device to reboot your boar
re_confg.zip112729(bytes) Re-config your computer by changeing sys+ bat
reconfig.zip13173(bytes) Change autoexec.bat& config.sys automat
recorder.zip2320(bytes) Show which files s b on a ram disk (pc
reformat.zip30881(bytes) Reorg de-frag hard disk incl source
remind.zip23545(bytes) Displays schedule information at boot ti
remm40.zip10020(bytes) Ast premium 286 expanded memory manager
remotjob.zip15096(bytes) Novell remote job execution utility
repeats.zip7111(bytes) Find duplicate file names
resetsw.zip16095(bytes) Reset switch and protected ramdsk for pc
respro.zip7167(bytes) Resident program manager for tsr's
resq21.zip14347(bytes) Rescue past activity from memory v2.1
rjnovell.zip15096(bytes) Remote job utility for novell networks
rmap32.zip5212(bytes) Resident memory map v3.2
romb2env.zip11974(bytes) Rom bios info to master envir. .c .h exe
romcheck.zip188(bytes) Check the date of rom chips
romconv.zip35663(bytes) Gives dump of your rom - interesting
romu.zip4018(bytes) Create and maintain at rom image
ros38.zip98710(bytes) Remote operating system version 3.8
ros.zip145564(bytes) Remote operating system
rpncal.zip21714(bytes) Emulation of hp-11c calculator
Location of files 011C
safefmt.zip87701(bytes) Prevent accidental format of drive c:
Location of files 011C
salbiz.zip158160(bytes) Sales, customer tracker
Location of files 011C
saleseye.zip153443(bytes) Sales tracker for prospect and accounts
Location of files 011C
savsc2.zip20535(bytes) Prtsc save scrn image to text files wasm
Location of files 011C
saytime2.zip53512(bytes) Talking time clock
Location of files 011C
scarfone.zip32345(bytes) Scarfone utilities: 14 util. prgs (a must
Location of files 011C
schedule.zip9349(bytes) Schedule your day's activities
Location of files 011C
sclean.zip2845(bytes) Erase files across sub directories
Location of files 011C
screen_b.zip4985(bytes) (f/byte) screen utilities
Location of files 011C
scrndisk.zip3837(bytes) Good tsr program to write screen to disk
Location of files 011C
sd22.zip7116(bytes) Switch drive/directory easily
Location of files 011C
sdutil.zip128738(bytes) Systemdirutility-menu filemgr log etc!!
Location of files 011C
see.zip993(bytes) Better than dos type..instant screen
Location of files 011C
serv_1.zip195316(bytes) Manage up to 1 billion parts, objects or
Location of files 011C
setdir2.zip10737(bytes) Setdir v2.0, restore current dir asm & do
Location of files 011C
setpaths.zip3846(bytes) Util to move between subdirects (com doc)
Location of files 011C
setspd.zip4045(bytes) For 286 386s set speed to lower pcs
Location of files 011C
set_type.zip15622(bytes) Define ur own drive spec's on pc-at (ty
setup.zip5497(bytes) At setup pgm w source
Location of files 011C
sheriff.zip47459(bytes) Password security system
shoemm.zip7417(bytes) Gives nice read-out of all memory
showcaps.zip1731(bytes) Mem res shows if caps on changes cursor
showtd.zip13199(bytes) Show the time and date in different ways
shpck154.zip13671(bytes) Shareware pc-kwik disk accelerator.
shutdown.zip1396(bytes) Shutdown system when away during storm
sincew.zip7573(bytes) Find unbacked files since certain date
sinf10.zip13990(bytes) Tells you all info about your system
slslead.zip25581(bytes) First draft sales lead for q&a (q&a bbs)
slspr1.zip151889(bytes) The sales processor oe ar inv 2 of 3
slspr2.zip158891(bytes) The sales processor oe ar inv 3 of 3
slsprdes.zip1723(bytes) The sales processor read first 1 of 3
slvit.zip71688(bytes) Lastest vers. of solveit (now tsr opt.)
