10cmd.zip1401(bytes) 10 commandments for c programmers
2db2clib.zip35991(bytes) 2 dbase libraries for c
3dlib.zip48243(bytes) 3d routines for turbo c.
68k8080m.zip21478(bytes) Asm _ 8080 simulator for mc680
68kgraph.zip11280(bytes) Asm _ bit mapped graphics for 680
a86v319a.zip63997(bytes) Part 1 of a issacon assembler package
a86v319b.zip44613(bytes) Part 2 of a issacon assembler package
a86v319c.zip61646(bytes) Part 3 of a issacon assembler package
adjram.zip46138(bytes) Adjustable ramdisk, desmet c source
aform.zip7332(bytes) Filter to format assembler source
alint.zip17684(bytes) Lint for .asm source
analyze2.zip24910(bytes) C_sm analyze v2.0 _ maint for C source
argv.zip2111(bytes) Good wild card expander for tc 1.5
arg.zip5556(bytes) Example of using argv _ argc under C
as11.zip85282(bytes) X assembler for 68 series w c source
as68k.zip23325(bytes) Cross_assembler for the motorola 680 in 'c'
asmbatch.zip5359(bytes) Batch files_ automate asm compile to com
asmflo.zip38452(bytes) This is an asm demo good one_
asmgen3.zip75374(bytes) Generates assembly code from exe a 8:13p
asmpop.zip26823(bytes) Memory resident debugger for assembly
asm_subr.zip64109(bytes) 66 asm subroutines from the blue book
asmtutor.zip28800(bytes) IBM PC assembly language tutorial
assemb.zip8143(bytes) Create an assembler listing of a program
atov_ex.zip10464(bytes) C/asm _ to chk overflow in atoi() function
avl.zip6728(bytes) Avl trees in c dr.Dobbs august 1986
aztcmtsk.zip17312(bytes) C _ azte_c for 8080/z80 _ multitask routine
barcod.zip10185(bytes) Barcode printing algorithm with c source
bawk_new.zip38796(bytes) MS_DOS version of awk c exe
bigint.zip7897(bytes) Bigint.h _ create/manip integer_ ci c86
bmgrep1.zip9273(bytes) C _ source code included in
bm.zip31349(bytes) Advanced function library for lattice v3
boothru.zip5774(bytes) Boot from hd with disk in a asm source
bootrec1.zip4082(bytes) Asm _ boot record prog_ pc mag 1/28/86 v5 _2
boss01.zip120188(bytes) Boss windows for c
boss02.zip19474(bytes) Doc for boss windows
boss03.zip33771(bytes) Newest version of windowboss c lib. 3 of 3
boss7301.zip103490(bytes) Boss window library for various c 1 4
boss7304.zip35959(bytes) Boss lib 4 4
bossa01.zip97099(bytes) Window boss lib in c (msc turbo c) code
bossa02.zip183781(bytes) The window boss _ data clerk _ libs
bossa03.zip33771(bytes) The window boss _ data clerk _ docs
bossa.zip2671(bytes) The window boss _ data clerk _ info
boss_c.zip129913(bytes) Windows for turbo c and others
bplus11.zip19688(bytes) C btree routines
b_plus.zip13816(bytes) B_tree indexing for c programmers.
