3740util.zip9051(bytes) Convert ibm 3740 files to pc
4_vtree.zip7308(bytes) Four different ways to do a dir listing
8088d.zip61747(bytes) Debugger which only works on *.com files
abf.zip107434(bytes) Automated backup facility v1.11 tsr
addto.zip8417(bytes) Append lines to existing files
alert13u.zip65312(bytes) Maintain integrity of files against viru
alexget.zip2967(bytes) Get files across dirs w hlp scrn a. s.
allbut.zip14383(bytes) Deletes "all (files)...but.."use carefu
alter241.zip3846(bytes) Bruce gavin's attribute modifier v2.41
archivec.zip19754(bytes) Color vers. of famous backup program
arc_lbr.zip2773(bytes) Help with arc's lbr's zoo's _ ?q? files.
ask3.zip17586(bytes) One more password program
attrxl.zip13861(bytes) Modify file attributes _ menu driven
atver2.zip23841(bytes) Arctool v 2.0 very nice program_archives
b0112.zip40652(bytes) Deletes backup files_mult. extensions
backfile.zip2444(bytes) Backup files to floppy from clipper
backupca.zip6260(bytes) Calc of floppies for backup
bak.zip6804(bytes) Searches all directories _ delete *.bak
bc20.zip16935(bytes) File compare utility
bcompare.zip4716(bytes) C _ point _ shoot comp files m/cm
bcopy.zip1954(bytes) Pc mag utility for copying in backround
bestfind.zip20127(bytes) The best file finder utility yet
beyondc.zip23792(bytes) Good file compare utility
bled21.zip82794(bytes) Version 2.1 of bled for merging files
bmenu51.zip17023(bytes) Batch menu enhancer 5.1
booz102.zip19515(bytes) Mini zoo utility (c source)
break31.zip26525(bytes) World's best file splitter improved
brows30.zip46298(bytes) Windows_based files viewing program
bxd2.zip26474(bytes) Brand x full screen debugger _ very good
cat10c.zip16122(bytes) Catalog with description
cdel.zip1407(bytes) Delete utility like gdel _ 12k smaller
cfa.zip43425(bytes) Point _ shoot file attributes (mice_)
chain220.zip4004(bytes) Chain v2.2 list clusters file occupies
chatt.zip10825(bytes) Change file attributes from the command
chd.zip7983(bytes) Change directory util eases navigation
chg2date.zip1156(bytes) Changes file name to current date
chop3.zip26640(bytes) Chop v 3.0 split big file into smaller
chopit.zip18216(bytes) Chop up large files into 25k files
cmove6.zip6284(bytes) Move file across directory fast
cmtd_d.zip30128(bytes) Add description to files + copy ren del
cnsmc.zip37809(bytes) File transfer _ prn sharing. in backgrnd
code_it.zip6398(bytes) Encrypt any kind of file great
coldir15.zip15100(bytes) The best color directory lister
comment.zip17412(bytes) Add comment to arc file use with pkarc
commentz.zip2512(bytes) Batch file for adding comments to zip f
compres2.zip66821(bytes) *nix_compat. lzw compress exe _ src v.2
convdb2.zip6946(bytes) Xfer contents of one file to another w/
copdsk2.zip3193(bytes) Pgr _ copy protected disk from drive a
coppy35.zip17211(bytes) Copy to floppies by optimum size__new
copymast.zip32379(bytes) Copyiipc clone that actually works
copyq202.zip43075(bytes) Read once, write many diskette copies +
co.zip3400(bytes) Copy util from pc mag ala dr _
cpt20.zip27916(bytes) Copytree_utility to copy directory tree
cp.zip15756(bytes) Update or refresh files by date
Into files
crypting.zip21717(bytes) Data encrypt\decrypting routines
crypto.zip28385(bytes) Incript your files and need a password to get
cscan102.zip33035(bytes) Great file utility for networks big hds
cudup1.zip68771(bytes) Control duplicate file creep on all dis
d1.zip4477(bytes) Ward christensen's new dir command
daag201.zip21004(bytes) Give listing of where your large files are
daag232.zip99012(bytes) Give listing of files on disk and finds dups
damenu.zip178478(bytes) Great and easy menu program
darc.zip7787(bytes) Deletes files in subdir already archived
datedel.zip8249(bytes) Deletes files with dates as specified.