smplcalc.zip20202(bytes) Two calculators good work horses
snipper.zip1516(bytes) Tsr prog to dump pt of scrn to disk file
snoop.zip898(bytes) Program debug tool - look at cs:ic run
sntch102.zip10511(bytes) Snatchit v1.02 copyiipc util by softpir.
softbell.zip1540(bytes) Soften the system bell w asm src
solvit25.zip75847(bytes) Solveit v 2.5 financial calculations
sortall.zip4024(bytes) Sort directory files
sortdir.zip5793(bytes) Ssort dir. for pcplus from datastorm
sota.zip1854(bytes) Software drvrs for sota's mothercard 5.0
speaker.zip4963(bytes) Device driver for spkr: (w/ doc)
speed106.zip63999(bytes) Latest landmark cpu speed check
speed333.zip26338(bytes) Check the speed of your computer ver 3.33
speed99.zip16007(bytes) Check cpu clock speed bar graphics good
speedat.zip135(bytes) Doubles cursor speed (at only) - great
speeder.zip2216(bytes) Speeds up cpu by slowing ram refresh
speedtpc.zip1575(bytes) Set turbo speed with software
sppcpt1.zip48162(bytes) Stat package for the pc - part 1
sppcpt2.zip33714(bytes) Stat package for the pc - part 2
sppcpt3.zip55191(bytes) Stat package for the pc - part 3
srqreset.zip5431(bytes) Use sys req as reset switch w asm source
srs17.zip57589(bytes) Still river shell ver 1.71
statprob.zip209554(bytes) A good statistic and probability program
statz13.zip50178(bytes) Statistics program in qbasic w/source
stcktdr1.zip100142(bytes) The stock trader part 1 of 3
stcktdr2.zip98607(bytes) The stock trader part 2 of 3
stcktdr3.zip106235(bytes) The stock trader part 3 0f 3
stepdiag.zip74581(bytes) New system check program checks cpu and
stkmndr3.zip70974(bytes) Stock market monitor
stkpgms2.zip18462(bytes) Two stock management programs
striplf.zip7335(bytes) Allows use of script file w debug 3.2
sumdos.zip46998(bytes) Like sidekick but with commun prog
superdos.zip16564(bytes) Visual file manager
supermkt.zip12940(bytes) Shop with grocery list
super.zip21413(bytes) Better bios routines for com ports.
suprmrkt.zip8481(bytes) Supermarket management program
sysact11.zip32542(bytes) Unix style system activity logger w src
syschk1.zip9390(bytes) Anti-viral - crc check of system files
sysid44.zip49941(bytes) System info interrupts,ram,ports,
sysmngr.zip84907(bytes) System manager menu system w/security
sysmon.zip5501(bytes) Windows system cpu mem monitor utility
talkfun.zip7541(bytes) Voice synthesizer for ibm-pc & compats
tankfix.zip347(bytes) Run thinktank 2.0 without key disk
tapcal2.zip4361(bytes) Sidekick pop-up calendar ver.2 (great)
tapinf.zip10806(bytes) Timed ask utility times out
task.zip5033(bytes) Timed ask utility times out
tbc.zip17405(bytes) Treasury bill calculator
tdsnap.zip16625(bytes) Copy screen to file. tsr
tech387.zip83883(bytes) At perf benchmarks from pctech jrnl 3 87
templ200.zip48536(bytes) Applications integrator a menu program
testsys.zip3341(bytes) Test system - reboot if necessary asm
text.zip1131(bytes) At&t6300 rom bios text demos
threecom.zip2482(bytes) 3 *.com files to make pc run faster
tikler37.zip32031(bytes) Time reminder of things that you have to
timeboot.zip1393(bytes) Set time for system to reboot 0-59 59 59
time_i.zip29121(bytes) Set date time without clock
timelog.zip10906(bytes) Time computer tasks and save to file...