braces.zip2481(bytes) Macro for c progs_ find matching character
bytesc88.zip81212(bytes) C _ byte small c math _ logical library
c2.zip88705(bytes) Messages on c programming
c68k.zip88995(bytes) C _ 680 c_compiler library
cb105.zip15098(bytes) C beautifier ver 1.05 new features
cbox.zip5308(bytes) C box drawing routine demo see c lang
ccc_1.zip36044(bytes) C source disk 1
ccc_2.zip232566(bytes) C source disk 2
ccc_3.zip311414(bytes) C source disk 3
ccc.zip14169(bytes) C program pretty printer _ syntx checkr
c_check.zip15229(bytes) Good C bracket and indent check w/c src
c_dates2.zip37058(bytes) Update of orig w c src
cdbms.zip34886(bytes) Files from c database dsgn by a.Stevens
cdoc23.zip12565(bytes) Automagicly documents c functions ver2.3
cdraw.zip22089(bytes) Kracht's create c code from a screen
c_envmt1.zip103723(bytes) C language / environment. disk 1
c_envmt2.zip105970(bytes) C language / environment. disk 2
cephes.zip47244(bytes) C src for mathematical function library
cf21.zip17856(bytes) Latest version of cformat 4 13 88
c_fctool.zip35626(bytes) Tools to list c functions and references
cfield.zip244(bytes) Missing module for csr for turbo C
c_fmt11.zip13694(bytes) Fast formatter
cfmt11.zip13694(bytes) C_format v1.1 format faster then dos/3.1
cgoodies.zip21690(bytes) Clipper sig on source 'c' language
cgraphix.zip45467(bytes) C version of turbo toolbox
cg.zip6033(bytes) C grammar rules for lex
chasm410.zip153895(bytes) Cheap assembler version 4.10
chgcolor.zip7903(bytes) Change ega's color palette registers asm
choas.zip18360(bytes) Turbo C sound program(source)
ciar86sp.zip6873(bytes) Bas _ build hdwr data encryptor_ byte 9/86
cint16.zip6096(bytes) Trap kbd ints w lattice c for tsrs
c_kermit.zip126661(bytes) C source for kermit
cl0588.zip58398(bytes) C_lang source formatter _ xref list..
clantutr.zip86128(bytes) C lang tutor on crt very nice _ complete
clear_c.zip4574(bytes) Make your c code more readable
click.zip2935(bytes) To hear the keyboard w source in asm
cliptc.zip1769(bytes) How to use Turbo C with qs clipper
cljune86.zip37798(bytes) Pctmk v1.0 program development tool w/c/asm
clmfeb85.zip33546(bytes) Computer language february 1985 'c' routines.
cmdparse.zip13696(bytes) Turbo c funcs to parse call line (argv)
cmerge.zip19594(bytes) Merge turbo_c asm/lst _ mash asm/lst_ w/c/asm
com_int.zip11070(bytes) Communications interrupts in c
compar.zip41061(bytes) A simple revision control system
coreaids.zip81760(bytes) MASM subroutine library
coregraf.zip57881(bytes) Core graphics system written in desmet c
c_parse.zip4465(bytes) C keyword parsing utility
cpg.zip21318(bytes) C program formatter
c_plus.zip124496(bytes) New ver. of contact good tracker progra
cpptutor.zip198976(bytes) A C++ Tutor from Coranado. Lots of info.
cprintf.zip39590(bytes) MS C 5.1 bug fix for printf _ cprintf
cpr.zip34205(bytes) Super C source print and xref pgm
crackit.zip19845(bytes) Disassemble an .exe file
crc32.zip11921(bytes) 32_bit crc of ansi x3.66 with c source
crefcard.zip14766(bytes) Ref card for lattice c
cref.zip17827(bytes) 'C' xref, crisp _ clean, w/ source, msc 5.1,
c_reside.zip4276(bytes) Create memory resident software
c_resid.zip4500(bytes) C resident tsr program
cresid.zip4500(bytes) ASM _ make routine resident_ tsr crit
crit.zip4504(bytes) ASM _ critical error handler routine.
crt.zip4223(bytes) Crt handling routines in 'c'
cshell29.zip48679(bytes) Supersedes cshell16 (by a long shot_)
cshell32.zip52298(bytes) C_shell v3.2 emulate unix c_shell in pc/dos
c_sort.zip2558(bytes) Turbo C sort routine _ uses qsort tech.
