68000dsm.zip29592(bytes) 68000 disassembler f/usenet
88aug_cl.zip12599(bytes) Computer language mag. files
88jul_cl.zip87150(bytes) Computer language mag. files
88jun_cl.zip138290(bytes) Computer language mag. files
88may_cl.zip119655(bytes) Computer language mag. files
88oct1.zip105691(bytes) Source code from comp lang
a86lkmem.zip2311(bytes) A86 clipper .mem file locking function.
aaplay.zip103314(bytes) Autodesk animation player (.fli) w/
ac302b.zip46022(bytes) Area code finder and you can also search
ac8931_1.zip195331(bytes) Astrological clock
acadlisp.zip24449(bytes) Lisp programs_excellent
aceupd.zip4777(bytes) Author's update notice for ace 1.24
achoice2.zip1161(bytes) Another sample of achoice() clip '87
achoice.zip3245(bytes) Demonstrates achoice() in clipper s'87
active_2.zip212924(bytes) Active 2/2 disk
advbas33.zip89554(bytes) Advance basic functions version 3.3
advc11.zip10632(bytes) 'c' source for advanced c library v1.1 4
advwarn.zip2127(bytes) Warning on using qbasic 3.0 _ advbas3x
aea400m.zip177071(bytes) As_easy_as v.4.0 2/26/90 update (123
airmile2.zip44189(bytes) Compiled version of airmiles.bas+source
altrcn12.zip65104(bytes) Altercon v1.2 _manage mult
ap87news.zip25339(bytes) Fargo ibm users group april '87 newslette
apl2em.zip216651(bytes) An apple ][ emulator for at class
apml.zip60268(bytes) Arbitrary precision math lib.
apxcore.zip3734(bytes) Review of apx core's multitasking softwa
arayfunc.zip1701(bytes) Achoice() demo program from nantucket
archer.zip19914(bytes) 50k file on expert system (ai) being
argpar.zip10650(bytes) F/comp lang _ argument parser
arraydoc.zip2615(bytes) Clipper_ info on arrays
as00dir.zip1018(bytes) What's in as00 through as05
asc.zip1327(bytes) Mem. res. ascii chart from pc mag.
ask_yn3.zip6545(bytes) Get user response _ updated w timer etc.
astrocal.zip29820(bytes) Calculates astrological data
astroega.zip48572(bytes) Interesting astronomy pgm _ requires ega
asynch.zip3737(bytes) Comm. pgm in turbo pacsal
atpins.zip781(bytes) Connection diagram for at's serial port
awk210.zip64800(bytes) Unix utility awk for dos v2.1
awk.zip108020(bytes) Public domain 'awk' from mit.
Location oF files 025B
baab.zip4122(bytes) Convert binary_ ascii_ binary files
batman.zip25012(bytes) Add pizazz to batch files
battery.zip95868(bytes) Battery guage for a portable
bdump.zip12525(bytes) Btrieve file dump utility
b_ed103.zip31656(bytes) Programmer's full screen editor v1.03
bgfonts.zip71276(bytes) Borland bgi toolkit 3 of 6 lotsa fonts.
bgidrv.zip76957(bytes) Borland bgi toolkit 1st of 6 files
bgifnt.zip59233(bytes) Borland bgi toolkit 2 of 6 font editor
bgiherc.zip37255(bytes) Borland bgi toolkit 6 of 6 new herc.bgi
bgikit.zip3949(bytes) Borland bgi toolkit 5 of 6 description
biblesof.zip177069(bytes) Demo version of biblesoft's bible
binsrch.zip10688(bytes) Binary searc h c prog_src _ docs
bintel10.zip26084(bytes) Binary <_> intel hex file converter w/ 8
biosio.zip3925(bytes) L.cuthbertson's 8088 asm routines for c
bisector.zip2236(bytes) Ex: absolute sector read from borland
bisonpc1.zip103562(bytes) Like yacc only for the pc 1 of 2
bisonpc2.zip96227(bytes) Like yacc only for the pc 2 of 2
bison.zip111771(bytes) Exe cutable bison _ skeleton parser files
bistests.zip7238(bytes) Test files for bison (the pd 'yacc')
blanks.zip4496(bytes) Two screen blanks in asm
blkbr737.zip150152(bytes) Blackbeard prgmers editor v7.37
bmenu.zip81407(bytes) Bestmenu menu system. excellent__
bmouse87.zip5223(bytes) Clipper mouse obj w source bao nantucket
bnslib.zip31317(bytes) Turbo c librarian
bossky12.zip53544(bytes) Take snapshots of apps; pop up over oth
boxref.zip1071(bytes) Programmers reference for box drawings
brain10.zip54636(bytes) Run programs at a specified time.
branne.zip45308(bytes) *** missing (abducted?) child alert ***
bufinfo.zip2762(bytes) Buffer information for config.sys
bug1.zip2262(bytes) A basic debugging utility
buick1.zip225682(bytes) Test drive a 1990 buick disk 1of2
buick2.zip255167(bytes) Test drive a '90 buick disk 2of2
build.zip214233(bytes) Nice screen entry generation package
bwtool01.zip25116(bytes) Window tools for quickbasic
byte400.zip17665(bytes) Byte.exe : a bit manipulation tutorial
c1.zip73752(bytes) Masm macro library
c80tcog.zip36575(bytes) Cpm c80 c functions (mostly f/software t
cabala.zip11440(bytes) Text on symbolism in ibm extended ascii
calcount.zip42085(bytes) Diet calorie counting program, very helpful.