timepark.zip3611(bytes) Parks heads after x min. of inactivity
timer3.zip16431(bytes) BBanching w/in batches & autoexec & more
timertns.zip26843(bytes) Various clock setting programs/diff. mfg
timetrak.zip7123(bytes) Time tracker -- like norton's tm
timgen10.zip40043(bytes) Works with timeset program and will can
timset53.zip100149(bytes) Timeset 5.3 set your computer's time to
topbot.zip148(bytes) Change the cursor of the pc
tpb20.zip17753(bytes) Park heads blank screen after n mt 2.0
treecopy.zip2353(bytes) Copies entire dir's and lower sub-dir's.
treesurg.zip14338(bytes) Find & eliminate duplicate files on disk
tsrcom16.zip40682(bytes) Memory resident program manager
tsrsrc22.zip58043(bytes) Kim kokkonen's tsr utils + source code
tsrtools.zip32615(bytes) Tsr and memory probing progs (good)
tsrv22.zip30061(bytes) New mark & release utilities
tsr.zip8284(bytes) Manage terminate and stay resident, tsr
turbcpat.zip9684(bytes) Borland's patches to turbo c (to date)
turbobd.zip462(bytes) Commands to toggle speed on turbo boards
turbokey.zip1782(bytes) Best ever cursor speedup for at
turbosw.zip509(bytes) Software speed switch 4 most turbo pcs
turnkey.zip79405(bytes) Like automenu but easier to use
udart.zip132314(bytes) Jon dart's pc utilities - with source
udate.zip20071(bytes) Up date your computer clock
ugotit.zip11576(bytes) Shows what's in your system
uncrash.zip1204(bytes) Ctrl-break out of endless loop
userlog2.zip22854(bytes) Automatically logs computer usage
v20_80.zip6203(bytes) Run cp/m on pc with v20 chip
vampire.zip14701(bytes) Collect bios code for eprom or modify
varislow.zip1595(bytes) Tsr - slow processing speed
vclock.zip10819(bytes) Voice clock
vectors.zip1373(bytes) Lists bios vectors for ti pro
vemm.zip27959(bytes) Use your hard disk in place of memory
victory.zip2922(bytes) Machine hack to fix cursor blink
vidclock.zip5073(bytes) Tsr clock w many options (color loc..)
vmm.zip12454(bytes) Virtual memory map show's tsr's in color
vmx.zip12464(bytes) Visual memory map displays mem allocation
vram.zip14354(bytes) Ems emulator--works good --crippleware
vshld64.zip39346(bytes) Virus shield to be run in your computer
vtreeh.zip5078(bytes) Shows hidden directories
wakeup.zip3723(bytes) Puts pc to sleep until preset time
whatis3.zip14687(bytes) Add a line discription to your files.
whatuhav.zip1684(bytes) A graphic display of your system.
whoa.zip11326(bytes) Slow down at --- adjustable
wiz.zip49541(bytes) Great transfer util pc to port and back
wstate.zip1340(bytes) Change wait states
xanadu2.zip17586(bytes) A new version of a great set of utils
xassign.zip8666(bytes) Reassign filename to path. good for ws ov
xmem.zip5254(bytes) Memory dist for expanded mem boards (asm
xone23.zip8449(bytes) Buerg's util to split apart zip files
xpc.zip160619(bytes) Mcdonnel douglas x.25 for dos 2.0 (arc)
xt.zip10542(bytes) Execute commands across subdirectory tree
yamm40.zip55737(bytes) Yet another menu maker
z150rom.zip646(bytes) Displays rom date of z-150
z80mu310.zip113824(bytes) Latest version of z80mu
zap.zip8328(bytes) Good sector and disk-cluster editor
zenonew.zip6207(bytes) New zeno for fast screen writes
zipzap66.zip47226(bytes) Version 6.6 of a ft hex editor.