csource.zip94756(bytes) Turbo_C tutorial v1.5 turbo_c tutor
csr20a.zip158291(bytes) Freeware C library from c spot run
csr20doc.zip57125(bytes) Spot run v2.0 docs for c programming 2 of 2
csr20.zip94882(bytes) Spot run v1.1a routines/utilities 1 of 2
csr21.zip202768(bytes) C spot run _ c function library rel 2.1
csr30_1.zip89251(bytes) C spot run, c add_on library 1 of 3
csr30_3.zip62995(bytes) C spot run, c add_on library 3 of 3
c_string.zip68487(bytes) 70+ string func's for c ___ wow
ctags2.zip15123(bytes) Brief tag maker find fun name _ defin (exe m)
c_talk.zip46604(bytes) Msgs on c. from Dan Doman's board.
ctask11a.zip146780(bytes) Multitasking kernel for dos applications
ctask.zip96382(bytes) C src for multitasking routines
c_text.zip9520(bytes) C bios screen handling
cthread.zip35261(bytes) Online c programming help
ctone.zip21369(bytes) Tones for the speaker in c
ctutor_0.zip732(bytes) S simple fix for ctutor_2.exe.
c_tutor1.zip112594(bytes) C language tutorial. part 1 of 2.
ctutor1.zip112600(bytes) C lang tutorial part 1 of 2 __ text
ctutor2.zip96187(bytes) C lang tutorial part 2 of 2 __ examples
cvar.zip12101(bytes) 1st all var/funt/def _ declar of c source w/c
c_window.zip22166(bytes) Windowing demos for "c"
c_wndw.zip95230(bytes) Toolkit tm for turbo 'c' and quick 'c'.
cxl_1.zip148593(bytes) Extended c library (1 of 2)
cxl_2.zip110511(bytes) Ext. c library (2 of 2) ms _ tc librs
cxl41_ms.zip34454(bytes) Small memory library for ms 'c' _ quick 'c'
cxl41.zip93608(bytes) 'C' extended function library ver 4.1
cxl51_1.zip161340(bytes) Cxl 5 1 _ excellent c library 1 of 2
cxl51_2.zip186777(bytes) Cxl 5 1 _ excellent c library 2 of 2
cxl_ms.zip34454(bytes) C medium model routines (for quick c)
cxref.zip19362(bytes) 'C' source code cross reference generator
dasm31.zip18869(bytes) Dis assembler ver 3.1 com _ exe
db12.zip34301(bytes) C src for ver 1.2 db database routines
dbflis.zip10989(bytes) List structure in turbo c small file
dbf_tc.zip18219(bytes) Read .dbf files in turbo_c
ddj0190.zip132968(bytes) Src listings for dr. Dobb's jnl jan 90.
ddj1289.zip29378(bytes) Dr Dobb's jour'l : _158 _ dec 89 source code
ddj_cspc.zip60862(bytes) Dr Dobb's jour'l _159 : winter '89 _ c source
ddj_c.zip58947(bytes) C samples sources from ddj magazine.
ddj.zip167383(bytes) Dr. Dobbs unloads lots of stuff in ms c
desmet.zip6894(bytes) Functions for desmet c compiler
devdrive.zip8246(bytes) Bldg device drivers (.asm) from pctj
dfirst.zip1940(bytes) MS C 4.0 file wildcard search .c .obj
direct02.zip1592(bytes) Dir and file examples in turbo_c
direxist.zip2323(bytes) Turbo c func to test if a subdir exists
disasm.zip126549(bytes) Assembler / disassembler tutorial and utili
drystone.zip10817(bytes) Drystone benchmark in c _ results. (c)
dups.zip12086(bytes) All duplicate file names to std out ms 'c'
dutility.zip16207(bytes) File attributes move files (in c)
elemc.zip82158(bytes) Elementary c programs
emit.zip20219(bytes) Convert asm to inline for turbo_c 2.0
emm_demo.zip66068(bytes) Demos from intel in c pas asm
emslib.zip23021(bytes) Lim ems interface lib with asm msc 5 src
envdate.zip1572(bytes) Set curdate mm dd yy for compile w asm
eprnew.zip16744(bytes) Epson printer listings (c doc)