cambrg.zip64657(bytes) Cambridge thoughbred handicapper (v3.00)
c_array.zip2464(bytes) Using c arrays in clipper s87
casm1.zip6012(bytes) F/comp lang _ lattice_asm interface (fix
cb1.zip2523(bytes) C beautifier
cca14.zip27774(bytes) Clipper compiler assistant v1.4
ccc_c.zip5256(bytes) Bit manipulation _ printf in c source
ccount.zip1148(bytes) Counts lines w/comment w/code and total
ccur31.zip14679(bytes) Counting cursor 3.1 __ new_
c_doc.zip2376(bytes) Brief macro to add notes to c programs
cforth.zip128577(bytes) Forth interpreter with source for unix
change.zip2924(bytes) Unix like change command
chase.zip4313(bytes) Chased by robots __ lattice c version
choose.zip1076(bytes) Errorlevel choises in bat files
cl86_123.zip12092(bytes) Lotus_style data entry for clipper
cldec87.zip40364(bytes) Progs from comp. lang. magazine
cldot.zip87173(bytes) A great dot prompt program for clipper
cleanmem.zip5604(bytes) Utility for initializing heapspace
cl_feb88.zip26630(bytes) Computer language feb 88 listing
clfeb88.zip26630(bytes) Comp. lang. feb. 88 issue
clfunc01.zip1662(bytes) Udf clipper numeric 2 _ string
clipdemo.zip145172(bytes) Demo of clipper _ dbase compiler
clipdl11.zip11017(bytes) Clipper program to dial telephone
clipgraf.zip66609(bytes) Clipper graphics lib version 1.2 1989
clipint.zip4836(bytes) Dos interrupts from clipper
clipmn50.zip24309(bytes) Clipmenu for clipper summer '87
clippc.zip5872(bytes) Use c with clipper
clip_tip.zip17769(bytes) Clipper compiler tips
clistv3.zip22328(bytes) Clist vers 3 list c progs very flexible
clm89oct.zip7243(bytes) Computer language mag source listings o
clmar88.zip9182(bytes) Comp. lang. marc h 88 issue
clnup20.zip29548(bytes) Clean up program for mainframe ftrans
clpmenus.zip4691(bytes) A well done menuing clipper udf. source.
clpmk.zip12889(bytes) A clipper make utility
clpnvlp2.zip4207(bytes) Clipper novell netware 286 spool queue
clrun.zip8732(bytes) Speeds up clipper re_compiling procs.
clsplsta.zip1036(bytes) Clipper state abb. chk field spell chk.
code39c.zip4507(bytes) Clipper code39 for hp laser _ epson
cogito.zip3301(bytes) Review of great _895 10 meg. hard disk.
coin300.zip95569(bytes) Coin collecting program
colors.zip89063(bytes) Color design for clipper _ dbase iii
com2asm2.zip5896(bytes) Convert com file to assembler source
comhex31.zip17842(bytes) Windows io or com ports onscreen
comp.zip5205(bytes) Shareware modula 2 large model compiler
converta.zip93561(bytes) Converts nondelimited ascii to .dbf format.
convert.zip6928(bytes) Units conversion program
copyrig.zip11085(bytes) Text on copyright law for programmers
cpe11.zip17860(bytes) Clipper programming environment
cpm1.zip1530(bytes) Clipper project memo 1 contributions
cpm2.zip2544(bytes) Clipper project memo 2 infomation
cpm3.zip1652(bytes) Clipper project memo 3 topics
cracker2.zip20006(bytes) Disassembles and doc's *.com and *.exe
crc_asm.zip1465(bytes) Crc checking in asm
crcstuff.zip2954(bytes) Generate crc lookup tables
critercl.zip2555(bytes) Critical error handler for clipper
croot.zip3785(bytes) F/ddj _ mods to aztec (c80) for wildcards
crst.zip37130(bytes) A cross stich design program ega req
csourc.zip40821(bytes) Turbo_c source file manager __ nice
csr_tc.zip136659(bytes) C_spot run c library for turbo_c 1.0
ctdesk27.zip111360(bytes) Public domain publishing program good
ctree.zip11982(bytes) Excl c xref and flowchart tool
cubit.zip3763(bytes) Information on cubit file squeezer pgm
curcntl.zip4352(bytes) L.cuthbertson's cursor control functions
cur_drv.zip1943(bytes) Check current drive with clipper
cursoff.zip689(bytes) Dr. bob's minimum cursor control
cvbug.zip1094(bytes) Codeview bug description and workaround
cview126.zip121435(bytes) Excel source print for c. clipper w reg.
cvt.zip1741(bytes) Convert quicken 1.x files to 2.x format
Location oF files 025C
cxl_tc.zip31463(bytes) Turbo c include for cxl windows.
d86v319a.zip58007(bytes) Part 1 of issacsons debugger
d86v319b.zip27281(bytes) Part 2 of issacsons debugger
dataobj.zip9333(bytes) Converts data files to object files li
datascrl.zip15354(bytes) Dbase clipper data scrolling binary srch
date1.zip12774(bytes) L.cuthbertson's date functions for c
db21.zip21165(bytes) Dbeautifier v2.1 for clipper dbase
dbdwind3.zip58579(bytes) Windows for clipper (all asm functions)
dbugtxt.zip13088(bytes) Debug tutorial
dcode.zip37333(bytes) Pretty printer utility for programmers
ddj0788.zip37714(bytes) Source code from dr dobbs journal jul88
ddj0888.zip21361(bytes) Src code for dr dobbs journal aug 88
ddj0988.zip22551(bytes) Src code dr dobbs journal sep 88
ddj1088.zip38932(bytes) Src code for dr dobbs journal oct 88
ddj1188.zip30799(bytes) Src code for dr dobbs journal nov 88
ddj_6.zip30477(bytes) Dr. dobb's listings for july 89
ddos_tip.zip2296(bytes) Tips on using double dos
ddos_v_5.zip1423(bytes) Information on double dos ver 5.00
dice360.zip13280(bytes) Dos interactive command editor v3.6
diffequa.zip178042(bytes) Symbolicly integrate differenate fcns
digcode.zip3407(bytes) Ibm error codes
digvoi.zip80217(bytes) Digital voice program and how to do it
dirhard.zip4502(bytes) Source for directory lister w/options
dirtyd7c.zip19309(bytes) The dirty dozen list of hacked/illegal sf
dispio1.zip1727(bytes) Fix bug in file from casm1.lqr
dispmem.zip17835(bytes) Display clipper .mem files
divorce.zip12177(bytes) Sample custody/separation agreement
dllib.zip127241(bytes) C library for datalight c compiler
dlntx.zip872(bytes) Algorith check..dl
dlrun.zip8732(bytes) Selects modified .prg's for clipper
dmsclr.zip115326(bytes) Clipper color layout test system
dmserror.zip32870(bytes) Alternative to errorsys clipper s'87
dmsudf.zip8850(bytes) Udfs for clipper compiler
dos33up.zip1583(bytes) Info on dos 3.3 upgrade from all prev. ve
dos_e_l1.zip227722(bytes) Icon programing language part 1 of 2
dos_e_l2.zip227917(bytes) Icon programing part 2 of 2
dosfunc.zip4562(bytes) Listing of dos 3.20 functions
dos.zip2418(bytes) Prolog functions.
