0929ref.zip167739(bytes) A vg dos reference manual
2eh.zip1573(bytes) Use undocummented int 2eh
32clspat.zip4122(bytes) Patch dos 3.20 for color dos screen
33dfix.zip11962(bytes) Patch pc_dos 3.3 for non_ibm hard disks
4dostip.zip3254(bytes) Tips for using/trying 4dos
4dupd.zip60589(bytes) 4dos v2.00 to v2.0a update files
alta.zip152958(bytes) Vg dos task switcher ver .6 (1 2)
altb.zip98462(bytes) Vg dos task switcher (2 2)
amaxx261.zip80788(bytes) Version 2.61 of automax dos shell
answr202.zip8764(bytes) Input keyboard data to bat v2.02 w asm
archark1.zip256459(bytes) Potpourri of useful dos utilities
askto.zip6241(bytes) Ask questions in bat and times out.
ask_wait.zip11629(bytes) Ask and wait for batch files
assist.zip67249(bytes) On_line help for dos, debug _ edlin
at_time.zip2779(bytes) Execute dos commands at programable tim
autoexec.zip1119(bytes) Multiple autoexec _ config.sys manager
bakstrip.zip7061(bytes) Make dos backup files readable/exe_able
bat_com.zip4321(bytes) Replacement code for batch files.
batgen11.zip44366(bytes) Batgen update level _ fix
batgen.zip48027(bytes) Point _ shoot .bat file maker
batinput.zip2767(bytes) Make menus in dos
batmen10.zip13455(bytes) Elegant menus for batch files _ excelle
batmen41.zip102816(bytes) .bat file menu drv. creation system
batmenu.zip6114(bytes) Simple bar menus for batch files
batprogs.zip6386(bytes) Utilities for use in batch (.bat) files.
batquest.zip10375(bytes) Control of bat files
bat.zip53701(bytes) Re_entrant batch file processing w c sr
bc130.zip14257(bytes) Bat files like ask batquest etc.
bcb.zip44828(bytes) Show concurrent pc_dos buffer ctl blocks
Location oF files 024B
beep101.zip5890(bytes) Include various beeps in batch files
beep102.zip3889(bytes) Beep v1.02 generate sound from cmd line
bgecho.zip8902(bytes) Use big letters colors in batch files w
bigecho.zip6017(bytes) Makes bilboard comments in bat files
bootlook.zip10052(bytes) See what info is in your boot sector of
cc352.zip31368(bytes) Copycon batch editor
checkbat.zip1768(bytes) From pc mag _ get dos info from bat file
choice.zip38036(bytes) Menu prog that switches autoexec _ conf
choosbat.zip410(bytes) Choose letter answers from batch file
chooser.zip12725(bytes) Batch file enhancer builds choice menus
cmd320.zip1204(bytes) Patches for dos 3.2
cmddos.zip9652(bytes) Review of dos command line helpers
cmdhist.zip9673(bytes) Access your previous dos commands
configno.zip13851(bytes) All about config.sys
countdn.zip9624(bytes) Batch util better than pause.
crumble.zip2499(bytes) An alternate to dos cls to clear the scr
cscv.zip40476(bytes) Check to see how compatible your clone
datechek.zip946(bytes) Reports day of week for .bat process
daybat10.zip6725(bytes) Execute different batch file every day
dbdos3_3.zip1356(bytes) Make doubledos 4.x work on dos 3.3
dbstpo32.zip11145(bytes) View structure of dbf files from dos
dbug2.zip11883(bytes) A more friendly version of debug
ddetc.zip20499(bytes) Patches for doubledos 4.0.
ddospri.zip20472(bytes) Set priorities when using doubledos
ddostips.zip20085(bytes) Softlogic's patches _ tips for dbl dos
ddtime.zip10656(bytes) Set time_sharing under doubledos tp
debugaid.zip13299(bytes) Information on how to use debug
debugc.zip3284(bytes) Conditional compilation of debug sta
dh11.zip47684(bytes) Directory helper v1.1 supports mouse
dial.zip2544(bytes) Modem dial program writtem in assembler
director.zip111267(bytes) Really excellent dos shell,hard disk menuing
dmagic.zip28274(bytes) Dos shell utility
do_onc14.zip9202(bytes) Do_once from autoexec per day week mo.
