2drv_fmt.zip17089(bytes) Formatting in both drives
3dmenu20.zip67545(bytes) Good menu system_nice graphics
3x3_s8f.zip62001(bytes) Labels for 3.5" disks with many options
400kisk.zip6826(bytes) Format a disk for 400 kb
420k.zip32669(bytes) Formats 5 1/4" to 420k, dos 3.2 req
4_hdrive.zip2961(bytes) Learn how to use 4 hard disks in one co
4x15_s8f.zip62456(bytes) Labels for 5.25" disks with many optn f
720kdisk.zip5181(bytes) Use 360k disk as 720k on at w/dos 3.2
720kdrv.zip4367(bytes) A device driver for 720k drives on at's
720to1_4.zip2191(bytes) Convert 720kb floppies for 1.44mb use_
800k.zip9357(bytes) Format 5 1 4 disks to 800k _ dos 3.3 req
a_backup.zip2219(bytes) Auto backup to floppy on 1st boot 6:25p
acode10.zip10208(bytes) Just type the areacope _ you will find
actutil.zip28895(bytes) Disk cataloger utility
align2.zip30163(bytes) Disk alignment tool
alldrive.zip12037(bytes) Exec cmd on all drives
allfree.zip28116(bytes) Checks free space on all hard drives
anad132.zip56965(bytes) Excellent floppy disk analyzer
analyser.zip16907(bytes) Floppy disk analyzer
analyz.zip21665(bytes) Slick disk space analyzer from marin
antifmt.zip2339(bytes) Prevents accidental format of hard disk
archive.zip16104(bytes) Nice way to backup h.d.
atparam.zip10407(bytes) Shows selected spec. _ others for at hd.
audit.zip3495(bytes) Search hd for all unusual files
auto405.zip150030(bytes) Auto menu for c: drive
autopar3.zip7076(bytes) Auto park hd heads
autopark.zip1123(bytes) Parks the heads for you
bakcheck.zip12700(bytes) Remind to back up hard_disk _ w/ c source
baklabel.zip29008(bytes) Neat little label maker for hd bachups
bang.zip42404(bytes) Sharware hard disk utility
bdisk.zip2711(bytes) Vdisk replacement with "activity light"
bench5.zip209857(bytes) Pc_ bench ver 5.0 diag
bestmenu.zip86409(bytes) Bestmenu menu program
bird01.gif166925(bytes) Looks like a owl in gif format
bkup.zip24776(bytes) Calculates num of disks req. to backup d
bootsec.zip8179(bytes) Show boot sector information
both.zip14919(bytes) Format two drives at once
bse.zip11194(bytes) Boot sector viewer editor vvgreat
btformat.zip1117(bytes) Fast format a boothru disk
bulabel.zip18693(bytes) Backup diskette labels with _ of disket
b.zip40252(bytes) Disk catalog program wssi ver 5.03
cache2.zip11349(bytes) Disk caching system
cache3.zip11556(bytes) Disk cache program
cach_txt.zip4374(bytes) Disk cache info about pgms _ problems
catdisk.zip102701(bytes) Disk catalogue utility
catdsk22.zip103278(bytes) Catdisk v 2.2 the best disk cataloger
catit.zip18523(bytes) Disk cataloging program for floppy or
catlog1.zip24825(bytes) Catalog you floppys with a text listing
cat.zip8452(bytes) Cataloger for your hard disk..
a password protection.
ccd.zip664(bytes) Change dirs without the _
cddplus.zip5898(bytes) Change directories more easily (asm incl.
cdf.zip6082(bytes) Full screen change directory. nice
cdir.zip16697(bytes) Commented dir v2.0_ 65 chr comment for
cdisk431.zip148750(bytes) Hillier's excellent disk cataloger. v4.