examples.zip38063(bytes) Various 'c' source examples for use with prol
execom.zip10331(bytes) Replacement for exe2bin w c source
fastvid2.zip9462(bytes) Fast video routines w src corrected ver
flexlist.zip79021(bytes) Flexlist: c toolbox for linked lists
float.zip16794(bytes) Floating point patch for turbo c
fpc225_4.zip165746(bytes) Prefix assembler menus and over 1meg
fremacsr.zip79423(bytes) Assembler source for freemacs
fstruc.zip1692(bytes) Turbo_c bug fix for fp in structures
ft119.zip111330(bytes) Filetype shows how files were assembled
fullpath.zip1544(bytes) Use the full path name from 'c' source
func87.zip11009(bytes) Cl'87 functions_windows arrays variables
gnucdiff.zip137413(bytes) Gnu's ultimate cdiff msc5.0 src_ exe
gnuretc.zip114083(bytes) Regular expression library for turbo c 2.0
grafix1.zip4826(bytes) Grafix.asm routines updated for masm5.0
grafix.zip43784(bytes) Graphic lib for msc turbo c w source
graspext.zip15157(bytes) Access grasp routines via c turbo pas
halloc.zip12034(bytes) Official ms patch for msc v5.1 library
hbuild16.zip7945(bytes) Build help files in assembler
him.zip110844(bytes) Human interface mgr _ c library tc _ msc
hotc.zip2627(bytes) Change 'hot' keys in turbo_c
hsatxt.zip33931(bytes) Hsa_text 4.02 fast c crt access lib
lookinto.zip1662(bytes) ASCII text file program use with mouse
lphp.zip7849(bytes) Format ascii text for lj printer w/asm
lptpick.zip2523(bytes) Pick the lpt port to use with asm
ltrdemo.zip2729(bytes) How to customize form letters uses wp5.0
ltrhd20.zip42580(bytes) Create letter head for memos _ envl.
ltrhead.zip19652(bytes) Makes letterhead on your printer
lw.zip28177(bytes) Letter writer for business letters
lzhsrc10.zip6075(bytes) Lzhuf compression/decompression, turbo 'c'
m6809.zip36698(bytes) Motorola 6809 cross_assembler for pc
macroasm.zip27357(bytes) A super set of asm macros
macrod.zip52007(bytes) Write wp5 macros to a file
macrol.zip54662(bytes) Better wp5 macro lister
macros.zip2481(bytes) Framework macros for oki 92
mactut.zip24504(bytes) Macro tutorial for wp 5.0
magdem15.zip85042(bytes) Black magic v1.5 hypertext demo files
magic01.zip2700(bytes) Wordstar patch to permit ascii graphics
magic15.zip192185(bytes) Black magic shareware hypertext graphics
magread.zip224221(bytes) Black magic hypertext w/p read util v1.4
magred15.zip109005(bytes) Black magic file v1.5 file 3 of 4
magsys.zip143707(bytes) Black magic hypertext w/p system dsk v1.4
magutil.zip191449(bytes) Black magic hypertext w/p utilities v1.4
magutl15.zip172117(bytes) Black magic v1.5 utilities file 2 of
maint50.zip2893(bytes) Summary of maintenance releases on wp50
masm4fix.zip2226(bytes) Fix for masm 4.0 * from microsoft *
masmsubs.zip5608(bytes) A couple of useful masm subroutines
masmv5p1.zip2951(bytes) Problems with masm v. 5.0 _ text
maxfind.zip19583(bytes) Great text search utility
maxird30.zip142543(bytes) Rel 3.0 test document readability. nice_
maxiread.zip97271(bytes) Neat text file convert print get it.
max_ref.zip76028(bytes) Snappy text editor
maxref.zip76028(bytes) Snappy text editor
me201f_a.zip79111(bytes) 1 of 2 v2.01 multi_edit full function
me201f_b.zip87751(bytes) 2 of 2 with demo.