dos32new.zip76839(bytes) Official ibm fixes to dos 3.2
dos32r4.zip4775(bytes) Dos 3.2 patches
dos_32.zip12814(bytes) Manual for ms_dos 3.2
dos32.zip87480(bytes) Dos interrupt listing to dos 3.3
dos330.zip942(bytes) Possible format problems with dos 3.3.
dos33fix.zip3109(bytes) Patch from ibm 3.5 format _ backup
dos33pat.zip2142(bytes) Patches for dos 3.3
dos33use.zip1725(bytes) Dos 3.30 patches
dos33.zip4122(bytes) Dos 3.3 bugs according to ibm
dos401.zip10182(bytes) Which bugs dos 4.01 fixes...and doesn't
dos40.zip11036(bytes) Info on pc_dos 4.0 from ibm _ ci_
dos4tria.zip2129(bytes) Another text file on installing dos 4_u
dos_asst.zip67417(bytes) On line help with dos commands
dosdoc.zip6781(bytes) Summary of commands _ doc 3.1 _ 3.2
dos_ext1.zip42003(bytes) Dos extension utilities i of ii
dos_ext2.zip197189(bytes) Dos extension utilities ii of ii
dos_help.zip139779(bytes) Dos_help (ver 3.00) for dos version 1 to
dosplus.zip233172(bytes) Dos utility compilation _ excellent ___
dosref.zip5899(bytes) Dos reference material for programmers.
dosres.zip2952(bytes) Makes dos resident
dostips4.zip61318(bytes) Mag articles dealing with dos_great
dostut1.zip28562(bytes) Dos tutorial
dostut2.zip50541(bytes) Dos tutorial, part 2.
dostut3.zip59487(bytes) Dos tutorial, part 3.
dostut44.zip240845(bytes) Excellent dos tutor _ incdes dos 4.01
dostxmf0.zip8810(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ dnl this file
dostxmf1.zip322058(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ disk _1/7
dostxmf2.zip292111(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ disk _2/7
dostxmf3.zip338938(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ disk _3/7
dostxmf4.zip315699(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ disk _4/7
dostxmf5.zip325073(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ disk _5/7
dostxmf6.zip300541(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ disk _6/7
dostxmf7.zip302506(bytes) Tex 2.93 / metafont 1.5 _ disk _7/7
dosutil.zip4749(bytes) Dos commands for cd and dir. good
dsk.zip31485(bytes) Dos switch kolor change the color of
dtr.zip1548(bytes) Control modem dtr lead from dos (asm co
eaj.zip6043(bytes) Animated char generator_use in bat files
ea_util.zip14404(bytes) Misc utilities
ebl310.zip54876(bytes) Extended batch language
eblsampl.zip8050(bytes) Sample for ext. batch lang.
echob.zip961(bytes) Echo blank lines in batch files.
edbat.zip2871(bytes) Very short quick bat file edit
ee2.zip5170(bytes) Full_screen environment editor v 2.0
emsram.zip14374(bytes) Get up to 738k of dos memory with ems
envsize.zip17583(bytes) Display and change environment size
ex2cm104.zip17132(bytes) Dunford's exe2bin repl for dos 3.3 w c s
exe2com.zip5763(bytes) Exe2bin replacement w asm source
exx.zip4502(bytes) Execute multiple cmds on a single line
ex.zip10825(bytes) Piggybacks bat files
ez360.zip138710(bytes) Newest ezdoss version (fancy dos shell)
ezdos47.zip32372(bytes) Easy to use dos shell program
ezquote2.zip28195(bytes) Add daily quotes to your system easily.