cdisk445.zip159485(bytes) Disk catalog system 4.45
cformat2.zip21552(bytes) Fast floppy disk formatter
c_format.zip13967(bytes) Format w/ both floppy drives,1 after othe
cformat.zip13694(bytes) A high speed disk formatting program
cform.zip13967(bytes) Faster than dos 3.1 format
chain216.zip8079(bytes) Shows cluster chain belonging to a file
chain.zip6226(bytes) Find which clusters are used by a file
chk4prot.zip1787(bytes) Check disks for copy protection
chkflop.zip6247(bytes) Check floppy drive status in batch file
chkfrag.zip9469(bytes) Ck disk fragmentation from aug88 pcmag
cleardis.zip4679(bytes) Hard disk file maint util (doc pas)
cloneut.zip168947(bytes) Misc pc utilities
cnfmt103.zip36738(bytes) Format and verify diskettes in the
comand12.zip108477(bytes) Fancy disk manager
confmt.zip34576(bytes) Format floppy disk(s) in background
copyfull.zip1056(bytes) Pause for new diskette when current full
copymove.zip31048(bytes) Unix_like cp _ mv
core28.zip33520(bytes) Coretest v2.8 hard disk performance
cortst28.zip35826(bytes) Hard disk speed test utility from core
cover20.zip17398(bytes) Cover v 2.0 makes dir jacket insert
cpucat30.zip154583(bytes) Floppy _ hard disk cataloging system
cudm30.zip129033(bytes) Very good hd and floppy cataloguer_____
cweep230.zip43867(bytes) Hard disk manager
daag233.zip99349(bytes) Disk analize and shows you a tree of the
dblboo.zip2076(bytes) Rg _ make double side disks bootable
dblpark.zip386(bytes) Multiple harddisk park heads
dcs.zip38870(bytes) Floppy disk catalog system
ddir.zip1734(bytes) Double_column directory pc mag
ddup105.zip12569(bytes) Diskcopy any size disk in one pass
defrag.zip5337(bytes) De_fragmentize diskette file space
dfa11.zip8178(bytes) Disk file access look ahead cache
dfa.zip2646(bytes) Accelerate dos disk accesses
df.zip17749(bytes) Format 720k disks with this. no drivers_
dir201.zip38518(bytes) 1000 file disk librarian w/srce _ great_
dira.zip10832(bytes) Supports dir arcv _ wheris _ all drives
dirchart.zip60966(bytes) Disk directory chart program
dircomp.zip2361(bytes) Compare two directories on the screen.
dirnav.zip7978(bytes) Directory navigator _ view change dirs
dirs11.zip60908(bytes) Backup fill floppies print disk covers.
dirsort.zip3168(bytes) Sort a directory permanently
dir_v20.zip13535(bytes) Directory program
discache.zip7111(bytes) Disk cacher that uses exp _ ext memory.
diskchec.zip8720(bytes) Checks rotational speed of floppy drives
disk_dir.zip125863(bytes) Disk menu program_very nice
diskdup2.zip11709(bytes) Repl diskcopy. no swaps w 1 dr. eg 1.2m
diskfix.zip8260(bytes) Mark bad sectors in hard disk (goodtool)
disklbrn.zip57083(bytes) Disk cataloging program (doc exe)
disklite.zip1775(bytes) TSR to light caps lock light for disk act
diskok.zip2447(bytes) Reports write errors
diskpa21.zip51166(bytes) Pack files on backup floppies
diskpack.zip24233(bytes) Like stufit, for dos 3.0 and above
diskprep.zip5703(bytes) Add dos system files to non_dos disk
diskprot.zip8529(bytes) Software write protect your disk drives
diskscan.zip4868(bytes) Pc mag 4/86 disk scan source _ execute
disk_tag.zip28239(bytes) 3 1 2 diskette label maker. only one
diskta.zip15746(bytes) Cute space_o_meter for free disk space
diskutil.zip28624(bytes) Search and alter crc errors copy prot.
diskvr45.zip46907(bytes) Disk cover utility v4.5
diskvr46.zip50859(bytes) Diskover now explodes zip files
dldb25.zip72677(bytes) Dldb v2.5 disk file directory manager
dog206.zip36213(bytes) Good disk organizer and defragger
dosgone.zip56827(bytes) Menu system w/security, usage log, _ more
down.zip2070(bytes) Neat find that dir on your hard drive
dozen.zip194582(bytes) Bakers dozen disk utilities
dp102a.zip24127(bytes) Public domain disk optimizer.
drives.zip6393(bytes) Shows the status of all drives inc. net.