dscalc.zip48761(bytes) Paradox trig/financial calculator _requires
dumbterm.zip5711(bytes) Dumb terminal in asm f/pctech
dumpgraf.zip1171(bytes) Graphic dump in c
durascrn.zip37784(bytes) Screen util for programmers_create src
dutch_fn.zip25883(bytes) Several quick c udf's for clipper
dviface.zip1483(bytes) Desqview programmer interface
dvtech.zip4856(bytes) Desqview tech notes for users/programmers
dynarray.zip3012(bytes) Dynamically expand arrays clipper dlesko
easycase.zip207538(bytes) Case programming tool for ega
echohex.zip6139(bytes) Send hex control codes to any dos device
edwin15c.zip87842(bytes) Kokkonen's fast ws_like prgmmers ed. v1
eemram11.zip14188(bytes) Get 736k ram for dos using eem board
egadrv87.zip4261(bytes) Ega driver for s'87 clipper
electron.zip143050(bytes) A large collection of electronics formula
enter.zip174965(bytes) Enter _tain ...assort music on your pc
entry.zip6694(bytes) Data entry screen design programs.
epsonchr.zip9118(bytes) Source code for epsonchr exe
erinv10.zip20460(bytes) Clipper windowing udf's and more
errcodes.zip3345(bytes) Almost complete set of pc error codes
errcode.zip16019(bytes) Gives meaning of ibm error codes
esie.zip100719(bytes) Expert system engine with documentation
estars.zip43327(bytes) Ega star mapping software
etcal.zip49995(bytes) Calander program but it is only a demo
etime.zip43313(bytes) Good ega world time distance display
execpc_d.zip654915(bytes) Click from exec_pc
exe.zip10858(bytes) Compiled proff _ see srcfile for macros
exfw.zip816(bytes) Extra fast write for turbo
exio.zip1918(bytes) Add'l machine i/o functions
expert.zip63882(bytes) Artificial intellegent expert system
extndb22.zip11989(bytes) Additions to clipper library j. kaster
extndb23.zip17801(bytes) More functions for clipper needs dl1b
ez53menu.zip66180(bytes) Easy access menu system 5.3b
ezprint.zip12018(bytes) Clipper printer management utility
ezt126.zip27715(bytes) Easy to use family tree pgm. _ genealogy.
f11f12.zip2213(bytes) Program f11 and f12 keys on enhanced kb
f83misc.zip80018(bytes) Cpu8086/extend86/meta86 for f83 forth
factoral.zip732(bytes) Computes recursive factorial in ada sour
famties.zip172834(bytes) Family ties ver 1.17 (august 1986)
fd.zip14803(bytes) Frolic _ detour listing of law bbs's
ffuncs1.zip33318(bytes) Same as ffuncs zip but with wildcards_c
ffuncs.zip31785(bytes) Same as ffuncs zip but with wildcards_c
fifth21.zip107514(bytes) Orth like programming lang. __ good.
filecom2.zip45355(bytes) Compare ascii files v.2 for programmers
fileio.zip1089(bytes) File io functions for lattice c
filter19.zip16693(bytes) Ascii filter program
fin_func.zip2258(bytes) Financial functions for clipper s'87
fixanom.zip4218(bytes) List of corrected anomalies _ clippers87
fixfile.zip25347(bytes) A hex_ascii file editor good.
fkey.zip1977(bytes) Make your own f_key templetes
float_ds.zip683(bytes) Floating _ right left just clipper says
float_pa.zip1339(bytes) Turbo_c 1.0 patch for floating point ops
foneword.zip23507(bytes) Convert phone no. into words or reverse
ford89a.zip188242(bytes) New 1989 edition _ fod simulator ii
ford89b.zip173334(bytes) New edition 1989 _ ford simulator
formac.zip2300(bytes) Brief editor template macro fortran mod2
formworx.zip130681(bytes) Formworx demo disk
fortune4.zip192182(bytes) Add great sayings to your autoexe c file
fourier.zip127501(bytes) Fourier smoothing w/o fft (byte feb '85)
fourxfrm.zip2901(bytes) Fourier transformation program
fpc225_1.zip186123(bytes) Newest public domain forth programming
fpc225_2.zip220716(bytes) Language uses text files has windows
freebase.zip134495(bytes) Tom rettig dot_based clipper dbase util
freemacs.zip85842(bytes) Freenacs_tiny small amazing emacs clone
freeprog.zip14955(bytes) Catalog of free programs
frm2pr6a.zip15602(bytes) Convert .frm__ .prg for clip'r beta v 6a
funcptr.zip824(bytes) Turbo_c example of pointers to functions
future86.zip60165(bytes) Future86 programming language/compiler de
fuzzy.zip76622(bytes) Fuzzy proglog lang.better than pd prolog
Location oF files 025B
gapcdr.zip114674(bytes) Development kit for the pro programmer
Location oF files 025B
gawk.zip47971(bytes) Public domain 'awk' from mit.
