3pmouse.zip65628(bytes) Use a mouse with pcplus _ it works_
402upgr.zip47249(bytes) Pc.mag. benchmark upgrade 4.00 to 4.02
6300bull.zip20451(bytes) Text _ at_t pc6300 technical bulletins
80386inf.zip2391(bytes) Technical poop on 80386 chip
80486.zip1470(bytes) Information on the new chip
8080.zip11391(bytes) Allows your pc to run cp/m_80 using cp/
addrss.zip3837(bytes) Describes uses of low_memory addresses
a_filter.zip34629(bytes) Calc resistor/cap opamp active filter c
aiapr87.zip37020(bytes) Ai expert magazine code for april 87
ai_dec86.zip30336(bytes) Ai expert december '86
aiesig.zip57772(bytes) Text _ ai expert data library files lst.
ai_feb87.zip7171(bytes) Ai expert feb '87
aifeb88.zip10311(bytes) Ai mag's. collection of ai progs.
ai_jan87.zip102482(bytes) Ai mag's. collection of ai progs.
aijan88.zip41576(bytes) Ai mag's. collection of ai progs.
ai_mar87.zip9277(bytes) Ai expert _ march '87
aitoolbx.zip110587(bytes) Artificial intelligence program
amps.zip97456(bytes) Calculates transistor amplifier parms
ansi_43.zip9932(bytes) replaces ansi.sys _ pcmag v8 2
asc2mm.zip2211(bytes) Convert ascii to multimate format
aspc1101.zip33694(bytes) Assoc of shareware producers' catalog
atalk.zip22997(bytes) 'pc' says good morning (really_)
atcmds.zip2205(bytes) Brief description of at command set
atcrystl.zip5360(bytes) Faster at crystals
ateval.zip70597(bytes) Pc tech journal tests for at clones
atomcloc.zip45316(bytes) National atomic clock simulation
attclock.zip12560(bytes) Mem res alarm clock for at_t 6300
attibm.zip8349(bytes) Lets att 6300 run pc dos _ vice versa
attinfo.zip2686(bytes) Text _ tips to get most from at_t 6300
attswit.zip2820(bytes) Text _ dip set for at_t 6300/xerox 6064
a_zdoc.zip101460(bytes) Pc mag's util docs a thru n _ o thru z
bat2ex12.zip37097(bytes) 19> pcmag's batch file compiler v1.2 _ fixes
bat2exec.zip7197(bytes) Batch compiler pc mag
ben420.zip218805(bytes) Pc mag's benchmark progs 4.20 11 88
buildbat.zip11711(bytes) A must for data migration to ibm ps 2.
bullets.zip163509(bytes) Great bullet load simulation
calltym3.zip59137(bytes) V.3_calls usn observ. _ updates time_
cdvi12.zip203174(bytes) Tex dvi pre_viewer for ega cga screens
cdx.zip25936(bytes) Complete compact disk librarian
cedart.zip12355(bytes) Good article on ced command editor
ced_ins.zip1030(bytes) Debug to ins mode default
cedsyn.zip9463(bytes) Synonyms for ced scripts
ced.zip12958(bytes) This is a command editor. very good.
cheby11.zip47848(bytes) Filter design pgm (low high band pass)
chkmouse.zip20536(bytes) Handy little program to check your mouse.
circit12.zip83295(bytes) Microcomputer circuit analysis 1.2
class.zip36756(bytes) Monitor users on novell network_2 user de
cnews002.zip5837(bytes) C newspaper issue 2 good info
coldfusn.zip4765(bytes) Article on consequences of cold fusion
co_menu.zip2133(bytes) Logitech menu for pc mag util.
compdict.zip7239(bytes) Tonkins computer dictionary humorous
copylaw.zip19957(bytes) Everything you need know about c'rights
cut_past.zip11484(bytes) Memory resident cut _ paste program
daisy.zip37055(bytes) Great speech example all speeds__
data1_1.zip15677(bytes) Catalog of the best of the best sharewa
day1.zip16308(bytes) Calculate _ days between 2 date.