drivscan.zip1855(bytes) Three neat filename scans for drives a_c
ds11.zip9481(bytes) Display structured dir (exe doc) a must
ds330.zip138548(bytes) Directory scanner 3.3 by nat martino
dsidcat.zip18233(bytes) Dbase iii disk catalogger
dskclean.zip11547(bytes) Spin your disk drives for head cleaning
dskdup13.zip51623(bytes) Fast disk duplicator
dsklbl21.zip99664(bytes) New ver of disk label 3.5 _5.25 disks
dskoray.zip2087(bytes) Check the rotational speed of floppy
dsktag.zip28239(bytes) Blessing disktag v1.0 sleeve dktte label
dsktrk11.zip61903(bytes) Disktrak v1.1 tracks files on diskettes
dsktst11.zip20577(bytes) Hard disk test utility. quite good.
dskvr44b.zip46456(bytes) Diskvr44.arc v.b. disk cover w squash
dspace.zip8865(bytes) Graphs subdirectory space for hard disk
dsptch.zip6851(bytes) Fix to ms_dos 4.01 see info world 4_17_
dstats3.zip5635(bytes) Report disk stats on multiple drives v.3
dup42.zip54159(bytes) Disk duplicator many features _ good
dupdsk31.zip23888(bytes) Replacement for discopy_fast mult.copies
du.zip4431(bytes) Displays size of sub_directories
dwatch2.zip2900(bytes) Dskwatch modified to show drive in err
easydiag.zip46615(bytes) Simpler to use hd diags from western di
emc110.zip8999(bytes) Disk cache ver 1.1 uses expanded mem
emmcache.zip4644(bytes) Like pc mag cache but for expanded mem.
emscache.zip4644(bytes) Hd cache in ems memory _ really works w
encode.zip21850(bytes) Encode / password protect and encript a
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
errmon.zip5385(bytes) Very good disk error checker_mem res
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
ezcl_v12.zip104723(bytes) Ez copy disk duplication_nicely done
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
ezcopy.zip84571(bytes) Make multiple copies with one disk read
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
ezdisk.zip149904(bytes) Hard disk management program
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
ezmenu3.zip32431(bytes) Ez to setup menus v3 _ better than autome
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fastbak.zip20005(bytes) Batch file to run fastback
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fastchk3.zip18770(bytes) Graphics chkdsk and memory program
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fastcpy3.zip34689(bytes) Impressive disk copy program
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fastoff.zip671(bytes) Utility to turn off floppies quickly
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fastram.zip12070(bytes) Virtual diskett program
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fatback1.zip2297(bytes) Save and restore your fat
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fatprnt.zip2747(bytes) Output fat data to printer
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fatrestr.zip5876(bytes) Restore hard disk after reformating
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fatutil.zip20295(bytes) Mark bad sectors in fat table
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fbutil.zip20005(bytes) Menu utilities for fastback
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fd20.zip49609(bytes) Finds duplicates 2.0 _ a must for h.d.
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fill30.zip34096(bytes) v30 of program to fill diskettes
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fillflop.zip11550(bytes) Optimize filling of floppies from hd
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fixdisk.zip12792(bytes) Fix fat and boot sector
given file on disk. does not protect system.
flop_360.zip30256(bytes) Format 360k floppies in 1.2meg drive
flop.zip5305(bytes) Speed up those floppies _ not a tsr
given file on disk. does not protect system.
only a given file.
fm219.zip71683(bytes) Format master 2.19 great format utility
fm32.zip23553(bytes) Fat manager v3.2
fmatbeep.zip795(bytes) Beeps when format is done. neat_
fmt217.zip64676(bytes) Format master _ for formatting floppies
fmtmas.zip47359(bytes) Quick format menu with many options
fmtms216.zip65090(bytes) Format master disk formatter v2.12
fmtqm.zip17928(bytes) Smart format for multiple floppies
fordsk.zip6153(bytes) Fast format _ more
formq162.zip30344(bytes) Format quick multiple_fast multi_drv fl
frags.zip15178(bytes) Names and describes defragmented files
frb158.zip11418(bytes) Buerg's new fast backup restore
free14.zip28313(bytes) Free disk space 1.4 w options c doc exe
freeze.zip5308(bytes) Protection for hd from pc mag _ good
fsrch13.zip42086(bytes) File search utility
fstlock2.zip46343(bytes) Fast lock 2 / lock up your hardrive with
a password protection.