Location oF files 025B
gbb.zip31531(bytes) A great little black book phone dir +
Location oF files 025B
gemcap32.zip10765(bytes) Capture text screens in .img format for
Location oF files 025B
genclip.zip32012(bytes) Convert genifer code to clipper
Location oF files 025B
geneol40.zip59658(bytes) Geneology on display version 4.0
Location oF files 025B
genhelp.zip49924(bytes) Clipper generic help util (like dbu's)
Location oF files 025B
geoclk33.zip123837(bytes) Additional maps for
Location oF files 025B
geoclock.zip276693(bytes) Clock with map of earth
Location oF files 025B
getdoc21.zip21335(bytes) Read and stroe doc files in compressed mode
Location oF files 025B
getint.zip7375(bytes) Retrieve int. vector addresses
Location oF files 025B
getsect.zip1620(bytes) Get a disk sector in asm
Location oF files 025B
glyph.zip11648(bytes) Good ideas on templates for ui2 source
Location oF files 025B
gnfrdemo.zip115842(bytes) Demo of genifer _ program generator
Location oF files 025B
goth.zip12590(bytes) Print large gothic banners (msg on cmd l
Location oF files 025B
graph_it.zip15976(bytes) Graphic routines for clipper
Location oF files 025B
grepddj.zip28252(bytes) Grep from dr dobb's toolbox source too
Location oF files 025B
grsdat.zip250973(bytes) Grs demo program. use with to run
Location oF files 025B
grsinfo2.zip17382(bytes) Description of grs cd_rom genealogical info
grsprg.zip129742(bytes) Grs demo program. use with to run
Location oF files 025B
gte.zip2776(bytes) Ld calls for only _25 a month_
gtxt.zip5855(bytes) Convert txt files to .com files
handles1.zip6473(bytes) Clipper 40 files open to 255 files open
handles2.zip5818(bytes) Use more than 20 handles with s87 clippe
hashalg.zip3522(bytes) Asm source for hashing algorithm
hdinfo.zip38510(bytes) Index crd db of 1000 hard disks
hdos.zip5450(bytes) Prolog functions.
hdtips.zip6625(bytes) Hard disk tutorial for novices
help10.zip17831(bytes) Asm template to make own popup help windo
helper.zip9389(bytes) Make your own help files nice
helpsys.zip5937(bytes) Add help to clipper progs on the
hgdemo.zip171687(bytes) Godspeed strong's hebrew/greek
hhg1_12.zip41368(bytes) Hitch hikers guide to the net 1_12, humor
himem206.zip7637(bytes) Hi memory manager ver 2.06 for extended
hklib01.zip8256(bytes) Howard kapustein's clipper library v0.10
h_lawyer.zip140296(bytes) Harvard lawyer form letters and papers
hlpsys87.zip8081(bytes) Super clipper s87 help system w src
house.zip32057(bytes) Design your dream house
hpljlib2.zip7945(bytes) Laser_jet utilities for clipper
hpplot11.zip6442(bytes) Clipper functions procs for hp plotter
hpromptr.zip1248(bytes) Prompt utility for a86 s87 clipper
hv12.zip22986(bytes) A hex full screen editor
hxc10.zip22003(bytes) Hex calculator
hyperh.zip64021(bytes) Hypertext system w compiler__fast works_
iapl11.zip234143(bytes) Full feature pd apl interpreter v1.1 _ nice
ibm_at.zip7969(bytes) Messages re: ibm_at from the source
ibmbas20.zip1145(bytes) Info on fixes to ibm basic compiler ver2
ibmbios.zip10441(bytes) Examine your rom bios and system config.
ibmmers.zip2381(bytes) Diagnostic error code descriptions
ibmtty.zip4464(bytes) L.cuthbertson's tty prog in c
ichiedit.zip121232(bytes) Nice new programmers editor shareware
icons.zip8712(bytes) Icons.mac readmac of many icons. good
idcutils.zip77141(bytes) Idc utilities
idl_lib.zip6374(bytes) Fantastic library for clipper__list
ifp.zip32110(bytes) Functional programming language from byte
igncntl.zip1996(bytes) Asm source to ignore control key
i_help.zip32760(bytes) Provides file based on_line help
index.zip2455(bytes) Create text file indexe s in c
inhp12.zip32054(bytes) Clipper interactive help scrn maker
inkeycd.zip59817(bytes) Inkey() return codes_dbase clipper fox.
int21.zip10054(bytes) Traps interrupt 21
int86.zip9644(bytes) Set registers/generate interrupts f/keybd
inter289.zip129149(bytes) Interrupts rel 02 (89) dtd 04_30_89
inter589.zip156779(bytes) A file on interrups
interupt.zip31430(bytes) Ibm pc interupts
inttrace.zip27609(bytes) Trace your interrupts
intxt12a.zip178246(bytes) Intext multilingual wp v1.2a _ uses '_'
ipeek.zip9635(bytes) Peeks .obj files no disassemble
iridium.zip7120(bytes) Motorola worldwide cellular system satellite
isamc.zip9028(bytes) Simple isam functions for c
iscursor.zip5673(bytes) Cursor testing routine in clipper
isdir87.zip4117(bytes) Check for directory existence. clip s87
isrclck.zip2610(bytes) Trap timer interrupts from lattice c
isstate2.zip1098(bytes) Better isstate function for clipper
janunews.zip7531(bytes) Jan '87 fargo users group newsletter
javdemo.zip62877(bytes) Demo of javelin integrated spreadsheet
jbcalc10.zip20806(bytes) Clipper _ nice calculator with source
jbl.zip103391(bytes) Various loudspeaker design prgms fr. jbl
jbv1_2.zip23488(bytes) S '87 functions_windows arrays _ j.booth
jclib.zip4634(bytes) Another useful set of c functions
jgargan.zip5851(bytes) Gripes about the goverment and taxes
joborien.zip75566(bytes) Job orientation inventory
jobs.zip4667(bytes) See memory_reside programs
jorj_1.zip306470(bytes) Memory resident dictionary disk 1 of 2
jorj_2.zip162297(bytes) Memory resident dictionary disk 2 of 2
jovecolr.zip43490(bytes) Jove compiled __ color graphics vers
jovemono.zip41000(bytes) Jove compiled __ monochrome vers
jtmodlib.zip30769(bytes) General library in logitech modula_2
julian30.zip15372(bytes) Converts dates julian _ gregorian
k9831.zip19745(bytes) "kp" mem_res util to add dos functions
kernel12.zip57236(bytes) My latest revisions to the paradox3
keysym.zip1147(bytes) Scan codes as defined in c language...