datefilt.zip10084(bytes) Ind files by date/name/ext
dblarcv.zip2355(bytes) View zip contents in double_column mode
dc103e.zip10557(bytes) Dir assist like pcmag's but more++++++
dcwhere.zip12783(bytes) Find any file any where in system
dd_1.zip3288(bytes) Double dir's, side by side
ddup11.zip23884(bytes) Find duplicate files. outstanding utility
ddup.zip25484(bytes) Handle duplicate files on hd_many optio
delall.zip9599(bytes) Deletes subdirs and all files within.
delays.zip29360(bytes) Utilites delay timing with source
delbut2.zip4025(bytes) Delete all but...v2 w masm source
deldupe.zip11574(bytes) Delete duplicate or older files
delz.zip2241(bytes) Delete a file absolutely
detect20.zip31053(bytes) The detective, file tracking, dbl crc c
dff3.zip11219(bytes) Fast file finder/wldcards, multidrv new
dfl150.zip56610(bytes) Dupe file locator ver 1.50 finds dups on
dfl.zip28477(bytes) Dup file locator
diff24.zip37302(bytes) V2.4 text file comparison w c source.
dirarch.zip3524(bytes) List all files with archive bit set
direx.zip1488(bytes) Copy delete etc select groups of files
dirfind.zip6978(bytes) List all filenames containing string
dirnotes.zip2113(bytes) Add comments to dir listing like bbs
dirsrt.zip2891(bytes) List sorter
dirutil2.zip28274(bytes) A nice file utility program
dir_x.zip31253(bytes) Directory_expanded hard _ floppy disk fi
disksq.zip5120(bytes) Squeeze a complete floppy for storage
dm26.zip79821(bytes) Directory master file manager classic
dmove4.zip25248(bytes) Move _ copy files _ novell compatable _
doshlp2.zip45728(bytes) Public domain norton utilities like
dosmt206.zip57187(bytes) Dosamatic v2.06 file manager
dr.zip2916(bytes) Use instead of dir __ from pc_magazine
duh.zip37374(bytes) V buerg arc utility
dupe.zip52506(bytes) Dupe of a floppy with only one read and
duplicat.zip3324(bytes) To do duplicate of your file.
dwc_a495.zip88678(bytes) Arc util free not sea comp many opts.
dxarc3.zip30312(bytes) Delete files that are in archive. src_e
eddy.zip47886(bytes) A nice file and directory editor
encfil.zip12248(bytes) Another file encoder decoder
envfree.zip6643(bytes) Find new files, any date
era20.zip10185(bytes) Prompting file directory deleter
ex0tic.zip32403(bytes) Super tsr file dir util. vgg
exetool.zip23941(bytes) Examine .exe files
extdir5.zip19157(bytes) File attribute, diretory lister now
fasthex.zip21897(bytes) Fast hex_binary conversion program
fat106.zip12786(bytes) Tells you where files are located on disk
fbr163.zip13043(bytes) V.buerg's file backup restore v 1.63
fc12.zip18680(bytes) Compare two text files _ finds all matc
fcomm130.zip112070(bytes) File commando 1.3. best file utility
fe428prg.zip188113(bytes) File express ver 4.28 1 of 2
fe428sup.zip176392(bytes) File express ver 4.28 2 of 2
f_exp409.zip191323(bytes) File express rel 4.09 part 1 of 2
f_exs409.zip175716(bytes) File express rel 4.09 2 of 2
ff208.zip10282(bytes) Find files across disks and networks
fff26.zip33971(bytes) J. derr's filefinder pack v. 2.6
fff343.zip46523(bytes) Fast file find find a file on a hard
ffm352.zip29768(bytes) File mgr _ shell _ update of the classic
ffriend.zip62540(bytes) Filefriend+ file mgr _ extensive shell
fhid22.zip6539(bytes) Find hidden files __ with c src
ficheck5.zip89642(bytes) File integrity checker.