gibson.zip1437(bytes) Hd interleave testing tools
a password protection.
go4.zip7639(bytes) Replacement for cd
a password protection.
hardback.zip51118(bytes) Hard disk _ to _ hard disk backup.
a password protection.
hardcat.zip5774(bytes) Cataloger for your hard disk..
a password protection.
harddisk.zip59512(bytes) Hard disk format and test utilities
a password protection.
hardoff2.zip1189(bytes) Shut hard disk while checking for trojan
a password protection.
hd0510r1.zip17547(bytes) Hard drive specs
a password protection.
hd1kclus.zip2347(bytes) Reformat a hard disk with 1k clusters
a password protection.
hd312.zip59380(bytes) Hdtest 3.12 hard disk surface test utilit
a password protection.
hd_diags.zip68106(bytes) Hd test program similar to ibm's
a password protection.
hd_diag.zip11627(bytes) Hard disk diagnostic utility
a password protection.
hd_inst.zip13971(bytes) Generic hard disk install for beginners.
a password protection.
hd_org01.zip3062(bytes) Text info on how to organize hard drives
a password protection.
hd_tips.zip6625(bytes) Tips about hard disk management
a password protection.
hd.zip10440(bytes) Check interleve factor on hard disk
a password protection.
hotdir2.zip5334(bytes) Multi_color directory utility
a password protection.
hrddrv.zip5022(bytes) What to know before buying hard drive
a password protection.
iau.zip26946(bytes) Mard disk interleave adjuster _ tester.
a password protection.
ibm_sez.zip2647(bytes) Note on 1.44m disks from ibm, interesti
a password protection.
intrcptx.zip31403(bytes) Make 720k disk on dsdd disk in at hddd
intrlv.zip13076(bytes) Find best interleave for your hard disk.
int_test.zip37462(bytes) Test change hd interleave
iolite2.zip4367(bytes) Hd activity light on screen_for hardcard
iolite.zip4367(bytes) Display drive activity on screen
iomega47.zip167259(bytes) Iomega bernoulli utilities v4.7
ionon.zip4175(bytes) Disk i o interrupts displayed on screen
iotrace4.zip12666(bytes) Trace i o requests
jformat.zip11745(bytes) Format diskettes for use on hi_density d
jlh.zip1990(bytes) Jet's little helper full jet backups
jolt.zip154261(bytes) Vga demo. rotating can of jolt cola.
j.zip9454(bytes) Good path _ directory navigation program
katbook.zip312835(bytes) v2.2 catalog hard disk files. 16 millio
killdir4.zip8250(bytes) Kill directory _ all files in one step
klean.zip11125(bytes) Prompted erase w subdirs
kontig.zip9015(bytes) Find non_contigus files on a harddisk
kwik.zip10399(bytes) Kwik disk accelerator program
label_it.zip21040(bytes) Print diskette labels
lbl35v1.zip9893(bytes) Makes labels for 3.5 disks
lbn.zip12321(bytes) C listing and profiling utility
lc10.zip115378(bytes) Logicat _ disk cataloger v. 1.0
lc12.zip119361(bytes) Logicat v. 1.2 _ disk cataloger.
lcat15.zip122715(bytes) Logicat v. 1.5 disk catalog program.
lf341.zip9807(bytes) Directory lister for humans.
lig_disk.zip49240(bytes) File manager good for hard disk mod 1
listdir.zip5666(bytes) List subdirs ( dir find dir )
llformat.zip3342(bytes) Lnfo on low_level format and hd setup
magicmnu.zip171049(bytes) Magic menus _ extensive hd menu system
mainmenu.zip79525(bytes) Advanced computer design (adc) version
map31.zip41733(bytes) Map logical disks memory usage
mapdisk.zip26247(bytes) Callahan's map all disk extents v2.0
mark.zip4333(bytes) Marks bad sectors
masdir41.zip45914(bytes) Excellent hard disk directory manager.
massmv22.zip14915(bytes) Massmove 2.2_move files between subdirs
mastrkey.zip52025(bytes) Disk management utility
maxi16.zip49397(bytes) Floppy maximizer dos 3.2 or greater
mdir.zip4322(bytes) Memory resident dir utility
me23.zip41610(bytes) Xebec_lowlevel format prg. menu for hd
memo.zip30251(bytes) Add cots to your hd dir.