kodak.zip4831(bytes) Info about kodak's new drives
labelsrc.zip4101(bytes) Label editor source code (turbo)
lar_c86.zip6308(bytes) Library utility in ci86 source
lasersys.zip10041(bytes) Miniature portable optical laser pc
lawbbsfd.zip5620(bytes) Frolic _ detour listing of law bbs's
lawonlin.zip3931(bytes) Article _ lawyers' use of bbss
let12.zip58794(bytes) Use functions to manipulate envirmt vari
lib_link.zip58282(bytes) A library and linker interface mgr.
libnew.zip3864(bytes) More recent libfiles from genie ibm rt
library.zip11260(bytes) The floppy librarian__ multi_disk/drive
libra.zip28729(bytes) Menu_driven shell for ms .lib files
libry31a.zip69700(bytes) Fortran callable library docs part 1 of
libscan.zip31562(bytes) List of pgrms avail on the source
lim41.zip7757(bytes) Lim 4.01 driver for emm memory
limspec.zip28525(bytes) Tech details on lotus/intel ext mem spec
linebug1.zip1650(bytes) A basic debugging utility
line.zip6861(bytes) To put lines in .bat__in place of echo.
lisp1.zip6389(bytes) First lisp artif intel bibiliog
lisp211.zip102554(bytes) Pc_lisp v.2.11: lisp from u. of toronto
listct.zip22713(bytes) List hex ascii w control codes on hp
listints.zip4568(bytes) List addresses of dos interrupts
ll1.zip65159(bytes) Ai retrieval and correlation tool
logicast.zip74628(bytes) Tutorial for learning logic.
logiclin.zip66527(bytes) Logic line from maxell's ai toolbox
logicsim.zip39845(bytes) Simple logic simulator
logit110.zip25942(bytes) Auto log of computer usage
logopcx.zip1789(bytes) Logo in pc_paintbrush .pcx format
lpmac1.zip21846(bytes) Masm macro library
lrgclk.zip4465(bytes) Good large clock_
lw86.zip15843(bytes) Memory resident assembly language help
lynn00.zip2704(bytes) More c stuff from lynn long
m2comp_a.zip119028(bytes) Modula_2 compiler part 1 of 2
m2comp_b.zip86178(bytes) Modula_2 compiler part 2 of 2
make5.zip8170(bytes) Program devel util. newest make source
makefile.zip2474(bytes) Qs file creation utility using arrays.
makehelp.zip8997(bytes) Make clipper help file program
makemake.zip29318(bytes) Makes makefiles for ms make utility
makemem3.zip28618(bytes) Make / read dbase iii mem, incl parse
makemems.zip3569(bytes) Clipper a '86 mem file array techniq.
makemenu.zip42447(bytes) Make menus very easy excellent prg msdos
makepat.zip2534(bytes) Create printer drivers for clipper apps.
makepc.zip21586(bytes) Unix style make for programming.
maketabl.zip1179(bytes) Clipper proc _ create unique field table
mandel.zip47644(bytes) C mandelbrot equations f/ 7/85 sci.americ
map3_5.zip41905(bytes) Additional maps for
mapmaker.zip63284(bytes) Makes interesting maps
mapmem.zip9402(bytes) A utility to map the contents of memory
margin.zip3335(bytes) Clipper margin function with c source
max130.zip126631(bytes) Simple interp prog language _ src avail.
mc.zip29976(bytes) Mc 1 line multiple command utility.
md_acct2.zip99685(bytes) Md versaform demo 2/2
mealma33.zip264156(bytes) Be able to check your food amount
medemo.zip308017(bytes) Multi_edit 4.0 great_ programmers editor
mem2dbf.zip2437(bytes) Writes clipper to automate dbf_ mem_ dbf
memaster.zip5370(bytes) Memory master customization
memoget.zip1001(bytes) Clipper s87 get a char str w o a read
memolin2.zip1771(bytes) Extract lines for clipper s87 by big k
memoutil.zip15649(bytes) Clipper memo utilities kaster
memoxlt.zip3044(bytes) Improved clipper memo translation c fcn
menu456.zip4473(bytes) Demo on how to select menu items by poin
mice.zip3127(bytes) Driver for your mouse
milo2.zip4299(bytes) Milo
mininet.zip6213(bytes) Networking example in clipper
minmax.zip1006(bytes) Tprolog _ returns min/max integer value
miscfnc2.zip14006(bytes) More misc. qs functions w demo .prg
miscfunc.zip10562(bytes) Miscellaneous qs functions
miscutil.zip179797(bytes) A collection of various utilitys for all
mjog216.zip27971(bytes) Memory joger. reminder program of
mlast200.zip9958(bytes) Tsr pop_up
mmenus1b.zip168164(bytes) Magic menus, the software environment m
mntsort.zip20392(bytes) New fast sort routine
mod2comp.zip119028(bytes) Shareware modula 2 large model compiler
mod2doc.zip28495(bytes) Docs for shareware modula 2 compiler
mod2util.zip57705(bytes) Utilities for shareware modula 2 comp
modula2x.zip105079(bytes) Modula 2 complier part 1
modula2y.zip142786(bytes) Modula 2 complier part 2
modula2z.zip77997(bytes) Modula2 part 3 of 3
modula.zip21910(bytes) Some modula source files
moftprc.zip2590(bytes) Software avail for microsoft / pfs / aston
mop11.zip16482(bytes) Directory utility reads specific paths
moredasm.zip7728(bytes) Lesson in deassembling a program
more_ddj.zip29112(bytes) Powerful file browse ut fr drdobbs _ src
morfiles.zip35079(bytes) Open 256 files at the same time
motorola.zip304892(bytes) All motorola discrete device data
mouseng1.zip10682(bytes) Norton guide mouse programming 1.01
movtools.zip61299(bytes) Robert stout toolkit v.2.04d move tools
mp.zip130786(bytes) Self anlalist (neat)
mr87news.zip16981(bytes) Marc h '87 fargo users group newsletter
mre.zip15627(bytes) Memory resident editor _ vg_
msbison.zip41103(bytes) Exe cutable bison _ skeleton parser files
msjall.zip334682(bytes) Ms systems journal source code