filcat.zip63174(bytes) File cataloger
filclean.zip1325(bytes) Del files in all directories
filecopy.zip862(bytes) Turbo dos file copying programs
file_crc.zip55283(bytes) Computes crcs of disk files for protectn
filec.zip10402(bytes) Completes spelling of file name w 1 key
filedate.zip7404(bytes) Make files.bbs by date
filer30.zip27631(bytes) Bill neidert's filer utility v3.0
filer32.zip43082(bytes) All_purpose copy del browse compare util
filesize.zip1235(bytes) Returns exact integer filesize up to 32
filesort.zip2938(bytes) File sort program in basica.
filestuf.zip9597(bytes) Unix like tail, head, _ split utils
filetest.zip23199(bytes) Utility for filecat
fileutil.zip11764(bytes) Good file utility, hidden, etc.
finrep.zip8287(bytes) Find and replace strings in files w w.c.
flook.zip10591(bytes) Read any ascii text file...utility
fmove.zip15090(bytes) Excellent filemover dir fixer for bbs
fmu500.zip21048(bytes) File manager...not bad
fnddir.zip482(bytes) Find subdir file and set errorlevel
fondle.zip5858(bytes) Like touch but more usfull with make
fp.zip4275(bytes) Ascii file dump of the screen
fsec.zip12343(bytes) File security at your fingertips
fsize2.zip2871(bytes) Find file s ' sizes db3+ ?* ok bin asm
ft_130.zip114342(bytes) File tester detail and origin of file
ftree.zip614(bytes) Like vtree but also shows files
fu21.zip56324(bytes) Cal thames' fileutil _ ver. 2.1
fv133.zip7986(bytes) File view to look at zip,arc,lhz files
fwkfzm10.zip13904(bytes) Find _ delete duplicate zip files.
genoz.zip35243(bytes) Copies files to numbered backup versions
go53b.zip45916(bytes) Go to a subdirectory with just typing go
gofile.zip17850(bytes) Go to a file on your hard disk. search for
go.zip8485(bytes) Move directly to all sub_dir's
gudluk41.zip60010(bytes) Compare files side_by_side v 4.1
handidos.zip30941(bytes) Neat file utility.
hide.zip2675(bytes) Hide and unhide dr using the del key.
howmany.zip31701(bytes) Shows total bytes for a group of files
huntattr.zip3499(bytes) Search for files by attributes. hrsna
ice101.zip2783(bytes) Com file security encrypter pgm kgraham
icmp.zip5163(bytes) Intelligent file compare program
idc14f.zip123425(bytes) Update for narc 3.0f. also includes
idir.zip25762(bytes) Get full_color icon based directories o
iff13a.zip9628(bytes) A fast file search utility that can also
ignore.zip5212(bytes) Copy damaged files ignoring crc errors
intrcpt1.zip4011(bytes) Use 360k floppies at 720k w/at _ dos 3.2
knew300.zip5037(bytes) Copy files by date stamp w/ overwrite
lark3r1.zip42785(bytes) Lark unarc program v. 3.r1
lda101.zip22306(bytes) Hard disk analysis find dupe utility
ldir41.zip15270(bytes) Display files in one or all dir's
life50.zip42555(bytes) Turbolife version 050
listtex.zip9160(bytes) Text file listing program with piping
loadtsr.zip5957(bytes) Helps make programs mem resident
locatfil.zip12758(bytes) Locate files accross directories _ mix c
lockfile.zip3934(bytes) File locking unlocking with password
lockit.zip9987(bytes) Encrypt with binary or ascii option
loc.zip1248(bytes) Better than whereis to find files
looz210.zip11537(bytes) .zoo extract list text v2.10
lptx700.zip34351(bytes) Lptx ver 7.0 redirect print to file
lsort23.zip47126(bytes) Latest (v2.3) of norm london's sort pkg.