fancychk.zip2556(bytes) A fancy graphic chkdisk you gotta see
fasmenu.zip58258(bytes) Another quick menu utility
fastbat.zip2127(bytes) Speeds up batch files
f_c.zip3872(bytes) 4dos file copy find
fgrep163.zip9177(bytes) Fast file find __ many options
filler2.zip19880(bytes) Improved copy,del,ren,+ dos command (do
filter01.zip128898(bytes) Dozens of filter utils for pc dos: part
filter02.zip130909(bytes) Dozens of filter utils for pc dos: part
filter03.zip86339(bytes) Dozens of filter utils for pc dos: part
filter04.zip129411(bytes) Dozens of filter utils for pc dos: part
filterxx.zip8478(bytes) Doc for filter01,02,03,04
fizz23.zip19567(bytes) Expand wildcards utility
fkredef.zip12245(bytes) Redefines function keys from bat files
flagboot.zip4913(bytes) Boots computer depending on errorlevel
forfil11.zip9988(bytes) Forfile v1.1 wildcards dos commands
fts.zip14148(bytes) Run two dos partitions in a time sharing
fulldos.zip14779(bytes) Full screen dos might catch on
global.zip1500(bytes) Global utilities (excellent)
greet.zip3058(bytes) Nice greeting in autoexec file
harderr.zip5342(bytes) Dos errorcodes
help21.zip3413(bytes) Create your own help screens
help2.zip54433(bytes) Dos help er _ great
help52a.zip75297(bytes) Dos 31 help __ part a of v.5.2 (com doc
help52b.zip63673(bytes) Dos 31 help __ part b of v.5.2 (com pas
helpdos4.zip101363(bytes) Help with dos 4.01
helpers.zip1471(bytes) A decent dos helper
hold10.zip13731(bytes) Batch event timing and redirection util
idcshell.zip107799(bytes) A dos shell from the maker of narc
ifcrc.zip8326(bytes) Bat tool exec file only if crc matches
ifexist.zip9769(bytes) Batch execution utilities
iff40.zip30997(bytes) Batch file utility with many options
int1288.zip100624(bytes) Dec 88 listing of interrupts
intcall2.zip8764(bytes) Do function calls from dos or batch
jadu10.zip71325(bytes) Exceptionally good dos shell_________
jadu12.zip80202(bytes) Very fine dos dir program
jadu13.zip87455(bytes) Just another directory util_ very good__
jdutils.zip11756(bytes) Dos utils for everyday use...
kbflag.zip1101(bytes) Flag batch files by hitting a key
keycodes.zip4864(bytes) Display key code _ ascii code from keyb
lastdir.zip1273(bytes) Put current dir _ drive in environment
ldev1229.zip5455(bytes) Device list/info for dos 3.1 (exe)
lmenu.zip39655(bytes) Great menu system. pswd protect too.
lowmem.zip4779(bytes) Dos low memory map, very detailed
mat.zip27577(bytes) Compares 2 bbslists shows unique common
max_menu.zip319207(bytes) Dos menue program
mcc.zip110107(bytes) Organizes messages from the source
menu103.zip40852(bytes) Nice automenu type program
menu2.zip11021(bytes) Simple dos shell
menumast.zip31119(bytes) Create _ personalize dos menu system
message.zip45137(bytes) Report on message areas read
mkprmp2.zip15291(bytes) Automatically construct the prompt comma
ml_upd12.zip28361(bytes) Mega list creation system
mm_bat10.zip13291(bytes) Batch file enhancer utility.
mmvb105b.zip31781(bytes) Useful dos utilities incl file mover
modpath.zip4767(bytes) Modify dos path dynamically
mrdos16.zip162782(bytes) Dos tutor_beginner thru hard disk
mrdos21.zip179921(bytes) Dos tutor, hard disk, text scan/quizes
mread112.zip112862(bytes) Offline msg reader/handler for use w/sm
newbeep.zip17743(bytes) Change the sound of the dos beep
newbuffs.zip11228(bytes) Brief 3.0 macro to handle buffer list c
newsysop.zip18331(bytes) For new or person's that want to be syso
noechos.zip3114(bytes) Takes the echo off dos 2.1 3.1 batch fls
noisetst.zip20711(bytes) Noise test for bbs remote loop
notolls.zip2840(bytes) 800 numbers for companys w bbses
numlkoff.zip130(bytes) Turn off num lock at boot time
num.zip4000(bytes) Returns network station as errorlevel
oei.zip1560(bytes) About the gov't toll free education bbs
oflist.zip17228(bytes) Make listing of files from files.bbs
okfile.zip9629(bytes) Okfile expander
olddate.zip28572(bytes) Set old dates into dos environment
ommm_107.zip24496(bytes) Mail checking program
onboot.zip4652(bytes) Selective execution of programs at boot
opinion.zip12513(bytes) Tom mack's opinion of pcboard
option.zip920(bytes) Streamlines errorlevel branching
orfensch.zip27114(bytes) File area utility cross checks files
outdr210.zip15387(bytes) Outdoor v 2.10 __ outside utility
outer.zip21918(bytes) Outside utility
ov220.zip101287(bytes) Overview 2.20 dos menu shell
ozf100.zip12921(bytes) Finds old version zip s on drive for rez
pam419.zip18642(bytes) Small full function dos menu system
parityck.zip4308(bytes) Info about parity errors and err codes
pc_alias.zip3899(bytes) Pc_mag alias util. good dos command edit
pc_tech.zip80833(bytes) Pc_technical echo msg. vg
peacock.zip1004(bytes) Use f keys to change scrn colors frm dos
pfm.zip14305(bytes) The best dos file manager
pira151a.zip253335(bytes) A pirate war door game.