msk230s1.zip183098(bytes) Ms_kermit 2.30 source code part 1
msk230s2.zip177868(bytes) Ms_kermit 2.30 source code part 2
msker231.zip248930(bytes) Kermit 2.31 for ms_dos (1988)
mskermit.zip74803(bytes) Kermit v2.29 columbia u vt_100 19.2kb
mslink.zip615(bytes) Take 20_40 off size of exe w link e
mtslbb61.zip120633(bytes) Little black book for phone nums
mugsht11.zip48306(bytes) Make your own mug shot
mvpforth.zip71354(bytes) Forth 79 for the pc
myers.zip21154(bytes) Do a personality profile on yourself
ndedit.zip3596(bytes) Dos editor w doc's
necinfo.zip5859(bytes) More info on the nec v20 chip
newbox.zip45307(bytes) Loudspkr design prgm
newcomm.zip23211(bytes) Ibm 3270 product announcements from 4/2/8
newdsply.zip14200(bytes) Ibm new displays and adapters 04/02/87
newlang.zip6055(bytes) New languages: programmer's wit & humor_
newmishw.zip27567(bytes) Ibm new hardware information on system 2
newmissw.zip49827(bytes) Ibm new software products 04/02/87
newopt88.zip10094(bytes) Optimize desmet c compiler output
newos2.zip54098(bytes) Ibm operating system/2 announcem't 04/02/
newprod.zip1570(bytes) Ibm new product info directly from ibm
newstatn.zip22575(bytes) Ibm new workstations [3270] 04/02/87
ngdd.zip19713(bytes) De_compiler for norton guides
njfrer.zip10396(bytes) Nifty james free ram inc eem display
norton50.zip1059(bytes) What is going to be in norton utilities
od1.zip2655(bytes) Unix like binary dump in c
orbsrc14.zip31286(bytes) Source code for orbs141.arc
orchid.zip1327(bytes) Orchid pcnet sftware tips/charlie innusa
packexe.zip7320(bytes) Pack your exe. files more efficiently
params.zip1096(bytes) Turbo prolog access of command line.
pardoxed.zip14892(bytes) Paradox table editting prog _ great
paren.zip11933(bytes) Checks for parenthesis errors in c progs
parser.zip7345(bytes) Finite state parser in c
parse.zip3634(bytes) Masm routine to parse command line
passmakr.zip1714(bytes) Basic random password generator
password.zip2882(bytes) Adds password protection to program (.ba
patch25.zip12531(bytes) Hex file editor from author of dm
pcglos14.zip231960(bytes) Glossary of pc hardware/software terminology.
pc_lisp.zip62745(bytes) A near franz lisp. (w/docs) very good
pcmanual.zip11937(bytes) Manual to progcalc.exe and gencalc.exe
pcopy82d.zip77238(bytes) Patriquin's pcopy, ver 8.2d.
pctekap1.zip73304(bytes) 30 pas & asm files from pc tech bbs
pctmk.zip21586(bytes) Tool for program development
pctrace.zip11688(bytes) Traps & reports dos and bios calls
pcuglist.zip28695(bytes) Ibm's pc users' group: file listings of 11_89
pd68kcc.zip88994(bytes) Public domain motorola 68000 cross_assem
pdaily.zip9763(bytes) Execute a program only once a day
pdflow.zip14842(bytes) Flow chart utility for programmers
pdxcoed1.zip1851(bytes) Paradox3 multitable form key violation
persona.zip4738(bytes) Who's writing? art. by mike finley
pfdemo.zip106856(bytes) Genesis data systems protofinish
pgmaid.zip33417(bytes) Tsr help for programmers (ascii table)
phd_idea.zip4167(bytes) Can you drive? _ thesis idea by bob w.
plan.zip27981(bytes) Daily planning aid
playrite.zip89823(bytes) Finest paradox add_in editor on the market
plst_110.zip40700(bytes) Parselist ver 1.10
popsicle.zip39563(bytes) Latest version of pop_ups for dos
ppr.zip14122(bytes) Programmers print utility
printcom.zip30315(bytes) Allows creating a unique setup com file
printme.zip732(bytes) A demonstration of self execution_
probe.zip36258(bytes) Execution profiler exe or com files
proffexe.zip31586(bytes) Compiled proff _ see srcfile for macros
proffsrc.zip39519(bytes) Source for pd nroff_like formatter
progaid.zip20835(bytes) Programmers aid. does 32 bit math
progcalc.zip29224(bytes) Excellent programmers calculator
programs.zip15905(bytes) Miscellaneous prolog source code.
prt_scrn.zip1653(bytes) Callable routine to print screen clip 87
psget.zip1647(bytes) One var. get simulation for nested reads
pushpath.zip4627(bytes) Push pop paths in bat files
putsect.zip1620(bytes) Put a disk sector in asm
Location oF files 025C
qbckfr.zip1256(bytes) Qbasic program to check avail. disk space
Location oF files 025C
qbsubs.zip8168(bytes) Many nice subroutines for quickbasic
Location oF files 025C
qcvt.zip22287(bytes) Convert quicken 1.x files to 2.x format
Location oF files 025C
qsortnet.zip1757(bytes) C source to one qsort __ f/usenet
Location oF files 025C
quad.zip26492(bytes) Quadratic program from cis with source
Location oF files 025C
quickey.zip929(bytes) Speeds up cursor.
Location oF files 025C
qx16comm.zip2044(bytes) Epson qx16 rs232 interupt driver
Location oF files 025C
ratfor.zip24225(bytes) Rational fortran processor c and exe
Location oF files 025C
readal.zip671(bytes) Turbo read all chars
Location oF files 025C
reader21.zip15735(bytes) Source code for pc_gazette reader
Location oF files 025C
realcnvt.zip7591(bytes) Cnvrt real num formats bet qb c & tpas.
Location oF files 025C
realpro.zip10649(bytes) What is a 'real programmer' anyway??
Location oF files 025C
recipepw.zip77545(bytes) Create a directory of recipies &
Location oF files 025C
recipe.zip36859(bytes) A recipe database _ pretty good
Location oF files 025C
regular.zip15275(bytes) Regular express. find/parse (byte 3/86?)