ls_os2.zip17436(bytes) Unix_like dir os 2 protected mode
lsrt3e.zip61964(bytes) Lsort 3.01 latest version archived
lsrt3l.zip34584(bytes) Lsort 3.01 libraries (need 4 exits)
lsrt3o.zip51612(bytes) Lsort 3.01 object files (need 4 exits)
lstdr310.zip3324(bytes) Istdir v3.1_ list all sub dir of drive
lstv2.zip14599(bytes) Lst ver 2.0. new features, betters docs
ludef4.zip4239(bytes) Ext_ definitions/use lbr_ lu util/ lrun
lue19.zip8345(bytes) Sm _ lue v1.93_ extract from lu/lar typ
lue210.zip4337(bytes) Unlib and unsq in one step
lue220.zip4632(bytes) Library extractor ver 2.20 by buerg (fa
lu_sq.zip27475(bytes) Utilities for .lbr and .?q? files
lvl17.zip51935(bytes) Latest version list ver 17
makere14.zip1972(bytes) Convert text file to com file
manarc10.zip14909(bytes) Driver menu for pkxarc and pkarc
man.zip11198(bytes) Freeware sidekick clone
marc50.zip7330(bytes) Merge arc files together _ works w/5.12
marcsq.zip19274(bytes) Files between arcs without searching
masterk.zip62195(bytes) Un_hide files to store on hd's_
menu_esc.zip21852(bytes) Excellent programmable menu system __
mk.zip54705(bytes) Disk _ file utility nice user interface
mls130.zip20886(bytes) A fast utility designed to search
mrev.zip70996(bytes) Compare two files
mset.zip1375(bytes) Set any video mode from dos _ with src.
mspantoc.zip53024(bytes) Document formatting_processing utility
mts2.zip13133(bytes) Multi_tasker works on xts and clones
murutil.zip187123(bytes) Utilities by murphy
mva101.zip4724(bytes) Kgraham's multi_volume arc utility v1.01
mv_line.zip8448(bytes) Move lines from one file to another c s
myclock.zip11113(bytes) Replaces time_date
nansi987.zip23076(bytes) Ansi.sys replacement _ sep 87 ver.
narc24.zip108464(bytes) Newest narc..view/extract arcs, etc..
nav11.zip97951(bytes) New version of popular file manager.
ncompres.zip59877(bytes) Compress fully compat. w *nix src_exe
ndmake30.zip26604(bytes) Similar to the un*x util. prog. 'make'
ndmake45.zip95748(bytes) Ndmake 4.5 _ excellent make program
ndtouch.zip5225(bytes) Unixlike file date time set ndmake 4.x
netman.zip129722(bytes) Network manager _ access workstation acr
newcomp.zip2953(bytes) Brief 2.x _ compares text in two windows
newfix33.zip3109(bytes) Drivparm fix for pc ms tandy dos 3.30
newmm.zip45943(bytes) Mediamaster utilites
newpath.zip1494(bytes) Changes directory (can be run within ws
new.zip6652(bytes) Convert old non_compressed files to new
ng_spl.zip14004(bytes) Splits norton guide databases back out
njfb.zip6360(bytes) Nifty james beeper control.
njtidy.zip8263(bytes) Easily remove unwanted files
noblank.zip10558(bytes) Remove blank lines from doc's.
norton40.zip3328(bytes) Reference sheet for norton adv. 4.0
norton.zip630(bytes) Menu for norton utilities
note.zip9853(bytes) Tsr file lister only 3k over head
no.zip11986(bytes) Pc mag. utility (like delbut but general
nredate.zip13181(bytes) Chg date of arc zip lzh to latest file
nrosrc.zip29738(bytes) Unix_like nroff program w c source
nro.zip11834(bytes) Unix_like nroff text formatting program
nru.zip12692(bytes) Norton_like utilities in one program
nswp1020.zip36595(bytes) Good filesweep program does arc's
nu45fix.zip2578(bytes) Bugs in norton utilities rel 4.5
old2new.zip31645(bytes) Convert old non_compressed files to new
oops.zip294(bytes) Save basic files after its "too late"
ooz130.zip7089(bytes) Fast extractor for .zoo files
os2utils.zip130098(bytes) Os 2 utils
othruz.zip38719(bytes) Pc mag's utilities o thru z 3 88
otree.zip8551(bytes) Better than dos tree...