me_cd.zip171570(bytes) An emacs style editor _ with source_
medt201c.zip179020(bytes) Multi_edit ver.201c fully functional
megan.zip11919(bytes) Pop_up text magnifier/ enlarged text
mega.zip227717(bytes) Demo prgm for megaword. run in a frst
memoline.zip5224(bytes) C func to process memo field output
memruler.zip1844(bytes) Memory resident ruler
mflms101.zip173878(bytes) Bob stout's c func'n lib : msc/qc v1.01
midstr.zip2129(bytes) Basic_like string functions for msc
mike40c.zip28280(bytes) Best c function lib i've used incl src
mind200.zip184752(bytes) Version 2.0 of mind reader word proc from br
minimax.zip8472(bytes) Text util for min max char's in line
mixtsr.zip15844(bytes) Demo tsr for mix power c compiler
mp32.zip20841(bytes) Microprint v 3.2 many features
mrlabel.zip55884(bytes) A very good label program .....
mscript.zip8891(bytes) Nice word processor with on_line help
mswrdsty.zip4025(bytes) MS_word tutorial
multitsk.zip26067(bytes) Multi_tasking functions for lattice c
mung.zip468(bytes) Brief _ convert str to standard form search
navytime.zip26687(bytes) Get a correct time with turbo c source
ndp_type.zip9762(bytes) C asm func'n tells math coprcr_ndp type
ned111.zip11194(bytes) New editor v.1.11; good ascii text editor.
new307.zip39448(bytes) Update a86 assembler to version 3.07
newemacs.zip97225(bytes) New version of microemacs w/ c source
nmake.zip19699(bytes) Slick replacement for ms make _ full c
o88_v310.zip23896(bytes) Optimizer for de smet c
os2ap.zip8317(bytes) OS2 util to dump file w asm _ c duncan
Location of files 005B
packdisk.zip15225(bytes) C source to copy as many files as possible
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
pars.zip8149(bytes) Process cmd line args in turbo c
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
pas2c.zip148204(bytes) Pascal to 'c' conversion routine version 1.
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
pc_equip.zip3800(bytes) Turbo_c program to list system equip't
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
pc_tool.zip98598(bytes) Misc. tools for c with source and docs
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
ped.zip36769(bytes) Good full screen editor
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
plum2.zip51768(bytes) Learning c by thomas plum 2 of 3.
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
plum3.zip73211(bytes) Learning c by thomas plum 3 of 3.
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
pm_at.zip17465(bytes) Prot. mode at asm pgm from byte mag.
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
primerd2.zip16448(bytes) Assembly lang primer _ goes with chasm
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
procxrf.zip17635(bytes) Procedure x_reverencer for assembly lang
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
qtools.zip136943(bytes) Make qedit act like wordperfect,worestar,
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
regexp.zip46494(bytes) Regular expression parsing for c prgms
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
reindent.zip10479(bytes) Reindent c progs. manipulate tabs_spaces
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
res.zip8098(bytes) Alt to dos restorecmd. with 'c' source
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
richard.zip16846(bytes) C progs for quick silver
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
rm.zip9597(bytes) Wildcard erase w prompt in ms 'c' source
onto a floppy in size order
Location of files 005B
rzsz.zip48461(bytes) C source code for zmodem module dsz.exe
onto a floppy in size order
salve.zip51443(bytes) Multi_faceted msc lib (queques link lsts
onto a floppy in size order
sci13.zip100499(bytes) Newest version of small c interpreter
onto a floppy in size order
scred12.zip184129(bytes) Screen designer for c programming
scrn02.zip27729(bytes) Screen routines in c _ asm
scrn0.zip24620(bytes) Window rtn for msc use with scrn0.ZIP
scrn1.zip5724(bytes) Window rtn for msc use with scrn0.ZIP
sercom.zip11879(bytes) Serial communication in c
serialtc.zip3441(bytes) Turbo_c serial port routine.
setargv.zip3010(bytes) Good wild card expander for tc 1.5
shellasm.zip4475(bytes) Ray Duncan's shell for assembler modified
showtsrs.zip18345(bytes) Show mem res program info w asm
sizedir.zip2055(bytes) Dir size for a'86 with asm source
sortc.zip9408(bytes) Nice sort routine w/ 'c' source
splitt.zip13019(bytes) Split combine lrg. binary ascii filesw c
statline.zip4378(bytes) Caps numlock status on line 26...