plez174.zip11734(bytes) File send/get/poll utility
point.zip6858(bytes) Sample files to run bt as point
popany.zip6448(bytes) Opens a dos window in applications
prep200.zip60528(bytes) Dos shell for different file transfer
privacy.zip13998(bytes) Reading regarding bbs laws _ email
prompt.zip3036(bytes) Fantastic dos prompt colorful _ useful
pshdir1a.zip16872(bytes) Popdir pushdir for batch files rev 1.1a
puscat13.zip84960(bytes) Maintain your database. for wildcat_ ve
qhost40.zip135868(bytes) Qmodem 4.0 host mode bbs
qintmac1.zip3970(bytes) Qedit 2.06 macros for cleaning bbs files
qmark.zip13530(bytes) Set message attributes (crash, hold etc)
qne21.zip49488(bytes) Editor creates ascii _ ansi files togeth
qoflist.zip11924(bytes) Make listing of files from files.bbs
query2.zip4170(bytes) Aid to batch files
quotes11.zip33057(bytes) Rnd. quotes from dos. decquote ver 1.1
raid123.zip49921(bytes) Great replacement for debug, 5 windows
ranarg.zip7792(bytes) Randomly produce msg. or command in a ba
rbase.zip216132(bytes) Rbase for dos on_line tutorial
rebeep.zip247(bytes) Beeps util key pressed_for batch files
removed.zip14620(bytes) Remove directories w files for dos and o
renum40.zip13941(bytes) Low level dos renumbering utility
replylnk.zip13640(bytes) Low level dod message base relinker
reply.zip444(bytes) Pause in batch files to branch on errlev
restboot.zip5867(bytes) Backup and restores boot sector..great
rodneytx.zip4547(bytes) One liners from r dgerfld.use in batch fi
ros38doc.zip74613(bytes) Documentation for ros 3.8
runbat.zip5661(bytes) Re_entrant batch file processing w c sr
rydoor5.zip14190(bytes) Ctty rep redir scrn _ keyb monitr cd
Location oF files 024B
sas101.zip50177(bytes) Swiss army type dos shell ver 1.01
Location oF files 024B
savecho.zip12359(bytes) Save echo msgs to text file
Location oF files 024B
scanmsgs.zip36927(bytes) Mail scanner ver 8.1
Location oF files 024B
sd_161.zip60670(bytes) Super dos ver.1.61
Location oF files 024B
seldir.zip4815(bytes) Replacement for cd _ crosses directories
Location oF files 024B
setenv11.zip12801(bytes) Change dos environment variable's value
Location oF files 024B
setfix.zip24917(bytes) Set env. dir date global etc
Location oF files 024B
setpath.zip12808(bytes) Create dos path statements 127 bytes
Location oF files 024B
setpgms.zip28449(bytes) Env setting utils w asm source
Location oF files 024B
setpth12.zip13334(bytes) Set dos path from a file_unlimited size_
Location oF files 024B
sf_sys66.zip27418(bytes) Like remsys
Location oF files 024B
shar.zip123493(bytes) Unix_dos shell _ utilities for dos
Location oF files 024B
showbcb.zip5002(bytes) Show concurrent pc_dos buffer ctl blocks
Location oF files 024B
shretry.zip6952(bytes) Change come of the defaults of dos. like how
Location oF files 024B
sirius50.zip177667(bytes) Sirius message handler _ ver 5.0
Location oF files 024B
skip.zip1138(bytes) Skip x number of lines _ for batch files
Location oF files 024B
slick2.zip24198(bytes) Editor for bat files and menus
Location oF files 024B
solo3.zip114727(bytes) Great software inventory mgr. v3.0
Location oF files 024B
sr236.zip79472(bytes) Still river shell version 2.36
srshell.zip79581(bytes) Still river shell
stanum.zip3467(bytes) Returns network station as errorlevel
star10b.zip55246(bytes) Starport starlink dialer and bbs direct
stkey2.zip736(bytes) Patch for stackey2 with mono screens
stkey.zip83137(bytes) Stackey v2 keyboard bat_file utility
s_tool.zip4080(bytes) A wildcard expansion tool
strp_all.zip10340(bytes) Character stripper for ascii files
sugs.zip114224(bytes) Dos utilities written in lattice c
sysmenu.zip34195(bytes) Taps power of dos 3.x subst command
sz100.zip20602(bytes) Strip z program
tbu11doc.zip9422(bytes) Tbu11 additional docs not from author
tbu11.zip17221(bytes) V.1.1 tbu batch utility program
tchss141.zip45661(bytes) Turbo chess doors program.