ovl30.zip73875(bytes) Large programs in small amt of memory
Location oF files 015B
pack.zip12426(bytes) Stereo shell to pack and unpack zip and
Drives for a file or wildcard
Location oF files 015B
pak_kit3.zip37993(bytes) Pkware utilities for use with .pak files
Location oF files 015B
pak_kit4.zip41706(bytes) More pkware util's for .arc (pak) files
Location oF files 015B
paksweep.zip8083(bytes) Sweep dir of uneeded files inside .pak
Location oF files 015B
pal2all.zip225844(bytes) Use w sidekick for appmt reports alarms
Location oF files 015B
partnr31.zip43224(bytes) Equal partners_brooklyn b 5.25_3.5 tx
Location oF files 015B
path_add.zip8487(bytes) Add to dos path on the fly.
Location oF files 015B
patriqn1.zip145731(bytes) Part 1 of utils. pdel, palert, pattr.etc
Location oF files 015B
patriqn2.zip143822(bytes) Part 2 of utils. pdaily, ptouch2, ps38
Location oF files 015B
pattr.zip21235(bytes) Patriquin's file attribute modifier v1.0
Location oF files 015B
paws21.zip56631(bytes) Replace dos pause _ use your own message
Location oF files 015B
pc_124.zip5180(bytes) Tells type of equip to 80386 04 15 87
pc_2time.zip10952(bytes) Split pc in 2 great boss coming switch
pc2time.zip10952(bytes) Split operations program
Location oF files 015B
pcat10.zip112359(bytes) File catalog _ adds descr. automatically.
Location oF files 015B
pcbrowse.zip6992(bytes) File browse utility from pc_mag, (asm c
Location oF files 015B
pcbtrap.zip793(bytes) Tsr that traps out ctrl_c's for doors
Location oF files 015B
pcdos.zip13385(bytes) Reload from any location
Location oF files 015B
pc_help1.zip73462(bytes) (part 1 of 2) learn dos commands
pc_help2.zip44609(bytes) (part 2 of 2) learn dos commands
pchelp.zip24262(bytes) Pc_dos 3.10 help all the commands .
Location oF files 015B
pcmagidx.zip54762(bytes) Dbii_ascii index of 1st 1/2 85 pc mag
Location oF files 015B
pcmamage.zip15562(bytes) Pc mag's compression program
pcmasm1.zip38623(bytes) Source for old pc magazine utils (a_d)
pcmasm2.zip38253(bytes) Source for old pc magazine utils (e_o)
pcmasm3.zip34545(bytes) Source for old pc magazine utils (p_r)
pcmasm4.zip38531(bytes) Source for old pc magazine utils (s_x)
pcmgutl1.zip27330(bytes) Pc mag utilities vol 1 part 1
pcmgutl2.zip16424(bytes) Pc mag utilities vol 1 part 2
pcopy787.zip62970(bytes) Excellent copy program. replace dos cop
pcopy85d.zip85054(bytes) Patiquins copy program 8_1_90 85d
pcotime.zip22590(bytes) Various programs for pc_outline
pco_v18.zip107309(bytes) Version 1.8 of pcovery good
pc_test.zip1051(bytes) More accurate test than norton's si
pctoolrv.zip4729(bytes) Review of pctools 5.1 version.
pc_tsr.zip3178(bytes) Pc_mag's install remove pcmap your tsr's
pcwrtcus.zip2831(bytes) Data file with tips for customizing pc
pcxref.zip48325(bytes) Basic crossreference utility v.4 good.
pdel33.zip42097(bytes) Super delete utility _ many new opts.