menus.zip6988(bytes) Create color menus to run your programs
ms40c.zip53738(bytes) Easy access menu system 4.0c
msdtime.zip10027(bytes) Gives time date disk space. it's ok.
mtree.zip10898(bytes) UUe instead of vtree to see subdir list
multdkix.zip4354(bytes) Multiple disk indexer
mv21.zip8850(bytes) Yet another move utility. works well.
mxmenu43.zip59085(bytes) Perkel's marxmenu dtd 4_4_89 good____
Location of files 014B
nc2.zip99833(bytes) Directory tree lister
Location of files 014B
newdm.zip34036(bytes) A new_to_me disk manager, neat (com)
Location of files 014B
newpark.zip3179(bytes) Allows parking of multi hds. _ sector
Location of files 014B
newswp18.zip35676(bytes) Sweep across all directories
Location of files 014B
nfty10.zip77156(bytes) Tsr help menu system part of managex.
Location of files 014B
nicedir.zip18457(bytes) Directory program / many switch options.
Location of files 014B
nickl_11.zip25595(bytes) Sweet little menu system
Location of files 014B
njramd12.zip26939(bytes) Nifty james eem ram disk.
Location of files 014B
nmove586.zip11459(bytes) Maybe the best move util _ does all
Location of files 014B
noboot.zip4109(bytes) Inhibit ctrl_alt_del reboot
Location of files 014B
noctrlc.zip385(bytes) Disable ctrl_c _ ctrl_break tsr
Location of files 014B
optileaf.zip9831(bytes) Find best interleave and low_level forma
Location of files 014B
optimise.zip17067(bytes) Finds optimum interleave _ re_formats
Location of files 014B
ov102.zip124536(bytes) Outstanding file manager with source code
Location of files 014B
over203.zip6512(bytes) Move directly to a sub_dir
Location of files 014B
over5.zip14948(bytes) Swap tc or msc prog to disk before shell
Location of files 014B
owner.zip1306(bytes) Display file owner of a specific cluster
Location of files 014B
packdisk.zip13034(bytes) Hd file disk opt wks on at_t
Location of files 014B
padlock.zip2974(bytes) Copy protection of floppy disk
palert16.zip16705(bytes) Alert when hd has small space left
panscrn.zip25511(bytes) Hardware panning for ibm ega
param1.zip13400(bytes) Disk parms from pctj fixed for dos 3.20
park2.zip582(bytes) Pc mag's simple hd parker 3 15 88 p.339
parkc.zip228(bytes) Park only the c drive
parkit.zip10437(bytes) Universal hard disk head parker
partitin.zip16423(bytes) To read edit boot area of disk.
pasbr1.zip56383(bytes) Point and shoot backup restore hd
passwrd5.zip8174(bytes) Password protect your pc _ improved v5.0
passwrd6.zip6736(bytes) Password protect fixed disk config.sys
pc370.zip131118(bytes) Assemble, link, _ execute ibm 370 progr
pc_kat12.zip173466(bytes) Easy, super capacity diskette cataloger.
pc_lock.zip17992(bytes) Complete hard disk security system
pclok11f.zip23240(bytes) Password protect your hard disk.
pc_menu.zip53429(bytes) Disk menu program
pcmutil.zip65512(bytes) Pc magazine utilities disk helpful___
pcpark2.zip213(bytes) Pc mag's simple hd parker 3 15 88 p.339
pcpark.zip2871(bytes) Generic head park pgm__includes at disks
pcstat.zip3841(bytes) Much faster than chkdsk__key status info
pd27.zip37941(bytes) Pick directory v. 2.7. multi_drives
pfm225.zip49723(bytes) Pers.file mgmt 2.25: nice dsk maint. tool
pickdir.zip5395(bytes) Pick your dir with few keystrokes
plug12.zip29402(bytes) A hard disk defrag. with c source
pmcat40f.zip53792(bytes) Disk cataloger. fast and neat
pmcat42e.zip54961(bytes) Another disk catalog pgm
pmenu411.zip202622(bytes) Hard disk menu 4.11
pmk_util.zip154926(bytes) Professional master key _ disk utilities
printfix.zip322(bytes) Run printmaster from hard disk w o key
prndsk12.zip7579(bytes) Redirection to disk program
prot01.zip128734(bytes) The protector 2.5 hd backup manager 1 o
prot02.zip73582(bytes) The protector 2.5 hd backup manager 2 o
prune.zip4206(bytes) Remove sub_dir + all files
p_s12.zip117388(bytes) Another menu program but good and easy
psearch.zip46656(bytes) Find/search utility. very versatile.