tdybs130.zip119663(bytes) Add events in history to welcome screens
techref.zip66405(bytes) 250k of dos technical data
teled105.zip44757(bytes) Upload download complete disks intact.
telesys.zip39262(bytes) Bbs censorship text. can't happen here??
terus802.zip48482(bytes) Set system time to national observatory
testif.zip10650(bytes) Returns error level codes to batch file
tget.zip11389(bytes) File request utility
thor183b.zip69650(bytes) Thor: thought organizer ideal for bbs
timer10.zip2111(bytes) Use in .bat files. it works
tinylist.zip12029(bytes) Compress those long reports
tline.zip158950(bytes) Transmission line system analysis
trakdemo.zip118269(bytes) Tracker dos shell demo from australia
tsrcom29.zip57852(bytes) Tsr utils mark release mapmem etc.
tv11.zip169320(bytes) Treeview ver. 1.1 dos shell excellent_
unaxcess.zip73833(bytes) Unaxcess bbs for unix
undoc21h.zip3100(bytes) Undocumented text file on interupt 21h
unix.zip4034(bytes) Makes dos's dir more like unix's...
util_50.zip76944(bytes) 50 utilities in one file, all useful
valet210.zip36403(bytes) Pc valet dos shell.
vault.zip58600(bytes) Doors program of crack the safe.
vbell.zip5194(bytes) Variable bell sound_ good for batch file
vealbest.zip27168(bytes) Veal's best utils can be used in batch
verchg.zip1792(bytes) Fool dos __ changer apparent dos version
vmenu201.zip35733(bytes) Pc valet menu system.
vprint5.zip15118(bytes) Print to disk instead of printer. dos
waka100.zip5657(bytes) Similar to watchdog, but returns to dos.
wcdos13.zip27677(bytes) Utilities for wildcat_
wcdvps.zip398(bytes) Desqview setup for wildcat_
wceventa.zip1849(bytes) Auto_backup wc_ system daily scheduled e
wcfiler.zip17831(bytes) File database manager for wildcat_ versi
wcflager.zip16114(bytes) Toggle pager _ printer during an externa
wcflsrt4.zip44875(bytes) Generate alpha list by section of all wc
wcnews.zip7818(bytes) News from mustang softwareabout wc upgra
wcpsdem.zip62278(bytes) New demo version of power struggle.
wiseguy.zip9408(bytes) Humorous responses to dos commands
wtm3.zip33368(bytes) Where is the manual for dos 3.3 in a
wwiv410.zip295600(bytes) Version 4.10 of good bbs system.
wxmdoc.zip19427(bytes) Docs for wxm_term.arc
xanadu.zip14983(bytes) Several exciting ms_dos util. very good
xchg.zip36399(bytes) Tells u if a call is local to you or not
xcopy31.zip7615(bytes) Dos 3.2's xcopy for dos 3.1 + doc
xcopy33.zip2263(bytes) Patch xcopy for any dos version
xcopy.zip2160(bytes) Xcopy now patched for dos 2.0+
xfile.zip19386(bytes) Makes a list of your files
xlatrgen.zip58851(bytes) Ver 2.85 xlatlist
xname.zip15022(bytes) Changes names in msgs
xpip601.zip88506(bytes) A different kind of dos shell good
xrobot.zip15689(bytes) Robot message maker
yamck100.zip37061(bytes) Yet another mailchecker.
yesno.zip326(bytes) Yes no statements in batch files
zcopy03.zip14666(bytes) Replacement for the copy command
zd11.zip20410(bytes) Colorful directory lister
ziptrack.zip82429(bytes) Track various zip file downloads from b
zmove04.zip14661(bytes) Better than copy _ delete