pdr26.zip4510(bytes) Van buerg latest fast formatter
pdtimprk.zip8845(bytes) Disk parking tsr w commented asm src
pepore.zip7484(bytes) Tiny tsr memory zapper
percal10.zip10948(bytes) Perpetual calendar program with c src
pf11.zip5073(bytes) Check and swap lpt and com ports.
pfm222.zip49285(bytes) Per. file mgr. v 2.22 great dos shell_
pgmrshop.zip200570(bytes) Lots of pd utilities in auto dearc file
pibcat14.zip39970(bytes) Catalog files on disk _ within arc w src
pibcat15.zip67371(bytes) Dir to file of disk + zip zoo dwc lbr md
pibcat17.zip78599(bytes) Disk cataloguer/arc/dwc/lbr/lzh/ zip/zoo
pibcat.zip39360(bytes) A good disk cataloger
pi_comp.zip1351(bytes) File compare with wild card options
picpark.zip10009(bytes) Display park position of hard disk
pipascal.zip15706(bytes) Calc pi to up to 65 000+ places (fast)
pipedir.zip12612(bytes) Pipe file names or directories into pro
pipev221.zip15956(bytes) Redirect output to both scrn _ file devc
pkarc35p.zip1599(bytes) Patch to pkarc v3.5 to disable squash
pkbanner.zip22351(bytes) Add change modify zip banners extr lines
pkbug.zip369(bytes) Describes bug in pkxarc
pkfind11.zip8398(bytes) Finds files even in arcs. by katz
pkhelp.zip2638(bytes) Pkarc help screen _ resident
pklite.zip13444(bytes) Compress your exe files to up to 60%
pkshell.zip62872(bytes) Phil katz shell in color.
pkx35err.zip1188(bytes) Fix for a minor bug in pkxarc 3.5
pkx35fix.zip1541(bytes) Fix for a small bug _ from the author
pkx35pat.zip1599(bytes) Patch for pkxarc35
pkxarcm.zip11591(bytes) Menu driven front end for pkxarc
pkxf35.zip3474(bytes) Correct pkarc squash error true patch
pmc37.zip41068(bytes) File catalog program
pmenu.zip174463(bytes) Shareware easily
polycopy.zip19136(bytes) Copy multiple files at same time
popcalc.zip8993(bytes) Pop_up calculator
pop_cal.zip966(bytes) A pop_up calendar (for 1900_2999 mem res
popcal.zip7804(bytes) Resident calendar activate alt_c arrows
pp508u.zip86006(bytes) Perfect pop v5.08, keyboard/mouse menu
prc36.zip35591(bytes) Great little pop up calculator
precious.zip9529(bytes) Routine to backup precious files
preview.zip15228(bytes) Look at text files for format
privy.zip19973(bytes) Fast, unusual encrypt/decrypt utility
probe102.zip39279(bytes) File locator searches arc _ zip files
prodhp12.zip189434(bytes) Self_extracting prodigy utilities
prodigy.zip91517(bytes) Demo of the new ibm sears network
progcom1.zip35682(bytes) Pc mag utility files as of 25 feb 87
progorg.zip21303(bytes) Menu base program organizer
ps35.zip51613(bytes) Search for file, search files for ???
ps38.zip52042(bytes) Psearch 3.8 file text search utility
ps410.zip88650(bytes) Utility to copy,sort _ merge data files
psearch3.zip51952(bytes) Psearch v3.0 super file search utility
psrch2b.zip50749(bytes) Searches dir, lbrs, and arcs
ptouch1.zip14157(bytes) Ptouch ver 1.1 changes time date files
puff305d.zip37128(bytes) Tsr file mgt util (view copy del paste)
pull20.zip65314(bytes) Excellent pulldown _ popup menus for tp4
pulldwn1.zip44331(bytes) Pulldown menu shell system. mouse supp
pushfi10.zip9530(bytes) Push files on archive stack like vax vm
putdate.zip5441(bytes) Puts the current date to a file
putpass1.zip14319(bytes) Add password protection to .com files
pwdgen11.zip5632(bytes) Random password generator v1.1
qarcdir.zip7358(bytes) Pkarc support utility for subdirs
qcmp111.zip11738(bytes) C. dunfords file compare _ like comp
qdisk402.zip18932(bytes) Memory resident file manager ver 4.02
qdup.zip31578(bytes) File duplication finder a very nice pro
qf360.zip24440(bytes) Quick find text with many options. fast
qf450.zip27745(bytes) Quick find file program ver. 4.5
qfc7menu.zip2620(bytes) Logitech c7 mouse menu for qfiler
qfiler31.zip81503(bytes) Excellent 2 dir, viewer with utilities...