pub26.zip10009(bytes) Disk repair utility
pushdir.zip803(bytes) Saves current subdir, for .bat, frm pc m
qcache.zip402085(bytes) Best full featured disk caching program
qcd20.zip20378(bytes) Quick change directory
qdr33d.zip6803(bytes) Qdr ver 3.3d quick disk reformatter
qdups1_0.zip26963(bytes) Superb hd duplicate file lister/manager
qickdisk.zip5684(bytes) Speed up disk access time.
qmove14.zip17870(bytes) Move files across drives/subdirs/best_
qmove15.zip19042(bytes) Move files v1.5
rbcnfg.zip9894(bytes) Reboot to new config.sys _ autoexec bat
reducer2.zip88988(bytes) Archive menu prog_you pick dirs
remove.zip14258(bytes) Unix_like rm erases files
remtsr.zip2002(bytes) Supposed to clear tsr's untested
resiform.zip13640(bytes) A resident formatter. very good fast.
rocky.zip87397(bytes) Catalog and ordering disk for shareware
rose.gif47104(bytes) Good vga of a rose.
runmen3.zip24580(bytes) A hard disk menu program
rx50.zip18835(bytes) Dec rx_50 diskette driver for the ibm pc
sanct2.gif47574(bytes) A beautiful sanctuary.
sap3.zip22425(bytes) Sort and pack directories like dskorgan
savec.zip7611(bytes) Prevent hard disk format ...
sbackup.zip13399(bytes) Hard disk backup _ menu driven
scav23.zip2259(bytes) Check hard disk for bad sectors and mark
sc.zip39758(bytes) Good floppy disk catalog program....
sd_200.exe91340(bytes) Stuprndos 2.0 - dos shell w/mouse
sd3.zip24156(bytes) Cd without stating path, new features.
sdf.zip14700(bytes) Format 720k disks with this. no drivers_
sdir.zip25140(bytes) Fast new shell__also does labels
seapark.zip6944(bytes) Seagate hard disk park system
sector.zip31394(bytes) View _ capture sectors of damaged files
sfa.zip18608(bytes) Set all file attrib. from menu great
sfind.zip4573(bytes) Finds files even within arced programs
sharc860.zip36918(bytes) Shell for zip's ver 8.60. requires pkxa
sharepck.zip13349(bytes) Shareware disk cache program
sharpck.zip13924(bytes) Pc_kwik disk accelerator disk cache
showdir.zip6596(bytes) Extended dir _ shows all clusters _ more
showpark.zip7404(bytes) Timed park shows status on screen
shrpck.zip8700(bytes) Cache program from multisoft (c.i.s.)
since2.zip9379(bytes) Since ver 2.0 show files since date tim
sl_dir3.zip13302(bytes) Directory display w/ informative summary.
smalldsk.zip1474(bytes) Add a 3.5 floppy to an xt
smon13.zip3331(bytes) Display head postion of disk
snatch3.zip10814(bytes) Latest snatchit utility for copyiipc 5/88
snatch50.zip10549(bytes) Copy2pc utility to copy disk to file.
space102.zip7979(bytes) Shows space needed by files and wasted.
speed.zip1575(bytes) Control display speed on many turbo pcs
spintest.zip4423(bytes) Check hd interleave steve gibson
spntst12.zip1820(bytes) S gibson's hd spintest v1.2
spntst.zip12664(bytes) Guide to hd sector interleaving
srd203.zip8743(bytes) Display dir w automatic wildcards
sst_v201.zip28800(bytes) *seek_stopper 2.01, disk optimizer
st225.zip8521(bytes) St225 hard disk info
steprate.zip2346(bytes) Set step rate on floppy drives
stree.zip758(bytes) Directory tree lister w bytes directory.