Location oF files 025C
respro12.zip8915(bytes) Tsr to delete deactivate other tsrs v1.2
Location oF files 025C
rexxpc_1.zip81831(bytes) Rexxpc88 ibm rexx command interpreter
Location oF files 025C
rexxpc_2.zip68472(bytes) Rexxpc88 programmer's guide
Location oF files 025C
rfile.zip1106(bytes) A better demo of random access
romtools.zip5368(bytes) How to tinker with your at roms.
rs232cb.zip9390(bytes) How to cable rs232 port to peripherals
rstutor.zip81128(bytes) Rs_232 tutorial _ a good comm intro
run.zip2386(bytes) Run a program from any directory
sapl1.zip152384(bytes) Pd apl language
sapl2.zip206928(bytes) Pd apl language part 2 of 2
sawyer.zip2791(bytes) Library of sawyer's forth prgms
sbtex.zip253617(bytes) Tex a document markup lang for pc
scbench.zip110338(bytes) Only true benchmarks. by byte in small_c
scino87.zip43518(bytes) Scientific calc _ no 8087 needed
sconst.zip5153(bytes) Turbo toolbox const calculation program
screenf.zip596(bytes) Display to screen via int10
scrledit.zip9023(bytes) Browse type function for clipper
scrnfrmt.zip14316(bytes) Screen designer/formatter for turbo
scrnplay.zip6153(bytes) Direct video char & attr udfs for clippe
sd211.zip73560(bytes) Screen designer v2.11
searches.zip5805(bytes) A unit for rapidly searching a buffer fo
search.zip18262(bytes) Directory search routine in turbo c w sr
selfhelp.zip2398(bytes) Build clipper help system
serialno.zip12567(bytes) Add serial to clipper programs
setmode.zip3246(bytes) Set comm port and video mode graphicall
shadow.zip982(bytes) Shadowbox function for summer 87 clipper
shlltoll.zip3740(bytes) Shellsort in turbo ??
shoot11.zip9983(bytes) Clipper point & shoot scrolling for file
shrrvw01.zip70120(bytes) Shareware review of pd programs _ 1
shrrvw04.zip31005(bytes) Share ware list and review of some very
shrware.zip4930(bytes) Advice on authoring good shareware
simgrafc.zip23746(bytes) Simple graphics in c
simlib.zip13440(bytes) Queuing simulation written in paradox pal
sizeof.zip1245(bytes) Clipper asm routine for filesize
skcalc.zip1258(bytes) Variable at slow down for games, etc.
smallc_1.zip12327(bytes) Squeezed docs for small c compiler
smallc.zip42188(bytes) Small c compiler with documentation
smath.zip5840(bytes) Decimal math of _'s stored as strings
snakeoil.zip6420(bytes) More c functions
snooze.zip12423(bytes) Delay processing from 1 sec. to 8 months
solvlog.zip6440(bytes) Two versions of logic problem in tprolog
sortpc.zip18462(bytes) Works together with file_pc.exe.
sound300.zip16790(bytes) Sound generator
soundexa.zip5783(bytes) Improved sound for clipper s87
soundoff.zip3098(bytes) Alarm program to be added to batch f dsz
spaceinf.zip14518(bytes) Today in history space information
spechsth.zip29134(bytes) Synthetic speech for your p.c.
spectrum.zip9917(bytes) Set ega palette pc mag 6 23 87
speech1.zip124451(bytes) Enable reader speech system 1 of 4
speech3.zip66209(bytes) Enable reader speech system 3 of 4
speechd2.zip115926(bytes) Enable reader speech system 2 of 4
spia.zip151313(bytes) Interactive guide to signal processing t
split497.zip15013(bytes) Fast & easy binary file splitter has te
sqshinfo.zip2007(bytes) Structure of .arc's by phil katz hisself
srch78.zip25906(bytes) Search program for finding strings in fi
ssinfo.zip2689(bytes) Social secturity _ information
sta_num.zip1160(bytes) Novell 286 clipper station function
stools5.zip56933(bytes) Software tools compiled with tp5
stpdos30.zip10024(bytes) Step through any program
strufrom.zip2099(bytes) Clipper code gen to make a file struc
str.zip10147(bytes) Find ascii strings contained within a bi
surface.zip188646(bytes) Surface graphics in turbo
sv11.zip164777(bytes) Indispensible tool for paradox3
swapsp.zip37528(bytes) Run sidekick plus using < 9k ram
swtalk.zip108326(bytes) Clipper communications lib ** demo **
tagprg.zip10655(bytes) Clipper brief tags file from .prgs
tags.zip13266(bytes) Brief editor macro search for c func
tao.zip9728(bytes) The mysteries of programming
tapcal.zip2491(bytes) Calendar program for clipper
taprn87.zip3488(bytes) Printer spooler library for clipper s87
tasking.zip15303(bytes) Modula_2 multi_tasking routines
tasm.zip51459(bytes) Micro cross assembler
tc_bug03.zip5335(bytes) Turbo c library documentation bug list
tcdev.zip3647(bytes) Device driver written in turbo c w sourc
tcomm11.zip20143(bytes) Communications library for turbo c v1.1
tcpat1.zip1403(bytes) Turbo c patches 1_ 3 use tc_patch.arc
tcpatchs.zip13632(bytes) Turbo c patches as of 7 12 87
tcsearch.zip1738(bytes) Directory search routine in turbo c w sr
tctutor1.zip112543(bytes) Turbo c tutor 1 of 2
tctutor2.zip92766(bytes) Turbo c tutor 2 of 2
tcwind10.zip56476(bytes) Window library for turbo_c
tcxref.zip11043(bytes) Cross reference utility for turbo c
tech01.zip5897(bytes) 12 22 88 clipper anomaly list
textdemo.zip2212(bytes) T xt handling macro demo
thefast.zip2228(bytes) Speed up screen writes
thrasher.zip35667(bytes) Determine optimum buffers in config.sys
threed.zip7321(bytes) 3d plot of f(x,y) (fortran for tele 921)
time2.zip25546(bytes) Another clock, more fun than useful.