dbpro1.zip52427(bytes) Dialogpro (1of4) req. windowpro; msc _
dbpro2.zip90874(bytes) Dialogpro (2of4) req. windowpro; msc _
dbpro3.zip40368(bytes) Dialogpro (3of4) req. windowpro; msc _
dbpro4.zip37955(bytes) Dialogpro (4of4) req. windowpro; msc _
decision.zip149190(bytes) Excellent menu system
desqview.zip26401(bytes) Information and discussion on desqview
dimmer.zip12614(bytes) From pc magazine v 8 n 17
dirmatch.zip34142(bytes) Pc mag's dir with move copy mark
djsetup.zip1538(bytes) Pc mag tsr printer setup for hp deskjet
docfiles.zip110784(bytes) Documentation for utils in pc magazine
docfile.zip27179(bytes) Pc mag utilities doc file
doctorwh.zip12621(bytes) Doctor who episodes and interviews
dr_rn_j.zip10001(bytes) John's dr _ rn for new pcers
d_scope.zip20113(bytes) Turn pc into data scope
dt_patch.zip9146(bytes) Datastorm patching program
ea.zip16009(bytes) Ibm diagnostic error code finder
egacom2.zip4189(bytes) More ega com from pc mag
egacom.zip1580(bytes) Ega com files from pc mag.
ems40.zip24450(bytes) Pc magazine's extended memory manager s
extenda.zip3510(bytes) Get network workstation i.d. chk printer
fc_chart.zip16001(bytes) Temp conversion charts w output options
fcsearch.zip26525(bytes) Search utility for use with filecat
fdcable.zip4291(bytes) All about ibm pc floppy drives
firesim.zip226487(bytes) Fire department simulator
fldemo1.zip172551(bytes) Lotus freelance+ demo 1 of 2
fldemo2.zip175173(bytes) Lotus freelance+ demo 2nd of 2
fltplan.zip17906(bytes) Pilots flight planning aid
fyi1.zip29297(bytes) Fyi (for your information) from novell
fyi2.zip79914(bytes) Fyi _2 from novell
fyi3.zip20122(bytes) Fyi _3 from novell
gmtutor1.zip150438(bytes) Medical tutorial part 1 from nat'l l. md
gmtutor2.zip160751(bytes) Nat'l library of medicine tut pt 2
gov1.zip59461(bytes) Slide show, govt deficits over time".
gwm60488.zip21937(bytes) Gate way v2.3 _ fast _ great menu pgm
hacks1.zip178342(bytes) Source code for pc_hack 3.6
hacks2.zip77170(bytes) Source code for pc_hack 3.6 (part 2)
hackthes.zip47095(bytes) Master's thesis on the "computer underg
hal_232.zip4095(bytes) Funny story about hal and a new rs232
hal9000.zip156109(bytes) Hal9000 information system
hp41.zip58401(bytes) Hp41 programmable calculator emulation
hyperpad.zip169116(bytes) Like mac hypercard demo copy
hyprtext.zip151201(bytes) Good hypertext system
ibmops.zip55729(bytes) Official ibm os2 product announcement
ifr.zip31469(bytes) Pilot's currency rating program
inmenu22.zip102288(bytes) An instant access menu system
internal.zip1934(bytes) Internal error codes by nantucket
invent11.zip33904(bytes) Invent v1.1 trigger idea generation
jul86.zip46223(bytes) Arc of code from july pc_tech journal
kbm.zip3642(bytes) Pc mag's kbm program
kdcalcg.zip44322(bytes) Calculator w ptr ega vga excellent_
labels21.zip63022(bytes) Best pc label maker yet. fun too.