stevie.zip122149(bytes) Shareware version of unix editor vi for
strfile.zip1729(bytes) MS C 4.0 file name parse build .c .obj
stripasm.zip11467(bytes) Strip comments from masm include files
substrm2.zip2139(bytes) Substring memo fields _ c source _ obj
syntax.zip12572(bytes) C checking syntax program with code
tabalt1.zip9402(bytes) Improved tabalt, changes tabs in turbo 'c'
tbscreen.zip5794(bytes) Turbo basic screen save routine
tbw60.zip12298(bytes) Turbo basic windowing utility ver 6.0
tbxtip.zip3367(bytes) Tips on how to use turbo toolbox
tc2bugs.zip1737(bytes) Borland turbo 'c' version 2.0 bugs.
tc2iobug.zip10613(bytes) Turbo c 2.0 console i o bug(s)?
tc2patch.zip16120(bytes) Borland turbo 'c' version 2.0 patches.
tc2pat.zip18330(bytes) Patches for turbo c 2.0
tc2video.zip47774(bytes) Norton Guide for turbo 'c' v2.0, req. ng.exe
tccmnu.zip20646(bytes) Cmd line compiler menu for tcc
tc_comm.zip20143(bytes) Turbo c communications routines
tcd1.zip60755(bytes) Turbo c debugger rel 1.0
tc_dbf.zip18219(bytes) Turbo_c functions to access dbase files
tcdbg1.zip59664(bytes) Tcdebug version 1.01
tcdbug10.zip61206(bytes) Latest version of turbo c debugger
tcdeb101.zip61617(bytes) Turbo c debugger v1.01
tcdebu06.zip52202(bytes) Turbo c program debugger v.06
tcdebu07.zip52265(bytes) T_c src debugger v0.07 _fixes .06 bug
tcdebug4.zip49662(bytes) Turbo c debugger very nice
tcdebug6.zip52202(bytes) Turbo c debugger v0.6
tc_debug.zip44460(bytes) Alpha test turbo_c debugger from cis
tc_dir01.zip2004(bytes) Directory and file routines for turbo c
tc_equip.zip3800(bytes) Equipment information routine. turbo c
tcflist.zip15300(bytes) File manager in turbo c
tcfm.zip35453(bytes) Turbo c file manager with source_ nice
tcfun1.zip11353(bytes) Turbo c file point _ select function
tchk070.zip78917(bytes) Turbo c lib 0.70 date time str kbd vid+
tchk20.zip155009(bytes) Turbo c lib v2.0 by h.kapustein 2+func
tchk21ex.zip153757(bytes) Turbo c lib
tchkc1.zip227782(bytes) C function lib
tchkc3.zip114815(bytes) Turbo c lib
tc_isam.zip27706(bytes) Isam file routine for turbo c
tclib13.zip150074(bytes) Turbo c library
tclib1.zip12443(bytes) Turbo c library from simtel
tc_lib.zip5144(bytes) Librarian for turbo_c + screen util
tclib.zip5144(bytes) Lib utility w/source for turbo c
t_clip.zip1769(bytes) Turbo c to clipper
tclitebr.zip44994(bytes) Turbo c pulldown menus
tcmac.zip4435(bytes) Some asm macros from turbo c
tcmakmak.zip28952(bytes) Tc msc makefile generator w tc src.
tcmemacs.zip48027(bytes) Memacs 3.9 compiled in tc for speed
tc_mouse.zip14965(bytes) Turbo c mouse routines
tcomm22.zip54550(bytes) Litecomm turbo c comm routines v2.2
tcomm40.zip110384(bytes) Turbo c comm toolbox v4.0.
tcomm.zip65407(bytes) Turbo c comm toolbox _ litecomm v2.5
tcp56789.zip2240(bytes) Turbo c patches 5 6 7 8 and 9 from bor.
