101temp.zip1034(bytes) Makes templates for function keys
1finge.zip11627(bytes) 1finger handicapped keyboard program
abort1.zip2593(bytes) Bail out fr 'bout any 'locked program'
alias11.zip43357(bytes) Ced clone for os 2 v1.1 w source code
assign40.zip6331(bytes) Keyboard redefinition program -- w c src
atfastky.zip5771(bytes) Non-resident keybd accelerator for at & 3
atkyspd.zip194(bytes) Speed up at keyboard (at only)
buf160.zip3627(bytes) Extended keyboard buffer driver routine
caps6300.zip784(bytes) Set caps lock on for at&t6300 & compaq
capslock.zip1742(bytes) Great!-avoids this shift problem!!
clicker.zip1553(bytes) 10 dif. clicks for your non-click. kybd
ctrllock.zip385(bytes) Temporarily disable the control key.
cursor.zip671(bytes) Cursor restorer and sizer-small fast
dkey109.zip20925(bytes) Excellent but small keyboard macro prog.
dkey120.zip21782(bytes) Dkey v1.20 resident keyb'd macro prog
dosmouse.zip4093(bytes) Ms-dos mouse pop up menu: dakota mouse sy
dprompt.zip1260(bytes) Pc mag dos prompt bat file
dpu.zip2014(bytes) Num lock caps lock scroll lock ctrl
ega.zip6988(bytes) A writeup on the ega adapater
f11_f12.zip1458(bytes) Program f11 and f12 keys on enhanced kb
fastkb.zip151(bytes) Speed up at's keyboard delay.
fixkey.zip4460(bytes) Use the [f11] and [f12] keys with your
fkeymap.zip17937(bytes) Generates f key templates. w 2 template
fkeymnu.zip11519(bytes) Sample sh-fkey menu routines w c source
fkeyovly.zip2395(bytes) Create your own fkey overlays
fkeyv20.zip18202(bytes) Function key template maker v2.0
foreach.zip12029(bytes) Repeat commands with parms and files
hotkey.zip1436(bytes) Keyboard typing speed-up program w/o run
ibmfix.zip1137(bytes) Swap caplock and ctrl on enhanced kybd
kbbytes.zip32812(bytes) Key board test and info program where it
kbdredef.zip15188(bytes) Non-resident keyboard enhancer
kblock.zip13076(bytes) Lock your terminal restore via password
kbscan.zip546(bytes) KKyboard scan code with much detail
kbtest.zip232(bytes) Tests bios for enhanced kyeboard capabil
kbutil1.zip203420(bytes) Keyboard utilities - disk 1 of 3
kbutil2.zip13361(bytes) Keyboard utilities - disk 2 of 3
kbutil3.zip102625(bytes) Keyboard utilities - disk 3 of 3
keycntrl.zip3681(bytes) Simple effective keyboard setup routine
keyctl11.zip8372(bytes) Control your 101 keyboard on a at
keyfake.zip9153(bytes) Load kbd buffer w initial key strokes.
keyhelp.zip5070(bytes) Keyhelp for the handicapped - good
keymacro.zip11940(bytes) Review of keyboard macro programs
kscope11.zip3533(bytes) Keyboard diagnostics
kset.zip2312(bytes) Set clear toggle caps scroll numlock
locker12.zip13387(bytes) Select lock unlock keys for lockerup- v2
lokrup.zip1932(bytes) Nice keyboard lockup util for security
lotusmos.zip4326(bytes) Lotus mouse pop-up menus: dakota mouse sy
macman.zip27894(bytes) Keyboard macros
multic.zip2503(bytes) French graphic science american keyboard
newenter.zip662(bytes) Change the grey + key to a 2nd enter key
newkey51.zip174833(bytes) Newkey keyboard program rev 5.1
newkey52.zip181645(bytes) Keyboard macro's and more!!
ntouch.zip8857(bytes) 'touch' to modify filedate to today
offnum.zip588(bytes) Control num-lock setting
oncall.zip92003(bytes) Moves tsr programs in out of memory
ox.zip3864(bytes) Device drvr directs aux output to mono sc
pangokey.zip725(bytes) Tells how to change pango keys to arrows
pcedpgms.zip13803(bytes) Additional programs to be used w pced
pcedutil.zip13803(bytes) Excellent utils for pced
pced.zip1477(bytes) Patch pced to make insert mode default
pcvaultb.zip71815(bytes) Previous (pclok) beta lock your pc-great
pkii11.zip58707(bytes) Powerkit ii v1.12 keybd scrn enhancers
pkii_124.zip63994(bytes) Powerkit ii, v1.24, keyboard/video enha
playback.zip10649(bytes) Playback your keystrokes at will
powerk16.zip23362(bytes) Screen keyboard enhancer
pramjam.zip3614(bytes) Block a key to use in another program
psk306.zip93962(bytes) Pass key protection for your hard drive
qed208kb.zip28581(bytes) Excellent keyboard config for qedit
quick2.zip4788(bytes) Updated quickey keyboard speedup
quickeys.zip3451(bytes) Speed up keyboard from pc-mag, (asm com)
qwikkey.zip3002(bytes) Assign character strings to keys (com &
ratkey20.zip8451(bytes) Tsr key redefiner v2.01 10 23 86 a.lin
ratkey.zip8451(bytes) Keybrd super pro key
realkeys.zip12827(bytes) Assign commands to function keys-nice
redef102.zip16746(bytes) Redefines keyboard
runany10.zip38871(bytes) Run a set of keystrokes at a set time.
scankeys.zip9660(bytes) Programmer's keyboard tool
scroll.zip662(bytes) Scrolling for turbo basic
secure.zip23767(bytes) Good terminal lockout system (doc exe)
slow8086.zip4425(bytes) Programs to slowdown keyboard action
smacs_2a.zip28945(bytes) Excellent keyboard macro utility
stickey.zip5180(bytes) Enter multi-key strokes singly
template.zip2395(bytes) Make your own pc fnct key templates
tigerk.zip11049(bytes) Set up f-keys the way you like
toggle.zip1494(bytes) Caps,scroll or numlock on/off command