qmenu216.zip18629(bytes) Menu easy menu system v2.16 (3 10 88)
qmr200.zip138428(bytes) Calendar/project management/auto_remind
qrun.zip10428(bytes) Global command execute utility
qsort300.zip23333(bytes) Versatile sort utility vers. 3.0
qsort322.zip41396(bytes) Probably the best sorting utility. v.
qwalk.zip11410(bytes) Selective global command utility (gjv)
rabbit.zip10741(bytes) Use wildcards w any command.
raggmopp.zip13885(bytes) Copy files w update protection src incl
ragmop13.zip14043(bytes) Copy only recent files source included
rbcolor.zip16466(bytes) Add super color to file dirs *new*
read_bas.zip3001(bytes) Reads .bas programs _ creates ascii file
rearc11.zip5529(bytes) Auto convert pre_5.x arc files
re_arc.zip3306(bytes) Use with pkarc to make your dls smaller.
rearc.zip3723(bytes) Automatic rearcing of files using pkarc
reboot3.zip45575(bytes) Reboot cpu with multiple autoexec/config
re_boot.zip1427(bytes) Control re_booting of your system
re_con.zip12637(bytes) Replaces config _ autoexec _ reboots
recon.zip12637(bytes) Reboot w different configs _ autoexecs
redatear.zip20049(bytes) Redate arcs and files on the fly_
release.zip3839(bytes) Release mem res programs and restore env
renamall.zip18332(bytes) Renames all .old suffixes to .new suffix
renany.zip11602(bytes) Rename files directories _ dos commands
repeat.zip8261(bytes) Repeat a command for a string of variabl
replace3.zip12814(bytes) Replace text strings in ms_dos files
reset12.zip2807(bytes) Multiple autoexec _ config environments
reset.zip946(bytes) Removes memory resident programs
reslog.zip13125(bytes) Log computer usage
resman1.zip23555(bytes) Mem res prog management util like tsr ++
restmp.zip11591(bytes) Date time stamp zip utility
rh_man.zip63500(bytes) Freeware sidekick clone
rhm.zip63500(bytes) Sk like desktop manager _ great
rn4.zip34106(bytes) Pc mag's v1.1 _ works with dos 4.
rn_dr26.zip29979(bytes) Rev 2.6 upgrade to pc mag rn dr co progs
rocalc10.zip14465(bytes) Estimate of floppies needed to backup
rptdmd.zip8470(bytes) Files for report program help see msg.
run098.zip25248(bytes) File select from popup directory /any p
scan2.zip5059(bytes) Scans for ascii strings in non_text file
scout34.zip122759(bytes) Latest version of scout_supports zip
scrnch.zip43374(bytes) Great data compressor
secret2.zip1699(bytes) Create secret files.arc
sedmod.zip43040(bytes) Modified version of gnused
sez200.zip7703(bytes) Create self_extracting zoo files v2.0
sfd11.zip14871(bytes) Selective file delete _ keeps log of de
sharc875.zip52576(bytes) New version of sharc
sherlock.zip63087(bytes) Interactive file compare utility
shez57.zip117001(bytes) Shez archive comapnion latest version
size060.zip10521(bytes) Show file sizes using wildcard commands
smax.zip606(bytes) Format a 360k disk to 420 k
sortf230.zip5846(bytes) Fast sort utility from v buerg
sscan30.zip14566(bytes) Search scan for text in a ascii file
ssearch2.zip30081(bytes) Great search program that will look at
ssearch4.zip57586(bytes) Speed search ver 1.4 search your hard
Drives for a file or wildcard
stop1.zip4032(bytes) Trojan horse stopper with source
Drives for a file or wildcard
stripz13.zip12980(bytes) Strip zip comments from files. v. 1.3
Drives for a file or wildcard
sts_220.zip79934(bytes) Stereo shell to pack and unpack zip and
Drives for a file or wildcard
sub41b.zip42013(bytes) Fine _ apply dos cmds to files. vg
Drives for a file or wildcard
superlok.zip11791(bytes) Explains superlok copy protect document.