tips.zip22840(bytes) Keep those tips up_ dgi picture
tlinkmap.zip3805(bytes) Loads & displays turbo link map file
tlk2me15.zip42792(bytes) Nice speech program _ with new utilities
tmap.zip3805(bytes) Format tlink map file for display print
tollfree.zip4616(bytes) List of tollfree manufactures bb's
tonite24.zip79157(bytes) Whats in the sky tonight ver 2.4
toolsdoc.zip51977(bytes) Robert stout toolkit v.2.04d document.
topspin2.zip32186(bytes) Create quick menus for your programs
toys.zip17836(bytes) For the beginning programmer
tp4hlp.zip8265(bytes) Help for turbo4
trace122.zip39154(bytes) Joan riff's trace interrupts_v1.22
treelist.zip4485(bytes) Turbo dir tree listing
tscreen.zip15145(bytes) Screen generator for turbo
tsmenu29.zip47122(bytes) Aids in creation of menus
tsr130.zip24653(bytes) Terminate & stay res for desmet c,b. irv
tsr21.zip35612(bytes) Tsr dos call manager helps tsr writings
tsrcom.zip36851(bytes) Control your tsr programs
tsrr.zip20736(bytes) A tsr program manager
ttt5_1.zip78489(bytes) Technojock's turbo toolkit ver 5.0 1 o
ttt5_2.zip165412(bytes) Technojock's turbo toolkit ver 5.0 2 o
ttt5_3.zip40122(bytes) Technojock's turbo toolkit ver 5.0 3 o
tttool30.zip54533(bytes) Turbo technojocks tool kit
tuneups.zip18176(bytes) Obscure turbo features
turble.zip19154(bytes) Turtle graphics programs for turbo pas.
turbo_tk.zip144250(bytes) Technojocks turbo toolbox for tp4
tutor4th.zip57041(bytes) Forth tutor _ includes f83 forth
txt2com.zip12602(bytes) Create a com file from an ascii txt file
type.zip2974(bytes) Cpm _ type files squeezed or not (c sour
uasm.zip27096(bytes) An un_assemble attachment for debug.
u_du.zip8904(bytes) Unix du command for msdos source
ue310cmd.zip31404(bytes) Micro emacs 3.10 macro command files
ue310doc.zip150780(bytes) Micro emacs 3.10 documentation
ue310ibm.zip60301(bytes) Micro emacs version 3.10 executable
ufind.zip9032(bytes) Dos implementation of unix find command
ugall.zip13936(bytes) Nationwide listing of pc user groups
ui2breez.zip1813(bytes) Ui 2 beta template for breeze library
ui_prog2.zip371931(bytes) The ui programmer 2 demo disk
ultime41.zip31410(bytes) Provides a fast calculation to
unasm.zip26793(bytes) Unassemble that code
uncle.zip6806(bytes) Similar to *nix 'c_shell'
unixv5r2.zip1289(bytes) Inexpensive unix v.5 for 80286
u_tar.zip30059(bytes) Unix tar command for msdos archiver
utils.zip3122(bytes) Utility macros for asm
utools.zip140423(bytes) Unix tools for msdos grep pr chmod..etc
uucp.zip50783(bytes) Unix uucp and mailer prog for dos
v20cmac.zip8276(bytes) Nec v20 macros (archived with pkarc 2.0)
v20stuff.zip37201(bytes) Info on nec chips esp. for programmers
vdisk.zip2485(bytes) Virtual disk driver f/dos 2.0
vga256.zip18108(bytes) Borland bgi toolkit 4 of 6 vga256.bgi
vmix225.zip149609(bytes) A multitasker that takes advantage of the
vol7n6.zip31161(bytes) A great pop_up programmers calculator
vtl30.zip51946(bytes) Video tape library 3.0 / nice menus
wallclok.zip21277(bytes) Nice wallclock on screen
wasm201.zip101025(bytes) Wolfware assembler v2.01, 2/20/87
watch.zip16533(bytes) Watch multiple files in progress unix
wcv301ny.zip300673(bytes) Winner's choice lotto system v3.01 ny
weed.zip12203(bytes) Weed out lines from a text file based on
westudf.zip2312(bytes) Simple but useful udfs in clipper
white.zip20534(bytes) White's forth routines
wildcard.zip4104(bytes) Wildcard command line parsing for lattice
will.zip22028(bytes) Prepares and prints a will
windowpr.zip182548(bytes) The window pro v1.2 scrn control librar
withbe.zip1384(bytes) Benchmark turbo with statement timing
withdraw.zip2281(bytes) Ibm products withdrawn from marketing
wizcode.zip29470(bytes) Wizardry v magic code list, stop going
wm.zip124630(bytes) Computes may word processor
wordcnt.zip8042(bytes) Counts words,chars,lines, etc.
worldtim.zip22870(bytes) Gives times in various cities
wptemplt.zip9999(bytes) Template for wp 5.0
x68000.zip68794(bytes) Mc68000 cross compiler for 8088 assembler
xinu.zip38539(bytes) "C" source code for xinu operating system
xlib.zip10995(bytes) Clipper udf emulates read gets ect
xlisp16.zip43881(bytes) Latest version of xlisp (doc exe)
xlisp20.zip79590(bytes) Xlisp 2.0 common lisp w oops extensions
xlispsrc.zip99494(bytes) Xlisp 2.0 source code _ excellent lisp_
xpack.lzh140757(bytes) Powerusers and programmers versatile
xr10.zip20945(bytes) Xref gen for c pas bas with c source
xscroll.zip1242(bytes) Smooth scrolling routine for clip s'87
xtend.zip16710(bytes) Paradox enhanced query facility _
xwindow.zip202950(bytes) Specificatiion for xwindow lib functio
ya_cal11.zip3309(bytes) Yet another (clipper) calendar _ v1.1
yacc.zip71549(bytes) Yet another compiler compiler
yapp.zip32798(bytes) Program for amateur radio packet use
yrcal17t.zip64556(bytes) Your calendar which will make up a aggie
zipzap65.zip44039(bytes) The fastest hex editor around ver. 6.5
zipzap67.zip46515(bytes) Zip zap ver.6.7 of a fast hex editor.
zoom87.zip6888(bytes) Clipper func explode boxes like procomm