lan.zip82753(bytes) Pc mag test local area network
lastlog.zip11772(bytes) Last time user logged in _ novell
leadedg.zip3830(bytes) Correct le model d problem with mice
ledt.zip12324(bytes) Eading edge model m date/time program
less2src.zip49282(bytes) New 'less' file reader for the pc _ src
lessaddl.zip4434(bytes) Add'l inf'n on 'less' _ read it
libtools.zip31400(bytes) Clips87 lib w fns for library(books)mgt
listlogi.zip3843(bytes) Logimouse driver for list60j
listuser.zip19889(bytes) List novell network users
lites.zip7953(bytes) On screen breakout box from pcmag.
lj_batmn.zip17474(bytes) Logo/signature scanning demo for lj /ii
loci11.zip128743(bytes) Root locus design for elec mech engr
logsim.zip37846(bytes) Logic circuit simulator
ltc7342a.zip75488(bytes) Logitech c7 driver v3.42 1of2
m4.zip21129(bytes) Ms_dos version of unix m4 preprocessor
may86.zip42300(bytes) Pc tech journal _ published in may 1986
metric2.zip44843(bytes) Metric conversion program
minski.zip2834(bytes) Notes on artificial intel. by minski
mnews10.zip124289(bytes) Issue 10 online mag. news.bat to start
mnews7.zip105665(bytes) Modemnews vol.1 no.7 new bbs news
mnp_text.zip4355(bytes) Describes all 6 classes of micom's mnp
modemuse.zip4255(bytes) Good article on modems and ports
mousechk.zip13367(bytes) Tests operation of mouse
mousedrv.zip2442(bytes) Sample mouse programs
mousepad.zip3782(bytes) Help for the mouse _
mouser.zip10844(bytes) Use mouse in dos or any program
move22.zip9819(bytes) Quickly move file(s) across dirs subs
mrap88.zip151329(bytes) Borland turbo technix listings mar apr88
next.zip14889(bytes) Info on the new next computer
pcdg20_2.zip39130(bytes) Arpanet pcdigests _20,21,22 (really) (txt)
pcdigest.zip119818(bytes) Arpa_net ibm_pc digest volume 6 issue 28
pcgfeb87.zip78798(bytes) Pc gazette _ feb. 87 issue
pcgjan87.zip52305(bytes) Pc gazette _ jan. 87 issue
pcmag1_2.zip208946(bytes) Pc magazine utilities disk library with
pcmag684.zip19889(bytes) 2 programs from pc_mag's 6 23 87 issue
pcmagall.zip19324(bytes) All pc mag. utilities as of 2_01_86
pcmagasm.zip138969(bytes) Source for several pc mag. utilities
pcmagdir.zip1906(bytes) Pop up directory from pc magazine
pcmagdoc.zip26244(bytes) Documentation for pc mag utilities vol 1
pcmagutl.zip80035(bytes) Collection of utilities from pc_magizine
pcmagv5.zip37683(bytes) Index for pc_mag vol 5 1986
pc_mag.zip77503(bytes) Prize collection of pc_mag util 36 faves
pcmag.zip138821(bytes) Programs published in pc mag. (source c
pcmpr89.zip29414(bytes) Pc mag. productivity col. index: 1989
pcsrch.zip115902(bytes) Engine to the reviews index to pc magazi
pctj0886.zip94836(bytes) Pctj src files 8 86 w at disk perform...
pctj0986.zip16913(bytes) Pc tech j source listings for sept 86
pctj1186.zip28623(bytes) Pc tech journal programs from 11/86 iss
pctj1286.zip4185(bytes) Pc tech journal programs from 12/86 iss
pctj486.zip30681(bytes) Files from pc tech journal, april, 1986
popspool.zip21212(bytes) Popup print spooler control for novell
procom.zip31853(bytes) Pc mag utilities
pro_lisp.zip4478(bytes) Prolog vs lisp debate by ai experts
sammac.zip47664(bytes) P.c. mags. self_unarchiving samna macros
sample.zip1250(bytes) Sample checkbook database for pc_file+
scat.zip9694(bytes) Fixes disks used by fastback plus
set_pro.zip2037(bytes) Adaption of pc mag setprntr for pprrint
set_x10.zip57139(bytes) Control x10 lighting modules from file
sidmouse.zip2506(bytes) Microsoft mouse for sideways.