Drives for a file or wildcard
sz10.zip9669(bytes) Summarize file sizes. great for lans.
Drives for a file or wildcard
teled211.zip93713(bytes) Teledisk ver 2.11 copy and story disks
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
timeread.zip1245(bytes) Delete files y/n
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
tpl.zip61623(bytes) July release of private line encryption
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
treevu11.zip122021(bytes) V1.1 of one of best file managers
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
tz40.zip177949(bytes) Convert arc, pak, zoo to zip_
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
ucompres.zip19365(bytes) Unix compatible compress (c doc mak)
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
unbackup.zip10550(bytes) Restore backup disks in any order w/c src
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
undoback.zip1363(bytes) Get at dos backup files without restore
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
unixarc.zip23744(bytes) Unix arc tool_ like pkarc (unzip first)
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
unixgrep.zip11379(bytes) Unix util to search txt for reg. express.
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
unixsubs.zip12588(bytes) Unix util to substitue reg.expr. in strin
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
unixtee.zip6245(bytes) Send output to screen _ file at same time
Into files
Drives for a file or wildcard
unlock.zip1999(bytes) Decrypts files use encrypt
Into files
updatecp.zip2869(bytes) Update or refresh files by date
Into files
updat.zip523(bytes) Change timestamp to current date
Into files
uudecode.zip1649(bytes) Converts files for unix xfer. w/ srce.
Into files
vacuum.zip4887(bytes) Restore files on hard disk
Into files
vcheck.zip12249(bytes) Computes exe _ com csums _ does compare
Into files
vdb_util.zip292068(bytes) All of the buerg utilities _ very good.
Into files
vex.zip23282(bytes) A file viewer and hex editor
Into files
vfiler28.zip7720(bytes) Nice sorted file directory manager v2.8
vmsarc.zip14984(bytes) Arc and lbr for vax vms
wf110.zip47384(bytes) Wide screen file manager
where31.zip20947(bytes) Whereis _ file finder. v. 3.1 improved.
wheris20.zip12289(bytes) Quick file finder incl. inside .arcs
wheris26.zip13882(bytes) Find files anywhere even in arc's zip's
xeq151.zip8457(bytes) Ompress executable com files. save space
xfiles.zip9828(bytes) File conversion utilities
xport13a.zip25882(bytes) Update file transfer utility_ very good
xt101.zip19755(bytes) Execute command along tree
z2a_cn.zip9864(bytes) Converts . zip to .arc files
zd_12.zip20410(bytes) Zip directory_colorful new version 2.17
zipeval1.zip2451(bytes) Results of zip vs pk comparisons.
zipot11.zip11263(bytes) Set zipfile timestamp to "old" time
zipquik5.zip13139(bytes) Util to convert pak arc to zip
zipsize.zip41518(bytes) Splite zip files into smaller zip files
zipsplit.zip41518(bytes) Split . zip files into smaller parts.
ziptv15.zip39473(bytes) View files inside . zips w o extraction
zipvinc.zip11901(bytes) Display files in a zip file with c src
zip_vwr.zip4467(bytes) Magellan viewer for zip files
zip.zip146771(bytes) Filemgr menus comm zip and more _
zoo121.zip44954(bytes) Zoo _ new fast archive/unarchive _ ver 1.
zoohstry.zip2811(bytes) History of the zoo archiver.
zv101.zip17889(bytes) Zv _ view, version 1.01