tc_pat09.zip12904(bytes) Latest 7 1 87 official pat for turbo c
tcpat629.zip12263(bytes) Automated patches to turbo_c v1.0
tc_patch.zip8109(bytes) Official patch turbo c fix real cons div
tcpatch.zip13597(bytes) Latest patches for turbo_c v1.0
tcpip.zip33362(bytes) Info on tcp ip protocol
tcprof.zip30242(bytes) Turbo_c 2.0 profiles from cis
tcres2.zip20152(bytes) Turbo c tsr routines.
tcsed.zip6810(bytes) Simple sed style function for turbo c
tctutr_1.zip117363(bytes) Comprehensive turbo c tutorial
tctutr_2.zip93831(bytes) Turbo c tutorial disk 2
tcuni_a.zip111378(bytes) Turbo 'c' unicorn library, 2 functions 1o
tcuni_b.zip71013(bytes) Turbo 'c' unicorn library, 2 functions 2of
tcurs.zip7294(bytes) Cursor speedup customizable v. fast
tcwind16.zip80070(bytes) Tc windows routines with source _ lib
tcwin.zip3956(bytes) Tc src for window _ simple _ instructive
tcxl32.zip86511(bytes) Turbo c extended library functions
tcxl.zip95554(bytes) Window lib for turbo c v1.0/1.5
tc_xmem.zip12708(bytes) Use turbo c with extended memory
td1pat.zip2205(bytes) Turbo debugger patches
tdcnvt.zip17998(bytes) Updates turbo debugger's tdconvrt.exe
tdraw330.zip171777(bytes) Thedraw . now has ability to save blocks
teach_c.zip93699(bytes) Interactive c tutorial
teachc.zip87669(bytes) Nice c _ language tutorial on pc.
timerh.zip3313(bytes) C asm func _ timer w 1 ms accuracy
touch_c.zip3230(bytes) Simple touch like unix with c src
tp_tsr.zip2040(bytes) Asm code for tsr programs
tsrshell.zip3293(bytes) Term. and stay res. generic asm shell
ttcd151.zip76321(bytes) Turbo c debugger v.1.51 _ small model
turtlec.zip4669(bytes) Turtle graphics commands for turbo 'c' progr
typii1.zip342797(bytes) Word processor (v1.0) disk 1 of 4
typii2.zip198368(bytes) Word processor : disk 2 of 4
typii3.zip303033(bytes) Word processor : disk 3 of 4
uc_ibm.zip48660(bytes) Advanced function library for lattice v3
uclib51a.zip82072(bytes) Unicorn library for msc 5.1
uclib51b.zip141635(bytes) Unicorn lib ver 5.1 for msc file 2
uclibtc.zip132249(bytes) Unicorn library for turbo c
unix_cu.zip7094(bytes) Decus unix cu c source
un_rdir.zip1340(bytes) Lattice un_redirect re_redirect stdin ou
vde153.zip92932(bytes) Audio display editor
vio.zip22753(bytes) Very fast well_behaved asm vid routines
wait.zip1151(bytes) An idea for a pause routine. uses _time
window10.zip78663(bytes) Fast windows for turbo_c
winmem.zip9048(bytes) Windows free global memory monitor w c s
winsrch.zip31853(bytes) Windowed pattern search w tc msc src.
wpmac508.zip41145(bytes) Kaplan's macros for wp 5.0 v. 8 (9_89)
wpmacro.zip16138(bytes) Enormous list of word perfect macros
wpmacs.zip11299(bytes) A collection of wordperfect macros
wpmenu.zip12172(bytes) Wp pull_down menus (use esc key)_just ok
wpmerge.zip16147(bytes) dBase to word_perfect merge format
wpmerg.zip6021(bytes) Create wordperf 5 merge file _ clip'87
wpmouse.zip17739(bytes) Microsoft mouse support for wordperfect
wpprtlst.zip7019(bytes) List from wordperfect of revised printer file
wprint2a.zip129670(bytes) Wordperfect 5.0 printer file _2, dated 4/29