simmap.zip7652(bytes) Similarity mapping_from august byte mag.
sky41a.zip78063(bytes) Skybase 2000.0 v4.1 pt. a
sky41b.zip61342(bytes) Skybase 2000.0 v4.1 pt. b
slashbar.zip31191(bytes) Lotus type menu selector from pc mag
smlnet1f.zip237142(bytes) Smallnet (smlnet) net/echo mail handler
sndexpln.zip36624(bytes) For use with file digitize.arc part_2
soft_eng.zip63930(bytes) Software engineering digest issues 15_22
speed4.zip2555(bytes) Good clone ibm benchmark comparison.
spoon1a.zip48377(bytes) Runs progs from outside directories
stackey2.zip83137(bytes) Run applications from scripts
status21.zip7699(bytes) Corrected ver._pcmag dip switch display
staydown.zip20713(bytes) Holds shift key down from pc mag 4 26 88
stearns.zip70145(bytes) Misc. sys files for old stearns computer
sublmnl.zip1791(bytes) Display subliminal messages on_screen
surge.zip2738(bytes) Build your own surge protectors
sw0401.zip7951(bytes) Software engineering digest vol 4 num 1
sw0402.zip9870(bytes) Software engineering digest vol 4 num 2
sw0403.zip9378(bytes) Software engineering digest vol 4 num 3
sw0404.zip7364(bytes) Software engineering digest vol 4 num 4
sw0405.zip7725(bytes) Software engineering digest vol 4 num
sw0406.zip6871(bytes) Software engineering digest vol 4 num 6
sw0407.zip8618(bytes) Software engineering digest vol 4 num 7
synwrd11.zip14637(bytes) Synthetic word generator ver 1.1
tandyfix.zip178(bytes) Fix for tandy's child of basic error
tb0.zip40479(bytes) Novell technical bulletins (volume 0)
tb1.zip25134(bytes) Novell technical bulletins (volume 1)
tb2.zip63953(bytes) Novell technical bulletins (volume 2)
tb3.zip18228(bytes) Novell technical bulletins (volume 3)
testlan.zip34347(bytes) Pc mag test local area network
timezit.zip11266(bytes) Times the execution of a program
timings.zip7807(bytes) Hi res timer (.asm) from pc tech jrnl
timing.zip11321(bytes) Adjust pc timing to run a program
tme.zip5651(bytes) To time execution of programs
todocv.zip10315(bytes) Convert older todo databases to ver 3.0
toner.zip3049(bytes) Tips on refilling toner cartridges save
tosh144.zip3545(bytes) Text to install 1.44 meg floppy dr to at
tpg100.zip28109(bytes) A new com utility
t_ref11.zip109310(bytes) Turbo cross referencer version 1.1
tt.zip5418(bytes) Tells time to upload a file neat____
turboscr.zip34751(bytes) Convert text screens to .com files_ logo
ul28.zip22310(bytes) Neat log for computer usage
uminvent.zip34464(bytes) Idea generator helper weird
v20_bug.zip1817(bytes) Describes bug in v20 chip
vacat.zip11833(bytes) Basic program for vacation scheduling
virtmem.zip2061(bytes) Info on virtual memory in layman's terms
vismate.zip57040(bytes) Video dating service business opportunit
vlist.zip6495(bytes) List all netware volumes from a server
vmix120d.zip5095(bytes) Doc for true mtask muser _works
vmix132.zip160739(bytes) Multitasking etc for the ibm
webster.zip7772(bytes) Turbo linked/list i/o from byte (lib me)
wiz303.zip61455(bytes) Ver 3.03 of transfer util pc to pc
xact11c.zip33935(bytes) Hp11c calculator emulation on screen
xdir_fix.zip1919(bytes) Fix for pc mag xdir program.
xmodemtj.zip4009(bytes) X_modem code from pc tech journal
zcopy.zip3362(bytes) Pc magazines pc_to_pc file transfer util