strm310b.zip30216(bytes) Storage master _ hard disk file managemen
stuffer.zip10359(bytes) Copy from directory to floppy optimize
testdisk.zip29617(bytes) Test the speed of your hd
testdriv.zip33767(bytes) Comprehensive floppy testing utility
tf77.zip13186(bytes) Very fast file find program
the_menu.zip86853(bytes) Hd menu system with reminders etc.
tidy.zip9425(bytes) Cleans hd of 0k and *.bak files (good).
timpark1.zip3492(bytes) Parks hard drive after x minutes
tk_ls.zip14918(bytes) File_listing program
tl162.zip48806(bytes) Timelock 1.62 / pc security program. locks
keyboard after xx minutes.
tpark.zip3492(bytes) Timed head park for hard disks
keyboard after xx minutes.
track0.zip12003(bytes) Save track 0 of your hd to a floppy.
keyboard after xx minutes.
trapdisk.zip5287(bytes) Protect your hd from trojans
keyboard after xx minutes.
treeview.zip110491(bytes) New version of ov disk manager
keyboard after xx minutes.
trk0bad.zip1030(bytes) How to use hard disk w/ bad track 0
keyboard after xx minutes.
ultra.zip118235(bytes) Powerful disk drive utilities. very goo
keyboard after xx minutes.
umfcop.zip8854(bytes) Fast copier floppy to floppy only
keyboard after xx minutes.
unera12.zip5763(bytes) Update of fast un_delete utility
keyboard after xx minutes.
unixls.zip11188(bytes) Utility to list files by date/attrib/etc.
keyboard after xx minutes.
update64.zip87016(bytes) Hard disk backup v6.4
keyboard after xx minutes.
used.zip23830(bytes) Show disk usage per directory_with c src
keyboard after xx minutes.
v_dskchk.zip23771(bytes) Shows graphic use of disk (ega vga) only
verback.zip14902(bytes) Verify hard disk backups
keyboard after xx minutes.
vfat.zip7764(bytes) See your fat space.
keyboard after xx minutes.
vf.zip10161(bytes) Very nice disk file manager
keyboard after xx minutes.
vmail.gif49024(bytes) Dave letterman with viewer mail.
keyboard after xx minutes.
vmenu.zip36578(bytes) Very good small menu system try it
keyboard after xx minutes.
v_mode.zip7361(bytes) Fool with all 16 ega modes (w good docs)
volser.zip1739(bytes) Add or change disk volume name. great_
keyboard after xx minutes.
voodoo.zip19813(bytes) Disk optomizer defragger _ works good
keyboard after xx minutes.
vtree2.zip10699(bytes) Improves the pc mag file display utility
keyboard after xx minutes.
wdir21.zip15076(bytes) Well done windowed directory display.
what21.zip34816(bytes) Add descriptions to your file names
where.zip2368(bytes) Finds files any where
whiz8706.zip16694(bytes) Find a file anyplace + more features
wipeout.zip9410(bytes) Easy safe directory deleter
wssi310.zip102591(bytes) Wssindex 3.1 diskette cataloging prgrm
wssi337a.zip106789(bytes) Babcock's disk cataloger v3.37 1 2
wssi337b.zip96892(bytes) Babcock's disk cataloger v3.37 2 2
wssi405a.zip138745(bytes) Wssindex _ disk catalog system (1 of 2)
wssi405b.zip139805(bytes) Wssindex _ disk catalog system (2 of 2)
wssi503a.zip132346(bytes) Disk catalog program wssi ver 5.03
wssi503b.zip170786(bytes) Disk catalog program wssi ver 5.03
wssi503c.zip38592(bytes) Disk catalog program wssi ver 5.03
wt101.zip8389(bytes) Walktree_execute dos cmds/prgm across sbd
xd100.zip6288(bytes) Extended/exchange directory v1.0,010287
xd110.zip7678(bytes) Exchange directory utility repl xd100
xdir104.zip26748(bytes) Add description to dir listing
xlfat.zip615(bytes) Display file allocation table fat ocon
zd.zip7868(bytes) Colorful and sorted dir
zip90t20.zip147964(bytes) Best all purpose file mgr and more
zipzap63.zip56432(bytes) v6.3 disk sector byte editor
zsdpc.zip5322(bytes) Sdir utility : does arcs and lbrs, too